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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

-- Thomas Jefferson

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
becomes a revolutionary act.
 -- George Orwell

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they
fight you, then you win.
 -- Mahatma Gandhi

At CPAC I am demanding an answer from Breitbart.com, Pamela Geller, Frank Gafney and others, why are they talking about the need for E-verify, but refuse to talk about the fact that Obama failed E-Verify, as well as SSNVS and is using forged IDs. Previously Obama mediathug Alex Seitz-Wald from Obama regime propaganda outlet Salon.com showed only a part of the video in order to exclude all mention of Obama’s forged IDs and tried to attack me with a distorted video.

Posted on | March 18, 2013 | 17 Comments

What is wrong with Pamela Geller from Atlasshrugs, did she go comletely brain dead? Just a few minutes earlier they talked on this panel about the need for E-Verify of the illegals in order to identify jihadists. Why is it inappropriate to ask,. why are they not talking about the fact that Obama failed E-Verify, that he is using a stolen Social Security number? Is it inappropriate because Breitbart editors, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller and the rest of this panel were told by the Obama regime that if they mention Obama’s bogus IDs, they will be sidelined, not allowed on National TV by the Obama regime? Were they told that they will be harassed, intimidated and abused by Obama media thugs, corrupt officials and some corrupt judges? What was inappropriate in this question?

Please, demand an answer from all of these self claimed dissidents and constitutionalists. Demand an answer and not just answer, but also action from each congressman, senator, judge, chief of police, sheriff, DA, AG, US Attorney, Commissioner od Social Security, every media outlet. We have a criminal wirh forged and stolen IDs in the WH. This is the National emergency #1. This is the news story #1. Until he is removed from the WH and criminally prosecuted, ObamaForgeryGate has to stay a #1 story and this is an appropriate question. Demand ObamaNazi scoundrels from Huffington Post, Salon.com, DailyBeast, DailyKos and the rest of the MSM to put up a full video, not a manipulated, distorted half truth version and demand all the original IDs from Obama and all the agencies involved.


Well, it may or may not have been an inappropriate venue, but the statement by the Breitbart jerk only further implicates his organization in complicity with …


Orly Taitz At CPAC: Birther Queen’s ‘Inappropriate’ Questions Criticized By Pamela Geller By Paige Lavender Posted: 03/16/2013 3:48 pm EDT Orly Taitz,

www.alipac.us/f9/orlytaitz-cpac-birther-queens… – Cachedbamaballotchallenge.com/…down-orlytaitz-at-cpac-panel – Cached  

here is a chain of e-mails sent to me by a reader Hilary (spelled with one l) Jones. She allowed me to post this e-mail exchange on my site

Hello Pamela,
I left this comment at the talkback section of this post, but I am sending it to you via this email as well because I feel so strongly about it, I am hoping you will read it. Yes, it is a criticism. But hopefully you will find it to be constructive, as it was intended. As I stated, I have always held you in the highest regard and respect, so this is in no way, hate-mail. As a matter of fact, because of your strong stands and courageousness, I have always felt a sort of kinship to you, and even though I don’t know you at all, feel as though I love ya like a sister.
But this (below) was wrong. And I am frankly, shocked that it came from you.
One of your many loyal readers,
Hilary Jones

I can’t even begin to say how much this pained me.
Pamela, I have always held you in the highest regard and consider you to be the top patriot of our time, and a you are very treasured American hero to me. But I can’t imagine how or why you would not have fully supported Orly Taite and why you said this to her, going against her publicly. Like you have been, Ms. Taite is similarly a ‘lone voice in the wilderness’, who’s work is important and valuable and EXTREMELY RELEVANT right now. The fact that she is asking very pertinent questions about Obama’s eligibility and his fraudulent birth certificate,soc.sec. card (or natural born status), and the fact that she is seeking the TRUTH is exactly why she has been roundly marginalized and berated and ignored by not only those on the Left, but sadly, apparently those on our side as well. I expect to see this from the enemedia, shutting questions like hers down. But you, too?!
Why is there such fear of exposing the lie that is Obama and why is there such an aversion to revealing the truth about him? Is getting back into CPAC’s good graces that important? I would think, of all people, you would have been on board with Ms. Taite, as what she is pointing out so closely relates to the things you have pointed out about Obama, goes to his agenda, comports with his nefarious associations and influences, etc, that you go into at length in your book, “The Post American Presidency”.
Let me put it this way: If Obama’s fraudulent status doesn’t have anything to do with the subjects you and the panel were discussing at that meeting yesterday, NOTHING does!
Moreover, I find it pitifully ironic, that the very reason of Bannon’s “Uninvited” Panel, was to let voices be heard that were shut out of CPAC because of the Establishment’s fear and their contempt for the truth, and their subsequent attack on free speech. You guys did the same thing to Orly Taite.
And Taite is right. It DOES show a lack of integrity on Bannon’s part. Period. Despite all the boos and jeers directed at Ms. Taite from the hypocrites in the audience. And yes, even despite what you said, Pamela.
I have seen Bannon on FOX many times and he has denigrated and ridiculed anyone who even  broaches the subject of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility, calling them (as the LEFT DOES, by the way), “Birthers”. What a nice little tactic to marginalize and shut someone up who might be saying something you don’t want them to say! Kinda like calling someone a “racist, Islamphobic, anti-Muslim bigot”, huh?
How grievious.
From: PAMELA GELLER <writeatlas@aol.com> To: hildrums Sent: Sun, Mar 17, 2013 2:46 pm Subject: Re: the “Uninvited” Conference

That is not the complete video – My videographer will be posting the whole exchange shortly and you will see her insulting Bannon repeatedly – despite the fact that he gave her the floor. I stand by what I said. 
Yours in liberty, Pamela Geller Editor, Publisher Atlas Shrugs

Come on…you know Obama’s eligibility is questionable at the very least. You even blogged on that (what was proven to be) fraud he called his birth certificate when it was released a couple years back. You’re one of the last good ones we have left, Pamela. Please don’t sell out like this. I entreat you.
If Bannon was criticized by Taitz as a result of his censoring the subject at “Disinvited”, then Taitz’s only ‘crime’ is speaking the truth. Sometimes the truth is most unpleasant. And who should know that better than you?
Aren’t you always saying, “Silence is sanction”?
If you disagree with Ms. Taitz’s style of delivery, that’s one thing. But for cryin’ out loud, cut her some slack for being one of the very few, if not the ONLY person who will address this subject.
Please don’t sanction the fraud and the cover-up. Please don’t do it.
I think the whole panel owes Orly Taitz an apology. The sooner we ban together in embracing the truth, the better of we and America will be.
Most sincerely,
Hilary Jones
 From: Pamela Geller <writeatlas@aol.com> To: Hildrums Sent: Sun, Mar 17, 2013 4:02 pm Subject: Re: the “Uninvited” Conference

I know the issue better than you. Insulting Bannon destroyed her argument and credibility.
Stop whining and start raising money to put on an event for Orly.
Do something.
Her issue is with CPAC not the Breitbart event.
And watch the whole video when it’s posted. The vicious Salon site published a dishonest headline for suckers like you. And you fell for it.
Good luck – remove me from your list.
Yours in liberty,
Pamela Geller
Re: the “Uninvited” Conference-just one more point

Dear Pamela,
You want me to remove you from my list? Wow.  Why? Look, I am not your enemy here. I am a concerned citizen just like you.
I wasn’t making reference to the Salon site. As one of your loyal Atlas readers, I got the story from YOUR site. And then saw the video from the Breitbart site. I don’t fall for anything Salon says, believe me. And I am no sucker. I happen to have a mind of my own and call things as I see them. I didn’t intend to whine and it’s unfortunate you took it that way.
I believe I made valid points and/or at least posed very valid and honest questions to you about the odd juxtaposition of the event, the reason for it, and the treatment of Ms. Taitz as a result of her bringing up a topic not sanctioned.
And “Insulting Bannon destroyed her argument and credibility”? How so? Does the fact that she may have insulted Bannon make what she was saying any less true? Don’t forget, many in the enemedia have suggested you have no credibility for the strong stances you have taken (and of course they are as wrong as they can be). And I think you are incorrect that Taitz’s issue is not with the Breitbart event. The Breitbart event was supposed to be about open and free exchange of ideas and subjects that the Establishment deem verboten. That was the whole point of havinf the “Disinvited” event, right?
So because I ask these questions and challenge you on this issue you call me a ‘sucker’ and tell me to take you off my list? I gotta say, (and I am in no way being flippant), that hurt my feelings. This is exactly what the Left wants. To conquer and divide. I am an ally of your anti-jihad, liberty cause. Not an enemy.
Perhaps you and Orly Taitz can come together on an these issues that should be of concern to all Americans. Maybe you guys can talk about it. I cc’d her on this email so that maybe you guys could address this. When you stop to think about it, you and she are on the same side.
May God bless you, Pamela Geller, and may God bless America.



17 Responses to “At CPAC I am demanding an answer from Breitbart.com, Pamela Geller, Frank Gafney and others, why are they talking about the need for E-verify, but refuse to talk about the fact that Obama failed E-Verify, as well as SSNVS and is using forged IDs. Previously Obama mediathug Alex Seitz-Wald from Obama regime propaganda outlet Salon.com showed only a part of the video in order to exclude all mention of Obama’s forged IDs and tried to attack me with a distorted video.”

  1. Tim Rich
    March 18th, 2013 @ 1:31 am

    There surely is an implicit, if not explicit, behavior among Republicans and Conservatives in general to avoid at all costs speaking about the very serious issues related to Obama’s LACK OF eligibility for various wrong reasons:
    —those who do question Obama’s eligibility are systematically accused of being racist!! Despite the irrefutable and compelling facts against Obama that have been presented by Orly Taitz.
    —the “birthers’ claims” are not assessed based on facts, they seem to generate very strong emotional responses among Republicans and Conservatives instead of rational and critical thinking answers to them!!

    In all, why are the irrefutable and compelling facts against Obama systematically rejected by not only Democrats but especially Republicans and Conservatives?
    I think the main reason is that these Republicans and Conservatives are afraid of being accused of being racist!!

    We must fight this pathological mental blockage of the Republicans and Conservatives to face the rational and logical proofs that exist against Obama and that are numerous!!

    Not to mention the serious issues of Obama’s constitutional lack of eligibility to be President of the USA simply because he is not a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” as the Constitution of the USA demands that is that both his parents were NOT American citizens at the time of his birth and they should have been in order for Obama to have met fully the definition of a natural born citizen.


  2. Mary Jenkins
    March 18th, 2013 @ 2:28 am

    You’re winning anyhow!

    Americans get serious about impeachment

    New poll: Nearly half endorse dumping Obama


  3. Beth M.
    March 18th, 2013 @ 2:29 am
  4. TruthandFreedom
    March 18th, 2013 @ 2:47 am

    Dear Mrs Geller,

    It is apparent as shown through the response at CPAC that you don’t believe in your own E-verify. Thus, I will be urging all Congressmen and Senators to vote heavily against its use in combating illegal aliens! You had a perfect chance to stand up for America and boast your system with the issue of Obama. Just so you know, wanting the truth is not being a BIRTHER!! Wanting the truth is being an AMERICAN! Thus, for you to make a comment ie name calling discredits you as an American and the E-Verify system! It’s apparent you don’t stand behind the system as you would definitely stand behind the results it produced on Obama!

    Are you saying the results of your system should not apply to obama or is it your system is flawed? WHICH IS IT?

    My letter to all the senators and congressman will be to disallow it’s use as you have made it perfectly clear you do not stand beind the results produced with it!


  5. Veritas
    March 18th, 2013 @ 3:08 am

    How very very odd that Pam would not want you to speak.

    On May 19, 2012 she wrote extensively about Obama fraud and birth fiction.

    In her article she rebuked the Left for silencing those who question Obama’s credentials, and even penned:

    “And this is the inherent problem.

    Why does the right allow the left to control and command the discourse?

    Why does the right give the left the power to dictate to us what we can and cannot talk about?

    We can ask questions and we must without fear of the monsterous leftist smear machine.

    Stop giving the left the power!”

  6. Darrel B
    March 18th, 2013 @ 4:04 am

    Breitbart . Com has become an insult to the late great Andrew Breitbart, if Andrew was still there he would fire every one of them. And in the words of Andrew “to hell with the party”

  7. sandra treece
    March 18th, 2013 @ 4:19 am

    WOW!!! How quickly they turn!! 🙁

  8. Debbie Love
    March 18th, 2013 @ 5:45 am

    Unbelievable…the corruption and cover up is far and widespread…you just might have to get help from the international community like you have stated before.

  9. cq
    March 18th, 2013 @ 6:23 am

    what does Pam write down at 20 seconds on video, who’s to her left and why does he leave?

    great job orly

  10. dr_taitz@yahoo.com
    March 18th, 2013 @ 6:33 am

    I believe she wrote to him that he needs to run quickly to Steve Bennon and tell him to shut me up. After she wrote this note, the blogger to the right of her (he is the owner of the anti Jihad blog), I think his last name is Stevens, ran to Bennon and Bennon started making attempts to silence me. The others on the panel were simply embarrassed and stated nothing. Frak Gaffney was embarrassed and silent. She was the one who wrote the note and also stated three time that this is inappropriate, when of course the question was the most appropriate for the panel in the forum called “uninvited”.

  11. Bruno Ganz
    March 18th, 2013 @ 7:22 am

    Frankly, it’s not surprising that Gellar would stab you in the back. They do that sort of thing.

  12. Alex Gofen
    March 18th, 2013 @ 7:43 am

    I have been always sympathetic to Pamela Geller for her fight against islam. I can even imagine, that she decided to “specialize” at this particular field of fight (at the cost of ignoring a bigger fight!)

    Alas, too many “conservative” journalists hope to stay in business at any cost – just by not irritating the treasonous islamic GOP/CPAC/”conservative brass”. These journalists compromised their journalistic integrity by maintaining a taboo on the most significant issue ever – the ineligibility and thievery of Obama/Soetoro, hoping that they at least are allowed to expose islam.

    Guess what: Now their owners – islamic GOP/CPAC/”conservative brass” – do not allow them to expose islam either. That is how dhimmies of ALL evil powers end up.

    As Captain Neil Turner brilliantly wrote


    … they must look themselves in the mirror each morning wondering “who (or what) has the power to make me lose my way … and my mind … and my shame … and my conscience?”

  13. Paula Hoehn
    March 18th, 2013 @ 11:10 am

    To cq,

    In the video, Geller looks like she writes “Orly Taitz”, and the man clearly mouths “Oh”, then they briefly confer, and he makes his move.

    Paula Hoehn

  14. Birdy
    March 18th, 2013 @ 11:13 am

    You can’t trust anyone. Most the publicly visible actors, be they speaking on your side or speaking for the other side, are in it for the money. Don’t make any of these people your heroes. They have no integrity. They are just talking heads that seek publicity in their pursuit of money.

    Dr. Taitz is obviously not pursuing money. Dr. Taitz works tireless, quite often at her own expense, to get the truth to emerge. I suppose if I trusted anyone, it would be Dr. Taitz.

    I don’t trust Pam Geller, Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio, or any of the dozens of talking heads trying to cash in on “opposing” Obama. They all fall down when it comes to the real issue – Obama’s ineligibility and the widespread criminal fraud we see before our eyes. They turn a blind eye to this, since it threatens their pursuit of money.

  15. morgan ward
    March 18th, 2013 @ 11:50 am

    Just look at the absolutely apathetic look on the faces of most in attendance when Orly begins to speak out against Obama’s fraudulent Social Security numbers. Add in to the mix , HYPOCRITE Pamela Geller and her utterly stupid comment, and anyone can readily see that many so called ‘conservatives’ are just as low-info and clueless as any moronic Obama supporter.

    The only reason that most there are attending the event is to enjoy a good ‘horse and pony’ show, over actual substance and honset discussion.

    It is past time that true Patriots and Conservatives marginalize every so called conservative in Congress , or in any news media who are so cowardly and apathetic that they won’t openly talk about the number one issue facing America, the USURPATION of the Presidency by Obama and all of his fellow tyrants who cover for him, while demanding that they be held accountable for their treason against America and her Citizens..

  16. Francisco
    March 18th, 2013 @ 11:59 am

    The only thing I found innapropiate was to shut you down, and not even answer your pertinent questions. I believe Conservatives and Republicans are afraid to confront the issue of the identity theft of the usurper because he is black. They do not want to be seen as the ejectors of this criminal from the White House because they think blacks would not consider ever voting conservative, if we are the ones that told the true nature of the criminality that occurred in 2008 and in the 2012 elections.
    They prefer to deep six the Constitution, in order to gain some of the 96% of the black vote that went for Obama Soetoro, something that would never happens.

  17. chuck
    March 18th, 2013 @ 12:25 pm

    What were they whispering???

    We does does the video apear to be audio edited when I turn it up to try and listen?

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