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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

-- Thomas Jefferson

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
becomes a revolutionary act.
 -- George Orwell

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they
fight you, then you win.
 -- Mahatma Gandhi

Demand an answer from the editors of Breitbart.com, Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney and others, how can they have a 2 hour press conference on the need to e-verify jihadists and try to silence Attorney Orly Taitz, who brought forward Barack Obama’s failed E-Verify. Demand they publish immediately Obama’s failed E-Verify and his failed SSNVS

Posted on | March 17, 2013 | 18 Comments

Barack Obama SSNVS verification

Obama e-verify and tax returns

As always teasonous and criminally complicit members of the media, such as Alex Seits-Walt from Salon.com, manipulate and bend the truth out of shape in order to aid and abet Obama.

During the CPAC convention nobody was allowed to talk about the atrocities inflicted upon Christians and Jews by Muslims and creeping influence of Islam on the life in the U.S.

People’s best blogger award at CPAC was given to anti Jihad web site, however the gentleman who runs the site was not given an opportunity to speak at CPAC. He attributed this to the fact that Grover Norquist, one of the main organizers of CPAC, became highly influenced by his Muslim associate Sukhi Khan.

Anti Jihad activists at CPAC revolted, so they were given an opportunity to vent their anger at corruption of CPAC by having an impromptu “uninvited” question and answer session in an adjacent, smaller auditorium. This was organized by  Breitbart.com

At this session they were saying that the leadership of CPAC, as well as many other organizations  are corrupt, dirty, that today the truth is called the hate speech by the dirty establishment. People who speak up about the atrocities by Muslims are called homophobic and racists. They stated that Barack Obama is indeed supporting the states and organizations run by jihadists, he is gutting the U.S. military and he is an enormous threat to the US National security. When they announced the question and answer session, I raised my hand and was given an opportunity to speak.

I stated that they called themselves “uninvited panel”, as they were not invited to speak at the main auditorium, but were given this impromptu forum to vent. I told them that the biggest “uninvited” issue is the one that will resolve all other issues. I told them them that they were talking about the need for e-verify to identify the Muslim terrorists and Jihadists, but they are not talking about the most important person, who failed E-verify. I stated that Obama posted his tax returns on line, did not flatten the PDF file, the full social Security number he is using became available to the public and when checked through the E-verify and SSNVS, it failed. At that point the moderator, one of the puppets running Breitbart.com stated that I cannot talk any further about Obama, I need to ask the question. I asked, why aren’t they speaking about Obama’s use of forged and stolen IDs, why breitbart.com did not write about this most important issue for 4 years. He said the he will talk for Andrew Breitbart, however I told him that he cannot talk for Andrew, he cannot talk for someone who is dead, I told him to talk for himself.

It is a known fact, when a person is not sure of himself, or lying or embarrassed about something, he would try to hide behind a group, so this moderator did just that. Instead of speaking for himself, he said, “we, the editorial board of Breitbard decided that we are not birthers”. I told him that by responding like this he showed that he has no integrity. He complained that he and panelists were maligned for speaking up the truth, were called homophobics for speaking the truth abut Islam, but they are doing just that themselves, they refuse to look at the evidence of Obama using forged and stolen IDs, they are labeling people who speak the truth about it, as “birthers”, they are muzzling the truth.

All of the panelists, among them Frank Gaffrey and Pamela Geller looked extremely embarrassed, they were called to task, so the only thing Pamela could sa, is  that they can do only that much, I responded that this is the most important issue, they have to talk about it. When they talk about the need to run the E-verify to ID the terrorists, they cannot skip the fact that Obama himself failed E-Verify.

The moderator from Breitbart said that we can talk about it after the session, which was already ending. It was 3pm and the session was from 1-3pm, however I had to run to grab a taxi as I had to go to the airport to catch my flight back to CA, I was already late as it takes an hour to get from the convention center to Dulles airport.

Incidentally, a few days before Andrew Breitbart passed away I talked at the CA GOP convention with Reince Preibus, he told me that I should talk to Breitbart about my evidence. He said he will contact Breitbart and arrange a meeting. Less than 24 hours before Breitbart’s death I e-mailed Rence Preibus and asked if he already talked to Breitbart. I believe, I still have the printout of the e-mail. Next morning I saw an announcement that Breitbart was dead. I was told that at the same time Breitbart talked to Corsi. I believe that Breitbart was getting ready to talk about Obama’s forged IDs and bogus SSN. His sudden heart attack was very timely for those who wished him to be silent. Shortly after Breitbard died, the editorial board of his publication under the new management no longer showed any interest in pursuing the truth on this issue.

Apropo to Breitbart’s heart attack, today, only a few days before Obama’s visit to Israel, it was announced of a sudden death from a heart attack of a long time member of the Israeli Parliament Marina Solodkina. She was a PhD in Economics and an outspoken critic of militarization and resurgence of Nazism. Yesterday she gave a speech in Vilnus, Lithuania, part of the former Soviet Union. She was found dead in her hotel room shortly after the speech. Incidentally, Obama’s stepmother, third wife of Obama senior, Ruth Nidesand (Ndsanjo), mother of his stepbrothers Mark and David, came from the communist Vilnus, Lithuania.

Apropo #2,  one of the assistants of the coroner who wrote a report on Breitbart’s heart attack was found dead from arsenic poisoning.

At CPAC I gave some 15 interviews, among them to Media Matters, New York Times magazine, National Review, Heritage.org. All of the reporters  were given info on Obama’s use of forged and stolen IDs. I begged all of them to post the E-verify and SSNVS reports on line and in paper versions of their publications and let the public decide whether this needs to be criminally prosecuted.

So far none of them posted any of the documents and affidavits online or in their publications.

One of Obama’s criminal accomplices in the media, Alex Seitz-Walt, cut out of the video of the conference  everything I said about Obama’s bogus SSN, which failed E-Verify and posted an edited, manipulated video on line, which was re-posted in all of the outlets, which are complicit with Obama. the video hides the most important part of the statement made by me and presents it as an disagreement between me and Pamela Geller from Atlasshruged. the most important issue was Obama’s use of forged and stolen IDs. The disagreement between me and Pamela and other members of the panel  is less important and can and will be resolved.

People like Pamela Geller and some on the Breitbart board used to believe that if they do not speak about Obama’s forged and stolen IDs, they will be spared and will be allowed to stay as the members of the main stream media. Now they are realising that they, too, are being sidelined and silenced for speaking up about the Jihad. Churchill realised that appeasement of criminals does not work. When Churchill reversed Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement, Britain became victorious.

Similarly, GOP, CPAC, Geller, Breitbart, Frank Gaffney and others need to understand that appeasing criminals of Obama Junta will not work. Just as in NAZI Germany, when ones looked the other way when NAZIs started infringement of the rights of Jews, that did not help, as NAZIs became emboldened and went on to infringe on the rights of Christian believers, dissidents, Slavs, gays, so on and so forth.

You do not win by being weak and appeasing criminals. You win by being strong, staying together and bringing forward the evidence of the most egregious crimes. Nearly 50,000 people signed my petition to Congress to investigate Obama’s forged and stolen IDs. I talked to Zullo and Carl Gallups at the CPAC and we all believe that there will be movement by the members of Congress in the near future. I hope that Arpaio will bring a criminal complaint in the near future. ObamaNazis are trying to divide and concur. They are trying to divide the opposition. Now is the time to unite. I am asking 50, 000 people who signed my petition to Congress, to call, e-mail, write and fax Pamela Geller, who owns a blog Atlasshrugs, as well as each and every editor from Breitbart.com, Frank Gaffney from National review, Grover Norquist, director of CPAC Cardenas. Demand they talk about the single action that will bring Obama to Justice and will resolve numerous problems associated with Obama, talk about Obama’s SSN which failed E-verify. They cannot talk about the need to E-Verify to identify the jihadists and not talk about the fact that Obama failed E-Verify and is using all forged IDs.

Please, write to all of the media outlets, who published an edited video by Alex Seitz-Walt and demand that they post the E-verify and SSNVS reports, showing Obama using a bogus Social Security number. Let them know that cover up of the fact that a person sitting in the White House is using forged and stolen IDs, represents high treason, and sooner or later they will be in prison for High Treason for this cover up.

Also, I am posting  the business cards of the reporters that I talked to at CPAC,among them are Ari Rabin-Huff from Media Matters, David  Amira from New York magazine,  Elizabeth Flock from the U.S. News and World Report, Lauren Windsor from Undercurrent TYT TV, syndicated talk show host Rusty Humphries, radio and TV host Rick Damato. Demand they post the documents on line, demand they speak up on the issue. Many of these reporters are on the right and talked about it, however we have to push and demand that the reporters on the left post the documents as well.

We need to see these E-verify and SSNVS reports, as well as evidence of forgery in Obama’s SSS and BC on the front page of every paper and we need to demand that Judges, law enforcement and Congress act upon them immediately.




18 Responses to “Demand an answer from the editors of Breitbart.com, Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney and others, how can they have a 2 hour press conference on the need to e-verify jihadists and try to silence Attorney Orly Taitz, who brought forward Barack Obama’s failed E-Verify. Demand they publish immediately Obama’s failed E-Verify and his failed SSNVS”

  1. Darrel B
    March 17th, 2013 @ 8:45 am

    This is just unbelievable that the people who are suppose to be on the side of truth are working as hard as they can to cover it up. Its a sad day for America.

  2. C. Kretskwerl
    March 17th, 2013 @ 9:32 am

    Ms. Taitz, every one of us in the trade are well aware that Andrew Breitbart was assassinated BECAUSE he was about to meet with you. The evidence for this “termination with extreme prejudice” is overwhelming. This administration could not allow one of the most effective and active voices for justice connect with you, the most tireless and relentless warrior for truth. He simply had to be eliminated. Trust that there are those of us who are holding this damning evidence close to our chests until the time is right to release. And trust, too, that when we do make this evidence known, Barack Obama and all of his supporters — both in the government and in the media — will be facing a military firing squad.

    Until that moment — when the shots of righteousness ring out — we all remain vigilant.

  3. Freedom First
    March 17th, 2013 @ 10:27 am

    I agree Dr. Taitz…Of course there are no moral or other constraints in the minds of the perpetrators in furthering this crime of the Century. IMHO Many good Americans have been threatened, many have been bribed and perhaps some were even murdered while the masses have been quieted through the use of Alinsky tactics. Some Americans trust in and are brainwashed through the left leaning media and some through the Right leaning media. The end result is the same. Sheeple who can not or will not think for themselves. The great news is that more citizens are engaged every day and we all sense an impending great awakening on this issue. While Glenn Beck,Breitbart,Fox News and others work hard to keep the lid on this issue the greatest Freedom of all is now being experienced by the millions of Americans who have learned to think for themselves.
    Thank you for all you do and God Bless and protect you.

  4. Sandra
    March 17th, 2013 @ 11:13 am

    Can you check this out Orly if there is an extra Harvard Law Review laying around that someone can find that shows the following info in the Harvard Yearbook? Holy cow if this is true what a find huh?

    Lind to response: http://minutemennews.com/2013/03/administration-tells-benghazi-witnesses-to-keep-quiet/

    The following is a blogger comment wow:

    Native • 6 hours ago −
    No, he is NOT a natural citizen. THE HARVARD LAW REVIEW, WHICH HE HEADED UP FOR A PERIOD, STATES CLEARLY IN THE HARVARD YEARBOOK, THAT HE WAS BORN IN KENYA. When will you people get it through your thick skulls that YOU elected an ILLEGAL president?

  5. Lewis Thomason
    March 17th, 2013 @ 12:12 pm

    The Harvard Law Review does not say that Obama was born in Kenya,that is in a promotional pamphlet put out by his publisher. A New York Times article when he was made president of the Review says he was born in Hawaii

    The woman who wrote the pamphlet says that she made a mistake and never checked with Obama about his birth place.

  6. leo derosia
    March 17th, 2013 @ 12:19 pm

    Most of the comments on breitbart today were supportive and we think they are cowards for not investigating the forgerys and not being a nbc. I imagine breitbart was killed and new editors have been threatened

  7. Anonymous
    March 17th, 2013 @ 12:50 pm

    @#2C. Kretskwerl,,

  8. alice h
    March 17th, 2013 @ 12:53 pm

    C. Kretskwerl,,

  9. Irma Gerd
    March 17th, 2013 @ 1:02 pm


  10. Yoel
    March 17th, 2013 @ 1:15 pm

    What Obama supporters lack in intelligence and knowledge, they make up for by being obnoxious a-holes, parroting distortions and half-truths they’ve heard on MSNBC/CNN/ABC, and sidetracking any argument they know they can’t possibly win. For them the underlying assumption is “‘0’ can do no wrong”, and then you simply watch them trip all over themselves trying to make that b/s fit with reality. They are very low intellectual capacity, no class buffoons who feebly attempt to ascribe any criticism of “0” to “racism”. That proves just how out of touch with reality they are…

  11. Itchik
    March 17th, 2013 @ 1:40 pm

    @C. Kretskwerl

    Bull Shit. Nice try.

    If you actually had said “evidence”, you are a traitor for holding it.

    Put up or STFU.

  12. Stephen
    March 17th, 2013 @ 1:53 pm

    Put them on notice that they will be accessories after the fact to high treason. Subpoena them in your RICO complaint. Put the fear of God in them. They will never act until they are made to realize there is a price they will surely pay for their acts of high treason.

  13. Harvard Law Review 1991 Yearbook
    March 17th, 2013 @ 1:57 pm
  14. Yoel
    March 17th, 2013 @ 2:11 pm

    Irma Gerd IS Patrick McKinnion of Fogbow…

  15. Mark C
    March 17th, 2013 @ 2:46 pm

    Its Like Fox News. ;;
    The Good Cop;; Bad Cop Thing;;; They all Know Orly, as you Know and will be held accountable Sooner or Later. I hear the Military has had enough of him and are planning action God willing. Your hard work will pay off. No Good deed goes unrewarded as Jesus said. You will see and Patriotic Americans Thank you Very Much

  16. Perestroika
    March 17th, 2013 @ 3:14 pm


  17. Alex Gofen
    March 17th, 2013 @ 3:34 pm

    Too many “conservative” “journalist” hoped to stay in business by not irritating the treasonous islamic GOP/CPAC/”conservative brass”. They compromised their journalistic integrity by maintaining a taboo on the ineligibility and thievery of Obama/Soetoro, hoping that they at least are allowed to expose islam.

    Guess what: Now their owners GOP/CPAC/”conservative brass” do not allowed them to expose islam also. That is how dhimmies of ALL evil powers end up.

    As Nail Turner brilliantly wrote


    … they must look themselves in the mirror each morning wondering “who (or what) has the power to make me lose my way … and my mind … and my shame … and my conscience?”

  18. Virginia W.
    March 17th, 2013 @ 4:24 pm

    Orly cannot do this alone. ALL OUR VOICES ARE NEEDED.
    Please contact the House Judiciary Committee. They have allowed this takeover by Muslim Brotherhood. They have allowed the degradation of our society. They are ignoring the oath they took: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”

    Tell them you will not accept their complacency.
    Cong.Bob Goodlatte T:(202)225-5431 F:(202)225-9681
    Cong.Jim Sensenbrenner T:(202)225-5101 F:(202) 225-3190
    Cong.Howard Coble T:(202)225-3065 F:(202)225-8611
    Cong.Lamar Smith T:(202)225-4236 F:(202)225-8628
    Cong.Steve Chabot T:(202)225-2216 F:(202)225-3012
    Cong.Spencer Bachas T:(202)225-4921 F:(202)225-2082
    Cong.Darrell Issa T:(202)225-3906 F:(202)225-3303
    Cong.J.Randy Forbes T:(202)225-6365 F:(202)226-1170
    Cong.Steve King T:(202)225-4426 F:(202)225-3193
    Cong.Trent Franks T:(202)225-4576 F:(202)225-6328
    Cong.Louie Gohmert T:(202)225-3035 F:(202)226-1230
    Cong.Jim Jordan T:(202)225-2676 F:(202)226-0577
    Cong.Ted Poe T:(202)225-6565 F:(202)225-5547
    Cong.Jason Chaffetz T:(202)225-7751 F:(202)225-5629
    Cong.Tom Marino T:(202)225-3731 F:(202)225-9594
    Cong.Trey Gowdy T:(202)225-6030 F:(202)226-1177
    Cong.Mark Amodei T:(202)225-6155F:(202)225-5679
    Cong.Raul Labrador T:(202)225-6611 F:(202)225-3029
    Cong.Blake Farenthold T:(202)225-7742 F:(202)226-1134
    Cong.George Holding T:(202)225-3032 F:(202) 225-0181
    Cong.Doug Collins T:(202)225-9893 F:(202)226-1224
    Cong.Ron DeSantis T:(202)225-2706 F:(202)226-6299
    Cong.Keith Rothfus T:(202)225-2065 F:(202)225-5709
    Here is Senate Judiciary Committee, equally complacent, equally responsible.
    Sen.Chuck Grassley T:(202)224-3744 F:(202)224-6020
    Sen.Orrin Hatch T:(202)224-5251 F:(202)224-6331
    Sen.Jeff Sessions T:(202)224-4124 F:(202)224-3149
    Sen.Lindsey Graham T:(202)224-5972 F:(202)224-3808 or (202)228-5143
    Sen.John Cornyn T:(202)224-2934 F:(202)228-2856
    Sen.Michael Lee T:(202)224-5444 F:(202)228-1168
    Sen.Ted Cruz T:(202)224-5922 F:(202)228-0755
    Sen.Jeff Flake T:(202)224-4521 F:(202)228-0515

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