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A request to correct an article was sent to Ms. John Spokes, aka John Christian Ryter

Posted on | January 17, 2013 | 2 Comments

Mr. Spokes, please, correct your article, I never said that Obama is using Ludwig’s SSN. Ludwig is simply an example of someone who was born in 1890, but got his second Social Security Number much later, in 1977. This example was brought as people doubted that a person born in 1890 can get a Social Security number so late in life, at the age of 80 or older.  It was explained that the Social Security is a royal mess. Officially we have 12 million illegals in the U.S. However,  according to to the retired senior deportation officer John Sampson we have as many as 42 million illegals in the U.S.  Estimated 70% of them, as many as 30 million are using bogus Social Security numbers and robbing us blind by getting billions of dollars of aid and benefits.  God knows how many of them are sleeper agents from unfriendly nations. Cleaning up the Social Security administration will solve to a great extent our National deficit, unemployment and rigged elections. Quite possible that if not for massive fraud at the SSA, a criminal like Obama would have never gotten in the WH while using all forged IDs. At any rate I never stated that Obama is using one of at least two Social Security numbers given to Ludwig.
 Also, sadly Arpaio and Zullo did not do anything of substance. They simply confirmed the evidence that existed and was given to them by me and others. They made a lot of noise, collected 7 mil, part of which went to Farrah and possibly Corsi as an advertising fee, and they never filed a criminal complaint with the DA or AG, refused to appear in court, when I subpoenaed them, and tampered with an important witness, senior deportation officer John Sampson by telling him not to testify in court. So far they caused more damage, than help. I am hoping that if donors put pressure on them and tell them to refund 7 million that they collected giving an impression that they will file a criminal complaint, then maybe they will do something , as they would not want to part with large amount of money and would not want to be subject to a law suit for fraud and misrepresentation. Even that is not assured, as in August of this year Feds suddenly dropped a civil rights violation law suit filed against Arpaio. I am wondering, whether there was a quid pro quo or an understanding that Obama drops his case against Arpaio and in exchange Arpaio just does a lot of talking and BS, but never files a criminal complaint against Obama for using forged IDs while running for Pres in AZ. If that is the case, then Arpaio will refund you the money that he collected, but still will not file a criminal complaint against Obama.
article by John Christian Ryder is below


2 Responses to “A request to correct an article was sent to Ms. John Spokes, aka John Christian Ryter”

  1. Scott
    January 18th, 2013 @ 12:41 am

    Of course someone born in 1890 would get a SSN later in life.

    Social Security did not begin until 1935

  2. Red Pine
    January 18th, 2013 @ 3:21 am

    Dear Dr.Taitz,

    I have made a small contribution on Jan. 4. 2013, and have e-mailed you on that date from the above e-mail address. 10:28am PST.

    Below, you have provided the URL of an article by Jon Christian Ryter titled: Article II? Obama Got Rid of that.

    The article explains how Obama campaign has generated 35 millions illegal votes in 2008 presidential campaign against McCain creating a victory for Obama in excess of 10 million votes over the votes received by McCain.

    The article similarly explains how Obama presidential campaign 2012 has generated 36 millions of illegal votes creating a victory for for Obama in excess of 5 million votes over the votes received by Mitt Romney.

    I have suspected that obama won against Romney by means of illegal votes. I had no opinion about 2008 campaign as I have not tracked it. Obama has won both campaigns the same way. The number of illegal votes in each campaign is massive.

    Now I understand better Charles Crothhammer when he says Obama has no mandate about 2012 elections. Yet this is also correct about 2008 campaign.

    The article goes also into great detail into the issue of fundamental absence of Obama Birth Certificate from the State of Hawaii.

    The article is long. If it is correct, it nails Obama pretty hard.

    Thank you for posting it.

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