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A pattern of harassment and obstruction of justice and interference with my cases by Pro Obama operatives

Posted on | June 17, 2011 | No Comments




WND Exclusive


Sidekick duties: Causing trouble for Obama critics

Claims interference with Taitz cases, shutting down Fox News host’s site

Posted: June 16, 2011
10:17 pm Eastern

© 2011 WND  

EDITOR’S NOTE: The e-mails and postings cited in this article contain objectionable language. Please use discretion.

A radical leftist sidekick of Bill Bryan, aka “PJ Foggy,” who writes Internet comments typically supporting Bryan on pro-Obama extremist websites such as Politijab.com and Fogbow.com is Kurt Coleman, who posts under the username “Rikker.”

Among the claims by PJ Foggy and Rikker are that they have taken steps and have encouraged others to take steps to interfere with presidential eligibility litigation brought by attorney Orly Taitz and to abuse anti-Obama posters on Fox News host Greta Van Susteren’s blog.

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In a 2009 Internet post, Rikker identified himself as a male in his late 40s living in Florida, as seen here in Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 1, Rikker Internet post


By 2010, as seen in Exhibit 2, Rikker no longer found it necessry to hide behind an Internet blog username, deciding instead to self-identify as Kurt Coleman:

Exhibit 2, Rikker identifies himself as Kurt Coleman


In Exhibit 3, Coleman is seen photographed in a restaurant in Orlando, Fla., with Obama critic Larry Sinclair, who claims in a book entitled “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder” that Obama, when he was an Illinois state senator, committed homosexual acts with him while the two were using cocaine.

Exhibit 3, Larry Sinclair (left) with Kurt Coleman in Orlando, February 2010


Sinclair told WND the photograph was taken around February 2010, when he met Coleman at a rally of local political candidates.

(Story continues below)



Coleman appears to earn income from writing sports articles in Florida publications about basketball and doing publicity for the Orlando Comets, a women’s basketball team.

The Orlando Comets website proclaims the following concerning Coleman:

The Orlando Comets Basketball and Athletic Corporation has transformed itself into an organization of several teams with an emphasis on developing young girls into elite basketball players and good citizens. Our voice for many years has been Kurt Coleman. Kurt Coleman has kept America informed about the goings on in basketball in Central Florida and throughout the state. He will continue to be apart of our organization as a contributing source of information, for he is too talented and dedicated to our cause for him to retire. However, our focus will be more on the game itself, our girls and related news. This site will serve as an information source for college coaches, parents, athletes and similarly situated organizations.

The attack on Taitz and GretaWire

Coleman’s Internet posts claim responsibility for interfering in various Taitz court cases, an effort he appears to have made in conjunction with Bryan.

Exhibit 4, taken from Taitz’s website, shows a comment posted by her. Bryan responds that he is considering sending recommendations to U.S. Attorney Patrick Nemeroff, evidently in an attempt to block a Freedom of Information Act action filed by Taitz, even though Bryan, a former lawyer, is no longer licensed in any state to practice law.

Exhibit 4, Bill Bryan suggests intervening to disrupt Taitz’s litigation


Bryan’s Internet post in Exhibit 4 supports the assertion Coleman made in an Internet post June 10, as seen in Exhibit 5, that one or more radical Obama supporters – also known as an “Obot,” a slang condensation of “Obama Robot” – were in the courtroom in an attempt to “torpedo” Taitz cases.

Exhibit 5, Rikker brags about interfering with Orly Taitz litigation, June 10


Rikker and Foggy both have openly bragged about being responsible shutting down “GretaWire,” an Internet blog hosted by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.

Foul language posts published by Rikker and PJ Foggy bragging about how they abused anti-Obama posters on GretaWire can be seen in Exhibit 6:

Exhibit 6, Rikker and PJ Foggy discussing GretaWire


In the following post, Exhibit 7, Rikker celebrates the closing of GretaWire:

Exhibit 7, Rikker claims credit for closing GretaWire


PJ Foggy has no hesitation to claim credit as well, as seen in Exhibit 8:

Exhibit 8, PJ Foggy takes credit for closing GretaWire


Tim Adams is the Honolulu elections clerk who provided to WND an affidavit claiming he was told by his superiors that there was no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama on file at the Hawaii Department of Health.

In a radio broadcast of “Reality Check Radio” hosted by Foggy on March 31, Foggy pursued a pro-Obama attack on Adams, establishing that Adams had first presented his claims on a radio show “Obots” widely claim to be “white supremacist.”

Abusive posts

Many of Rikker’s posts are openly abusive and often racial in tone, as seen here in Exhibit 9:

Exhibit 9, Rikker post supporting Obama in racial tones


As seen in Exhibit 10, Rikker has attempted to justify his racism from the political left as legitimate, in contrast to supposedly illegitimate racism from the political right.

Exhibit 10, Rikker justifying racist comments


And again, as seen in Exhibit 11:

Exhibit 11, Rikker post on Obama, Sept. 19, 2010


Though his intent is clearly to support Obama, especially on eligibility charges, Coleman typically resorts to language that WND considers unprintable.

Exhibit 12 is a borderline example:

Exhibit 12, example of an abusive Rikker post


PJ Foggy and Rikker gang up on WND

After the WND article exposing PJ Foggy as Bill Bryan, many Obot posts encouraged Bryan to file a defamation lawsuit against WND.

Bryan even posted such a comment, as seen in Exhibit 13:

Exhibit 13, PJ Foggy threatening legal action against WND, June 16


Rikker was quick to join in, thinking he had found the “troll” who had exposed PJ Foggy and suggesting a misinformation campaign to feed WND false information, as seen in his post in Exhibit 14:

Exhibit 14, Rikker suggests disinformation campaign to retaliate against WND


After this article appeared, Coleman responded: (Warning for language) 


That article you wrote about me was the only decent piece of journalism World Net Daily (sic) has ever done.


Because you quoted me directly and, hence, got my message of contempt for stupidity and disdain for mediocrity out to a much wider audience. For that, I thank you. You didn’t censor any of my patented rikkerisms on a petard of birfer idiocy. You finally printed something that was true: You people are the peanuts found in monkey turds, the stench found on a well used piece of dental floss.


I do take issue with one of your quotes, though. The comment: “So what if my boss was born in Kenya, you crackers can’t do anything about it.” was not made by me. It was made by the guy who sourced much of your data, also known at Gretawire as “Searcher”. I’ve cc’d him above (nwo37@live.com). Searcher spoofed my online ID to make that quote. At Gretawire he was infamous for calling me a “nigger” as I tweaked him for your incompetence, Joey Farah’s incompetence and, most especially, Orly Taitz’ incompetence. I’ve never used the term “cracker” in my entire life.

So, if you would be so kind as to retract that false accusation, we’ll be good. You won’t have to worry about a lawsuit from me.

I’ve encouraged Bill to toast your monkey ass, though. You brought his kids into it. That was unconscionable.

So, on Bill’s behalf, let me quote that great American statesman, Bugs Bunny:

“Of course you realize…..DIS means WAH!!!!!”

Kurt Coleman

“79 an 0!! BITCHES!!!!!”


Read more: Sidekick duties: Causing trouble for Obama critics http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=312281#ixzz1PZm9VNTS 



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