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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
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fight you, then you win.
 -- Mahatma Gandhi

Posted on | January 6, 2013 | No Comments

LETS HEAR IT 0 approved

The halo is not from a scan. In Arpaio’s investigation expert Mara Zebest analysis states that the White house PDF was never scanned from a paper document, and was produced using a Mac computer and 2 different programs to produce it.  According to her, this document is only a paper document when you hit print on your computer.  The defense should be happy that Dr. Taitz is asking for the origins for comparison to the PDF’s. Because they did not provide a defense to her charges, and are in default, the judge should be compelled to rule against them.

The best defense to her charges, is to provide the originals and prove her allegations are false.  In a normal case like this the defense would subpoena the origins to prove Dr. Taitz wrong.

Very simply- Dr. Taitz and her clients have an injury, the courts can provide relief, the clients have standing, the filing was ripe and timely,  the case was not moot, the defense did not refute the charges.  At this point the the judge should rule in Taitz’s favor.  The defense should be requesting an evidence hearing to disprove her charges.  She is helping the defense because she subpoenaed the evidence that could disprove her charges.

If her case does not advance are the Judges in dereliction of their duty?  Are they denying rights?  Are the politicizing the courts?  Are they to be named in Dr. Taitz’s RICO suit?  Are they Treasonous in the Usurpation of the USA?  Are these grounds for judicial impeachment by the legislative branch?

These are questions I would not want to have to answer if I were a judge.  I would either rule in Taitz favor or move to evidence hearing ASAP.

And regarding the “what part of second do not understand”.  If your injured party were in first they would not be in front of the judge.


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