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Posted on | January 6, 2013 | No Comments

From: “APatriot” Date: January 5, 2013, 9:13:16 PM PST Subject: Fw: Suggestion to forward letter
This country needs only one honest Judge not willing to be bought off or scared off, or one Congressman willing to Defend the Constitution.  Just one.

A suggestion by a supporter of Dr. Taitz to send this terrific letter from the descendant of Judge Seitz to the members of Congress:
“Orly, we need to get everyone to send a copy of that letter to their Congressman and let them be the one that takes a stand! Maybe we will get one Congressman to have a conscience!”
I intend to send this letter to my congress reps and even to Judge England himself! He (and his court clerk) of all people, needs to read it.
May I suggest to others if they send it, that they make a correction like this (sic Judge Morrison England) in the print-out of the letter, each time the letter writer erroneously referred to “Judge English”?  We want to make sure the correct corrupted judge is credited for his shameful actions in the courtroom yesterday.
The letter follows this preface written by Orly:
“A heartfelt letter from a descendant of Judge Collins J. Seitz, the only judge in the nation who had the courage to rule in favor of African -American children and parents in Belton v Gephart, a case which later was joined with 4 other cases in SCOTUS under Brown v Board of Education. It is an honor to receive such a letter. Thank you for your support!”
Submitted on 2013/01/05 at 2:25 am
I’m a direct, blood relative to the one and only judge who ruled in favor of Thurgood Marshall’s long fight for integration.
This Chancellor’s ruling, at the state level, helped propel all the other losing cases, in other states, to the Supreme Court where the plaintiffs in Brown v. Board of Education won, making school integration mandatory.
It only took one Judge, who was brought up by a widowed mother with no money, whose grandparents were Irish-Catholic immigrants and who was raised in one of the smallest states in the union, to be the first judge to rule in favor of school integration.
He stated in later interviews, when questioned about his unpopular ruling, that he looked at the 14th amendment and thought, “Does it mean what it says?”. He visited both black schools and white schools, of his own accord, and saw the huge difference and how unfair it was and how waiting, even a couple of years to implement change in the black schools, would effect many students adversely. He also said He did what he knew was right.
His ruling was made in spite of the fact that integration was very unpopular at that time, by both citizens and his colleagues. Along with that, his nomination from Vice-Chancellor to Chancellor was being voted on in the near future. He was only 34 at the time and such a controversial ruling, such as that, could have ended his career.
But, he was eventually appointed to the U.S Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, where he served as Chief Justice until 1984. He’s been praised by many Supreme Court Justices, over the years, along with Thurgood Marshall himself. He’s included in every book written about school desegregation and is one of the most respected Circuit Court Judges, to date.
The same can’t be said about all those other judges who were too afraid to make such a disfavored ruling on segregation.
The difference between that one judge and all the judges that you have gone up against? He did what he knew was right, and he wasn’t a coward.
History has a harsh memory. And years from now, when the country is in shambles and the entire truth about Obama has come out, Judge English’s children or grandchildren will be ashamed they were ever related to him.
Because Judge English was a coward and did what he knew was wrong.
Keep the faith, Orly!
There has to be one judge left out there who has a backbone and refuses to sell his soul to the devil.

Dan    Tea Party United   Educating America


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