Really appreciate all that you are doing to out this imposter and bring him him to justice. I have been following your cases and it must take enormous fortitude to keep going. I will be sending you a donation for your run at Attorney General in California. We certainly need more people like you fighting […]

Wyoming man faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property Against Ukraine War? Obama May Seize Your Assets…

Russia withdrew 104 billion out of the US treasuries

Russia Wields $160 Billion Stick in Crimea Sanctions Standoff Bloomberg 55 minutes ago Written by Rebecca Penty Fuel and oil wagons at the Surgut railway station in Surgut, Russia, on Feb. 2, 2014…. Read More. Fuel and oil wagons at the Surgut railway station in Surgut, Russia, on Feb. 2, 2014.

Is it done on purpose? Now, when we need Indian military to provide us with their radar data on the missing MH 370 plane, which has 3 Americans on board as hostages, among others, Obama regime re-indicts an Indian diplomat on bogus charges after she was acquitted and completely exacerbates US-India relations

Indian diplomat whose arrest and strip-search in NYC drew protests is indicted … CNN  – ‎51 minutes ago‎ New York (CNN) — The Indian diplomat whose arrest sparked a diplomatic row with India has again been indicted by the federal government and faces arrest if she returns to the United States, federal prosecutors said Friday.

Mrs. Taitz, I apologize for the delay in getting the article out from the interview last week. Was a busy week with Connecticut. Here’s the link and I also put in a link to your AG run and donations. Thanks so much. I hope things progress well and am looking forward to hearing the results. […]

Indian, Pakistani military have to release their radar data. A plane cannot fly through their air space without their military radar systems picking up the info. Time for them to disclose the info.

Missing plane ‘flew on for hours’BBC News CNN Exclusive: Analysis shows 2nd possible Indian Ocean path for Malaysia …CNN

Attorney Orly Taitz’s Challenge to Obama Social Security Number … freedomoutpost.com/…/attorney-orly–taitzs-challenge-obama-social-secu…‎ 5 hours ago – Back in December, Judge Ellen Lipton Hollander ruled to grant attorneyOrly Taitz “an opportunity to file a second amended complaint and add allegations of … Orly Taitz Birther Victory, Finally | Obama Birthplace Controversy beforeitsnews.com/…/orly–taitz-birther-victory-finally-2475258.html‎ 4 hours ago – Orly Taitz has finally scored a major victory. The judge […]

Ethnic Russians make up 60% of the population of Crimea, local polling predicts 80% voting on Sunday to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. Will Donetsk and Harkov be next to secede from Ukraine and join Russia??

Crimea referendum: US warns of sanctions as Russia vows support for vote ABC Online  – ‎27 minutes ago‎ Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and US secretary of state John Kerry have failed to reach an agreement to ease the crisis in Ukraine. RelatedUkraine »Crimea »Russia » EU Yet to Agree on Sanctions Aimed at Russian OfficialsWall Street Journal No […]

thank you Ms. Paula Hoehn for your support and being there through thick and thin

Paula Hoehn 219 approved Submitted on 2014/03/14 at 11:57 am Dear Orly, This is wonderful news!! It is such a happy vindication of your perspicacity and determination to pursue all avenues against the total criminality emanating from the usurper and his minions. Earlier this week, I had an encouraging development of my own, in that I […]

Obama regime is intent on destroying relations with India, totally despicable attack on a foreign diplomat

Indian Diplomat Re-Indicted in US Visa Fraud Case

An Obama attack dog with this IP attacks me from Paris

I appreciate the support of Beforeitsnews.com, however this is not a major victory yet. So far there were a couple of good decisions, however I am still waiting for the final ruling

Orly Taitz Birther Victory, Finally | Obama Birthplace Controversy beforeitsnews.com/…/orly–taitz-birther-victory-finally-2475258.html‎ 23 mins ago – Orly Taitz has finally scored a major victory. The judge has caved in. He’s corrected a mistake and a slithering fraud which they committed in his courthouse.

Radar Shows Missing Flight #MH370 Took Course Normally Employed for Routes to Middle East Russia says intercepted US drone over Crimea…

More disinformation?

Reports of Malaysian searches zeroing on on a remote island chain in the Indian ocean  appear to be more smoke screen. If they are talking about Andaman Islands, we know that MH 370 flew for about 3 hour past those islands, so there is no sense in searching there. If they mean Diego Garcia, it […]

John Kerry upgraded: from moron of the day to moron of the week

John Kerry’s Bizarre Take on Today’s Failed Talks: The Conversation was “Very Constructive” (Video)

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