US economic growth revised sharply downward

Los Angeles Times 1 hour ago Written by Jim Puzzanghera WASHINGTON – The recovery appeared to be reaching escape velocity at the end of December, but it turns out the economy wasn’t expanding quite as fast as initially thought – and that doesn’t bode well for hopes of a breakout this year.

Attorney General of CA, Kamela Harris is seeking to invalidate 9th Circuit win for your second amendment rights.

Kamala Harris 2014 Election – Calguns.net calguns.net › … › California 2nd Amend. Political Discussion & Activism‎ 3 hours ago – As we found out, Kamala Harris is anti gun. She is also running for re-election in 2014. Here’s our chance to vote her out. orly taitz is running for AG. I’ll support … You guessed it: California Seeks to […]

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Kelly Stanfield 3 approved Submitted on 2014/02/28 at 10:07 am Orly Taitz you are an American Hero. Keep up the good work. We need more politicians with integrity and intelligence like you. You grew up behind the Iron Curtain and have firsthand experience the calamities caused by Socialism/Communism/Obamaism.   This is the help I get in […]

More vandalism of my car, it looks like there is remote control tampering with the electronics of my car

For the past several years there were multiple incidents of vandalism of my car. Previously someone disconnected the fumes emissions hose on my car and hot combustible fumes were going back to the engine. Several tires blew up. Just last Saturday a tire blew up yet again. Today suddenly there was a red signal light […]

Does anyone have this FEC form that Jon Christian Ryder is talking about? Can someone confirm or deny this allegation that there were 36 million extra votes, that only 97 million voted and not 133 million

Orly asks: Do you have this statement from the FEC, stating that we have only 95 million registered voters?  I saw 140 million registered voters, I do not know where 95 million came from. In the Bush-43 properly filed FEC form, which no longer exists in the public domain, and has not since 12/9 or […]

No decision yet in a case dealing with Obama’s use of a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425 of Harrison Bounel

U.S. District Court District of Maryland (Baltimore) CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:13-cv-01878-ELH Orly Taitz v. Colvin Assigned to: Judge Ellen L. Hollander Cause: 05:552 Freedom of Information Act Date Filed: 06/25/2013 Jury Demand: None Nature of Suit: 895 Freedom of Information Act Jurisdiction: U.S. Government Defendant Plaintiff Defend Our Freedoms Foundation TERMINATED: 07/08/2013 represented by […]

From adviser on National Security, Dr. Jonathan Levy. I submitted together with Dr. Levy to the UN complaints in regards to Obama. No response yet

Op-Ed: The Ukraine Crisis Inbox x Dr. Jonathan Levy 6:33 AM (5 hours ago) to jonlevy Op-Ed: The Ukraine Crisis – It’s the Intermarium Plan Again Published: Friday, February 28, 2014 3:19 PM The garbled slogans and ravings of the Ukrainian nationalists are straight from the Intermarium playbook. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/14598#..UxCUBPldXmc

Where is the journalistic integrity and impartiality of Don Lemon? Should CNN continue employing him?

Don Lemon: ‘As a Journalist You Weigh How Much to Criticize Obama Because He’s Black’ (Video)

Obama’s brother in Kenya got a tax exempt status within 3 weeks, it took over 3 years and multiple Congressional hearings to get the same status to Tea Party patriots

After 3 Years, 2 Months & 10 Days – Tea Party Patriots Granted Tax Exempt Status By Phone Call on Eve of Congressional Testimony

If Yahoo is not complicit with NSA, they should sue NSA and on their behalf and on the behalf of of their customers for invasion of privacy, for interference with business for theft of proprietory information. If Yahoo is not suing, it is a sign that they are complicit

Toronto Star See realtime coverage British Spies Said to Have Intercepted Yahoo Webcam Images New York Times 11 minutes ago Written by Nicole Perlroth SAN FRANCISCO – A British intelligence agency collected video webcam images – many of them sexually explicit – from millions of Yahoo users, regardless of whether they were suspected of illegal […]

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Chris 18 approved Submitted on 2014/02/27 at 10:23 am Orly your a more natural American than so many of the ones born here. Wish you the best of luck. Your like one of the untouchables.   This is the help I get in Placer county. I am looking for campaign chairs in other counties help me. […]

Egyptian doctor files a complaint against Obaa with the US Congress, charges Obama with aiding and abetting terrorism in Egypt

Egyptian doctor files a complaint against Obaa with the US Congress, charges Obama with aiding and abetting terrorism in Egypt http://www.westernjournalism.com/egyptian-doctor-files-terrorism-complaint-u-s-congress-barack-obama/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NewMainEmail

Clinton: Voter ID is an assault on people of color. Attorney Orly Taitz: Clinton’s idiotic remarks are an assault on intelligence of people of color. People of color are smart enough, just as white people, to go to the DMV and get a voter ID, just as they get the drivers licenses

Unbelievable — Bill Clinton Calls Voter ID Laws An “Assault” On “People of Color”…

Doctor to the resque: should I prescribe some Valium to this Libtard?

Awful… MOONBAT UCLA Lib Melts Down After Anti-Israel Resolution Is Defeated (Video) Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, February 27, 2014, 9:15 AM This is what American Academia is producing? Tears of a Liberal Clown… MOONBAT UCLA Liberal student bursts into tears and becomes hysterical after anti-Israel resolution is voted down.

Just as in Greece and Italy, IMF appointed a Central Banker to facilitate further looting and debt enslavement of Ukraine

  Central Banker Appointed as Prime Minister of Ukraine Kurt Nimmo | Ukraine finally back in the fold of the IMF and the banksters.  74 Comments IMF Vultures Swoop to Asset-Strip Ukraine Paul Joseph Watson | Globalists demand “policy reforms” in return for making Ukraine their latest debt slave.  23 Comments Russia Puts Fighter Jets on Combat […]

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