I got a call from a reporter from a TV station in Phoenix, who claimed that there was a shooting in the last hour, one officer was shot and one cold case posse member. Both are alive and in surgery. shooting does not appear to be related to Obama investigation, it appear to be a result of a robbery and subsequent chase. i would appreciate confirmation from other sources. I don’t know which member of the posse was shot.Reporter did not think it was Zullo, as he knows Zullo.

News for shooting arizona officer ABC15.com (KNXV-TV) Police officer shot in east Phoenix; residents instructed to ‘shelter in place’ azcentral.com ‎- 3 hours ago Police officer shot in east Phoenix; residents instructed to ‘shelter in place’,Robbery suspect took officer’s firearm and shot the officer as well as … Tue Dec 31, 2013 6:04 PM Police told residents in a neighborhood near the Phoenix-Scottsdale border to stay indoors after […]

from Correspondent Mary Jewel

to me        It’s bizarre that YOU are the ONLY ONE who will do something about what is happening to this country! Don’t people care about their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?        Your continued actions point out how corrupt and selfish our congressmen are.

More evidence of young black men beating up, mutilating and in some cases killing whites, particularly elderly, women and children. Black racist Eric Holder does nothing about it, only charged one white man with hate crime, did not charge any blacks, Demand impeachment hearings for Holder. Please, give me phone numbers of white men and women, who were victims of these attacks

Florida: Group of Black Thugs Beat 70-Year-Old Grandfather Unconscious, Try To Gouge His Eye Out In Front Of Granddaughter, Disabled Wife (Video)

Volgograd Bombings: CIA’s Chechen Assets Attack Russia Ahead of Winter Olympics 2013: How Alternative Media Influenced The Year Of Awakening Former MSNBC Host Told Not to Warn Public About Fukushima Is America About To Reach A Breaking Point? Anger Grows As Unemployment Benefits Get Cut This is What Really Happens in the Drone Program from […]

I need your help: I need any and all legal papers on 1915 Daly corporation, as well as this book by Luc Sante

Mildred Smith 2 approved Submitted on 2013/12/31 at 6:15 am “A good example of the smaller criminal syndicates dotting New York at the time is The Daly Corporation up in the Bronx. The Daly Corporation, as it was known, operated much like the mafia. It actually helped bring order for the residents of this small corner […]

Do’t get intimidated by Obama and his accomplices who are trying to scare you. You have a right to call anyone and ask, whether they remember a person by name Harry Bounel and whether they know anything about this 1915 Daly corporation. This mob is trying to intimidate us because they know that we are closing in and criminal prosecutions are near, see below an attempted intimidation of me by someone using a pseudonym. This is an Obama accomplice or Obama himself. Such attempted intimidation by Obama accomplices is a criminal offense in itself. Help me ID this Obama accomplice threatening me with FBI

hedley lamarr 0 approved hl@glmail.com Submitted on 2013/12/31 at 1:06 am Mrs. Taitz: You traveled down this cruel road once before. You contacted a then 11 year old — now over 80. You published her phone number. The idea that anyone alive today and living in that very different neighborhood would know a grocery clerk […]

Complaint sent to Inspector General of Health and Human services

Call your congressman, demand investigation of DOJ and Eric Holder for violation of equal rights, for prosecuting one white man for hate crime for knocking out a black man, but refusing to prosecute dozes of black men acting as Brown shirts in NAZI Germany and knocking out and killing white people. The regime of black racists Obama and Holder is creating a race war and it will end very badly, when hundreds if not thousands of people of all races will end up dead. Make sure to exercise your second amendment right and purchase fire arms for self protection, particularly if you are elderly

MSNBC Crank Joy Reid: Knockout Game Most Overrated Story of Year (It’s Just Whitey)

Please, help me find pleadings in this case. Harry Bounel’s building could have been 1915 Daly Ave, Bronx, not 915 Daly

  Decisions and Orders of the New York State Labor Relations Board books.google.com/books?id=Eb1YAAAAYAAJ New York State Labor Relations Board – 1959 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions LABOR RELATIONS BOARD – -x In the Matter of : 1915 DALY CORP. … I. The Employer 1915 Daly Corp. owns, operates and controls the apartment building located at 1915 Daly Avenue, […]