Press release: after watching TV reports Taitz recognized Keith Yamamoto as the official, who on 08.08.2011 stood at the entrance of the Health Department refusing Taitz and 2 experts pass the security and meet with Fuddy, even though Fuddy was served with a valid federal subpoena, where Fuddy had to provide Taitz with the original birth certificate of Obama. Taitz found the declaration of Yamamoto confirming that

Press release : Law Offices of Orly Taitz After watching the TV news report about the airplane water landing after which Loretta Fuddy died, Attorney Orly Taitz recognized Keith Yamamoto as someone whom she saw before. Yamamoto, who held Fuddy’s hands, when she suddenly died after the crash, was the Health Department official, who was […]

Please, watch the video attached to this ABC article. I need to know the name of this woman, who was one of the survivors. She sat right behind Fuddy Is she Rosa Key?

In-Depth:Last Moments Recounted of Official Killed in Crash–ABC News–Dec 11, 2013So far here are the names of people on board1. Loretta Fuddy 2. Her deputy director Keith Yamamoto 3. C. Philip Holstein, 70 year old man, who swam to shore for one and a half hour 4. Rosa Key 5. Pilot-last name Nagasaki, his son, […]

I need your help to overcome this tampering with my web site

Dear Dr. Taitz Thank you for all that you have been doing for all of us for many years.  My prayers are that God will protect you and keep you safe in this evil world.  Please try to get enough rest so that your health does not break down. I just want to let you […]

Iran has threatened the West with nuclear attacks, it continues Uranium enrichment and now sends rockets to space. This is not something that can be ignored

Washington Post Iran sends second monkey into space USA TODAY  – ‎2 minutes ago‎ TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iran said Saturday it has successfully sent a monkey into space for a second time, p

Mandela Memorial Interpreter Once Faced Rape, Murder, And Kidnapping Charges

Mandela Memorial Interpreter Once Faced Rape, Murder, And Kidnapping Charges

Denver Post Edits “Socialist” Out of Description of Arapahoe School Shooter

Denver Post Edits “Socialist” Out of Description of Arapahoe School Shooter

64% of Republicans and 40% of voters in general believe Obama is hiding the truth about his IDs

Mysterious Plane Crash Resurrects Obama Eligibility Debate

Professioal pilot with a float plane rating: Caravan cesssna can safely land on water and it can be recovered. Does anyone have the map of the area? they were 1 and a half minute in the air, half a mile from shore, how deep was the water? why is NTSB saying that the plane will not be recovered, while there were recoveries from 500 feet depth?

Dr. Orly, Here is an observation from a Navy SEAL + Professional Pilot that has a Float Plane rating. The Caravan Aircraft Loretta Fuddy crashed in had a large cargo pod attached to the aircraft’s belly. From my observation of this coupled with the Caravan’s ability to fly at slow speeds. This aircraft could be […]

Why there was no immediate rescue? Why did the pilot have to swim to shore to get help, why wasn’t help dispatched right away, since the engine stopped only 1 and a half minutes after take-off according to passenger C. Phillip Holstein. Is it Benghazi all over again?

Birdy 97 approved Submitted on 2013/12/13 at 6:33 pm In the article you show by Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, Associated Press, C. Phillip Holstein claims to have been the person to have swum to the shoreline – ‘”….Bobbing in the water, Hollstein noticed the pilot and seven other passengers seemed fine. “I didn’t want to sit […]

Who is this person? IP 48-78 Broome St Newark, NJ 07103 or New Jersey City: Ridgewood Postal Code: 07450 Area Code: 201 Metro Code: 501 ISP: Verizon FiOS Organization: Verizon FiOS Time zone: America/New_York

I. Mac Omeedian 0 approved Omedian@gmail.com Submitted on 2013/12/13 at 8:25 pm We HAD to kill her, Orly. How is it you don’t fucking get that? I don’t worry about telling you this here because I know you’ll never publish it. So the only one who will ever see it is you. You and […]