Daniel Monroe 4 approved Submitted on 2013/12/13 at 4:16 pm You are so close to revealing the truth about this guy that it’s tough to say ‘hide’. Orly, you are a true fearless warrior and patriot. You must follow it through to the end and I don’t think Obama will finish his 2nd term because […]

Be careful Inbox x George M Collins 1:36 PM (21 minutes ago) to me Seems like people associated with the birth cert are dying in plane crashes.

More conflicting evidence: initial reports state that all 9 people survived: one swam to shore, 3 rescued by the helicopter and 5 by Fire rescue, later the story was changed. Passenger C. Phillip Holstein contradicted the reports of her body being the the fuselage, he stated that she was fine when she got out of the plane.

Previously posted report by deputy Director of Health Keith Yamamoto stated that he helped Fuddy to put her life vest on and they got out, were holding hands and then suddenly she let go and did not respond. However, other reports state that her body was found inside the plane. Which story is true? Did […]

Front page of US News and World report: Donald Trump and Orly Taitz Reinvigorate ‘Birtherism’ After Hawaii Plane Crash State Health Director Loretta Fuddy died Wednesday after a crash-landing near Molokai island

  U.S. News & World Report State Health Director Loretta Fuddy died Wednesday after a crash-landing near … U.S. News & World Report 2 hours ago Written by Steven Nelson Orly Taitz, a Russian-born dentist-turned-lawyer who has tenaciously filed court challenges to Obama’s eligibility to be president, also weighed in on Fuddy’s death. Donald Trump […]

I need your help in research: Very interesting coincidence

Jerome Corsi has published on September 11, 2011  another birth certificate, which was issued on August 23, 1961. Though Corsi tried to redact it, the words could be seen and the public immediately identified it as one   issued to Johanna Ah’Nee-Randolph. Johanna works for one Albert Y. Kanno, owner of a printing supply store, […]

Reportedly Kenyan parliament is angry, claim violation of Kenyan constitution by Obama secret meeting with African Chief Justices. Nothing new for Obama who met with US justices while a number of cases deling with his lack of legitimacy for presidency and his use of bogus IDs was in front of the US Justices. We are the biggest banana republic!

<h3 “”=”” tabindex=”-1″ id=”yui_3_7_2_1_1386934295508_15972″>Kenyan Parliament ANGRY, Claim Violation of Kenyan Constitution by Obama Secret Meeting with African Chief Justices from J L to you + 26 more   Show Details ADDRESSEES: Firstly, Please immediately Download the various documents which I have provided within this document, since the US NSA might block and/or remove access to these once this information […]

I will be on Paul Preston show “Agenda 21” at 1pm EST/10am PST

2 attorneys from “Lawyers without Borders” were imprisoned

  PRESS RELEASE – 11/12/2013 Arrest and detention of two lawyers defending the interests of Jean-Pierre Bemba at the International Criminal Court for alleged abuses in the administration of justice: the ASF network demand their immediate release. 20 November 2013, the Single Judge of Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court issuedan arrest warrant […]

A letter from a donor, John Granath, to Sheriff Arpaio stating that Arpaio will not get a cent of donation until he files an actual formal criminal complaint against Obama based on the 100% evidence Arpaio claims to have showing that Obama committed fraud in Maricopa county by running for president there and other 3,000 counties in the nation asserting his identity by fraud and using fabricated and stolen IDs. Demand Arpaio either do his job and file a complaint with the DA, AG, US Attorney and Judiciary Committee of Congress or refund all the money he collected from people believing they are donating for his criminal case

to info In a message dated 12/12/2013 4:17:51 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, info@reelectjoearpaio.come writes: The Democrats are looking to my campaign’s funds as a sign of our strength. Your immediate donation today will send the Democrats a strong message about the strength we have. Sheriff Joe: Not ONE dime out of me until I read about your […]

According to Intelius Loretta Fuddy used to work at US district Court and used to work at Washington DC

Loretta Fuddy worked at US District Court: http://www.intelius.com/results.php?ReportType=1&formname=name&qf=loretta&qmi=&qn=fuddy&qcs=honolullu%2C.+hi&focusfirst=1 Worked at: Powerpoint Good Beginnings Alliance US District Court Family Health Services State Hospital Foc Address History: Honolulu, HI Tallahassee, FL Washington, DC