Australia’s top court overrules gay marriage in capital Australia’s High Court on Thursday struck down gay marriage in the nation’s capital where dozens have wed under a landmark law, ruling that parliament must decide whether to approve same-sex unions. Had the nation’s top court upheld the Australian Capital Territory’s gay marriage legislation it… AFP

DaveyBoy 0 approved Submitted on 2013/12/11 at 11:27 am Whoever gave you this PDF also created the White House PDF. Open this PDF in Adobe Illustrator and it has the same type of layers as the White House (8-bit and 1-bit layers) there are also multiple sized pixels. And in illustrator it is sideways.   I […]

Your help in research is needed. Does anyone have info on the owner of this printing shop? any connection to Obama? Did Johanna go to school with Obama? I found out that Johanna’s son was born in 1995 and she had a LFBC and a stamp on the back for her son’s BC in 1995, but not for her based on all the evidence that I have so far

08/04/11       Aloha Orly,       Sure thing, please forward information with regards to your arrival.       Aloha ke Akua!   Johanna Randolph, Purchasing redacted redacted

Press Release:9th Circuit gives Obama an extra month to respond to the opening brief by Attorney Orly Taitz in Grinols v Electoral college, Obama, Congress et al

Press Release: Law Offices of Orly Taitz 9th Circuit gives Obama an extra month to respond to the opening brief by Attorney Orly Taitz in Grinols v Electoral college, Obama, Congress et al. The brief and all the other documents are available at TaitzReport.com or Orly TaitzESQ.com. Attorney taitz is working pro bono and donations […]

World leaders supported Mandela, but forgot estimated 5 million political prisoners rotting in labor camps and prisons in China

Press release Law offices of Orly Taitz On December 10, 2013, International Human Rights Day and 20 year anniversary of signing of of Vienna accords for Human Rights,  Civil rights Attorney Orly Taitz is calling on World leaders, who so eloquently spoke out about human rights during Mandela funeral,  to show consistency and call for […]

I need your help in calling the DC court and demanding to docket my motion to recuse Judge Lamberth, which was sent to the court on 12.02.2013 and was received by cert. mail. This appear to be the same pattern of sabotage nd tampering with my cases by the clerks of the cort in order to aid and abet Obama in theft of the US Presidency with stolen and fabricated IDs. Call 202-354-3080 202-354-3118, 202-354-3192

Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ In her capacity as the President of Defend Our Freedoms Foundation 29839 Santa Margarita Parkway, STE 100 Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688 Tel: (949) 683-5411; Fax (949) 766-7603  E-Mail: dr_taitz@yahoo.com, orly.taitz@gmail.com   UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA   Dr. ORLY TAITZ, ESQ, PRO SE         […]

NAZI Germany all over again

SHOCK REPORT: St. Charles Drivers Pulled Over – Asked For Blood & Saliva Samples

I need your help in figuring, why HI released the long form BC for Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph, but refused to release it for others, including Virginia Sunahara. Was it a dry run before releasing Obama’s forgery?

Ahneerandolph, Johanna O Possible Aka’s: Ahnee, Randolph Johanna Randolph, Johanna Ahnee Randolph, Johanna O Find out more 50 Mililani, HI Colts Neck, NJ Philadelphia, PA Fpo San Francisco, CA Mililani Town, HI Camarillo, CA Randolph, Michael A Nee, Theresa Ah Ahnee, Theresa P Ahnee, James A Ahneetringali, Josephine Ahnee, J S