In a country of 320 million people only 6 people sign up for Obamacare on the first day.


Thank god, pro second amendment sheriff Nick Finch is not guilty!


A new hoax is going around. There is no evidence anywhere of any impeachment hearing being scheduled for January in the House of Representatives. I wish there would be one, but so far there is nothing

We all would like to see an impeachment hearing, however there is no evidence of any such hearing being scheduled. there is a report of someone claiming that there is such a hearing, but not one drop of evidence anywhere of any such hearing being scheduled. There is a letter written by someone to Harry […]

Patrick Duffy 61 approved Submitted on 2013/10/31 at 5:41 pm When state governments started running ‘lotteries’, that’s when I knew the government was run by the mob. The mob has always been behind the gaming industry, and they were constantly fighting the government, so instead of fighting the government, they decided to become the government […]

Somebody is impersonating me, these are not my tweets. Please, help me ID this thug, who is using my identity on twitter

Tweet from Orly Taitz Esquire (@OrlyTaitz) Inbox x John Brown to me Wlll doctors be required to insert Chips into patients under obamacare ???? Orly Taitz Esquire (@OrlyTaitz) tweeted at 5:04 PM on Mon, Aug 03, 2009: Damn, I’m good… http://bit.ly/IRi6P (https://twitter.com/OrlyTaitz/status/3112264260)

Taitz report 10.31.2013 Are we ruled by the organized crime? You’ll find an answer in this video

Veritas 1,978 approved ubmitted on 2013/10/31 at 2:26 pm Thanks Rod…who would remember him anyway? Nonetheless as president, even if putative, he has the OBLIGATION to honor the War dead at Gettysburg. That is too much for his thespian abilities so he has opted out. He is the Great Imposter, and Orly will be proven […]

Great Britain is rising against its corrupt government and ready to throw out all of the scum from the ruling 2 parties. Now it’s time to throw out the Thief in Chief and all of the corrupt politicians from the ruling 2 parties in US. Keep only true Tea party congressmen. You have to listen to this #1 song in Great Britain, make it go viral

Wayne T Inman 5 approved bmitted on 2013/10/31 at 11:55 am NO. 1 SONG IN ENGLAND – wait til you hear this!!! This may be the number 1 song in England, but it’s an absolute fact of what’s going on here, in the United States Of America. This has to stop!!!! TOP Song in England–we’d […]

GOP Alabama Congressional Hopeful: Obama Was Born In Kenya

GOP Alabama Congressional Hopeful: Obama Was Born In Kenya Huffington Post The theory hinges on the false claim that his birth certificate is fake. Birther queen Orly Taitz (a lawyer and dentist from California) continues to lead the march, … See all stories on this topic »   GOP Alabama Congressional Hopeful: Obama Was Born In […]

Your help is needed to organize protests in front of the houses of several anti-American, treasonous billionaires pushing the most corrupt congressmen to pass amnesty of 42 million illegals and drastically lower the wages of Americans. We need people to protest on public sidewalk in front of the house of Congressman Issa, who is set to introduce amnesty bill. Issa lives in San Diego area, Zuckerberg in Palo Alto area, Soros and Bloomberg in New York. If you can protest, call Orly Taitz at 949-683-5411 or e-mail at orly.taitz@hushmail.com

http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/362532/soros-fellow-billionaires-open-borders-lobby-gop-amnesty-mark-krikorian We need volunteers to picket on the public sidewalk in front of the houses of several congressmen: Issa, Boehner, Cantor, Goodlatte, Ryan, McCarty- demand  NO on Schumer-Rubio treasonous amnesty bill. With over 90 million adult Americans not in labor force at all and another 25 million on unemployment or working part time with no […]

End the Fed: A Commentary by John Stossel

End the Fed: A Commentary by John Stossel

American Fan of Orly 76 approved Submitted on 2013/10/31 at 7:04 am This pleading is a eloquent argument showing how the equal protection clause is being grossly and repetitiously violated by Obama supporters, as if Obama were another god above all human laws and above the US Constitution… Press release: Appealants brief was filed in […]

Rafael Cruz, father of Tea Party star Senator Ted Cruz: “We need to send Barack Obama back to Kenya” Comment from TaitzReport: Couldn’t agree more

Extremely important, make it go viral: call Darrell Issa, demand that he stop selling out to a mob of billionnaires seeking to import slave labor and dissipate wages and benefits of American workers. Call Issa, Goodlatte, Boehner, Ryan, Cantor: stop amnesty, stop selling out to billionnaires mafia or Tea Party will throw you out of office and will try you and all of this bilionaires mafia for treason against the United States of America

SEND an Email Note or Letter to be Hand Delivered to Rep. Issa Thursday – NO LEGALIZATION FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS Inbox x Neil Turner 10:02 PM (9 hours ago) to Jeff, me Jeff; Here is my message to Mr. Issa. I will be sending out to my over 500 Citizens for the Constitution email list […]

400 Anti-American treasonous Billionnaires are buying the most corrupt members of Congress to pass the new immigraion bill, aka Amnesty to 42 million illegals, which will drastically lower wages and Social security benefits all over the nation. Throw out of office all corrupt congressmen, charlatan paperless thief seating in the WH pretending to be a legitimate president, start demnstrations at the public sidewalks in front of the houses of rach of these predator billionnaires robbing us of jobs and benefits, our children and grandchildren of future

Coalition of billionaires financing immigration push…

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