Are the feds slowing down the printing presses?

Central bankers debate risks of withdrawing global liquidity By Pedro da Costa and Alister Bull JACKSON HOLE, Wyoming (Reuters) – Global financial stability is at risk as central banks draw back from ultra-easy policies that have flooded the world with cash, because emerging markets lack defenses to prevent potentially huge capital outflows, top officials… Reuters

it is probably nothing, but just to be on the safe side I would like to know, what did these two people do in the past, where did they study and where did they work? if you have info, please forward to orly.taitz@hushmail.com thank you

Roger E Turrell Apex, NC  |  72 years old   Previous Locations Apex, NC  |  Litchfield, CT  |  Holly Springs, NC  |  Raleigh, NC  |  Goshen, CT  |  East Sandwich, MA Aliases Roger Miller Relatives Suzanne S Turrell  |  Laura S Morin  |  Jeremy Carrett Miller  |  Carey C Miller  |  E Miller  |  James R Miller  |  Leonora C Miller  |  Suzanne Turrell  |  Eunice Turrell  |  Suzanne S Turrell  |  Roger Miller  |  M Suzanne S Switzer  |  Suzanne Turrell  |  Denise F Miller             […]

We have all the laws to bring temporary workers, if needed, we do not need immigration reform, we need voting rolls reform to clean the voting rlolls so we can get read of corrupt politicians, we need welfare reform, so people would not have an incentive to sit at home and do nothing instead of working

Veritas1,762 approved Submitted on 2013/08/24 at 12:22 pm There are ALREADY programs enough if employers would spend the time to fill out the paperwork (though it IS EASIER to have people come illegally or overstay illegally and have the taxpayers foot the bill! It is a DNC DREAM! with plenty of RINOS to help!) We ALREADY […]

Michael Savage: Al Gore and husband of Senator Diane Feinstein gave us Al Jazeera

Blame Al Jazeera in America on Al Gore Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”  In today’s issue: Al Jazeera is now broadcasting in America, and Michael Savage is among the millions of citizens who aren’t happy about it.  He reminded listeners that the only reason the network […]

Can someone tell me, who these people are? I am getting some vile e-mails, who were traced to this address. It may be an error, but I would appreciate getting some pictures of these two people, and some info as to who they are

1736 Olive Chapel Rd Apex, NC 27502 Denise F Miller » Roger E Turrell » 1736 Olive Chapel Rd Apex, NC

Is Congressman and former judge Ted Poe plain stupid or willing to be bought for campaign contributions?

It is reported that business leaders met with Congressman and former judge Ted Poe and persuaded him to vote for amnesty. Why? Business leaders claim that they need amnesty to fill the jobs. This is a plain lie. they do not need amnesty. All they need is follow existing laws. They have to place n […]

Indonesian -Kenyan usurper Obama accelerates the invasion and dismantling of the US sovereignty. Congress and Judiciary do nothing. Are they impotent, incapable of taking any action or are they in on it, are they paid to be a part of this criminal enterprise destroying this nation? I need people to help me place ads during the “Duck Dynasty” show to advertise “Americans to remember veterans and 9/11 victims and end corruption in the government rally for 9/11 in front of the National monument and joining 2 million bikers”. Please, e-mail me at orly.taitz@hushmail.com and let me know if you can join the rally at 9/11, if you can pay for the ads and assist in organizing

  After Obama gave illegal and treasonous order not to deport young illegals, he started a new policy of ordering the border patrol not to deport parents of illegal children. (see article below) Obama is committing serious impeachable offenses telling the U.S. border patrol to violate the US immigration laws. Congress could impeach him on that, […]

White House re-releases Tiny Obama pic