More massive fraud by the Obama regime: national debt is frozen for 70 days

Federal Debt: Frozen for Two Months. A Miracle! Written by Gary North on July 30, 2013 How is is it that the official debt of the United States government has been frozen at $16,699,396,000,000.00 for over 70 days? The Secretary of the Treasury is not saying. He merely reports that this is the case. “Trust […]

Chief Judge of USDC Judge Lamberth moves secret NSA FISA court from the Justice Department to the District court to signify the independence of the court. However, it is day 31 and there is no decision yet in Taitz v Astrue in regards to Obama’s use of a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425 of an immigrant from Russia Harry J. Bounel

Presenting The Location Of The NSA’s Secret FISA Court Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/31/2013 18:25 -0400 SPY The nation’s spy court has begun operations in a new, secure space on the third floor of the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in downtown Washington, ending its 30-year run of issuing secret warrants from within the Justice […]

Update: Analyst from the office of the Inspector General of the Department of Treasury states that a response to the FOIA request will be sent on August 13th

Today Attorney Orly Taitz received a letter from the office of the Inspector General of the Department of Treasury. The response was dated June 19, but the envelope showed July 22 and was received on July 30th. The response stated that   the FOIA request did not warrant a fee waiver, though Attorney Taitz did […]

Update: still waiting for the date for the oral argument in Taitz v Obama

Search E-mail Calendar Help Opinions 4th Appellate District Division 3 Court data last updated: 07/31/2013 10:05 AM Case Summary Docket Briefs Scheduled Actions Disposition Parties and Attorneys Trial Court Docket (Register of Actions) Taitz v. Obama et al. Case Number G047746 Date Description Notes 12/10/2012 Notice of appeal lodged/received.     by aplt Orly Taitz […]

More evidence of corruption in NSA, FEC IRS

NSA database tracks FACEBOOK chats… E-mails Suggest Collusion Between FEC, IRS to Target Conservative Groups…

how is obama staying within 30 billion of the debt limit for 79 days

how is obama staying within 30 billion of the debt limit for 79 days Inbox x Arnie 9:07 AM (4 minutes ago) to Bonni, me, oreilly http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2013/07/ann-barnhardt-july-20th-2689716.html is he raiding government employee retirment accounts

England is coming up with new ways to stop legal and illegal immigration in order to give jobs to citizens, while the Con-artist in Chief and his collaborators in Congress continue looting America and Americans

Herald just published a new pilot program in England, where people from 6 suspect countries applying for visas will have to post $3,000 British pounds bond or $5,600 U.S. dollars bond. This is done as many legal immigrants overstay their visas, use Social Services and cost tax payers a fortune. This pilot program applies to […]

Obama regime is trying to stop the avalanche of outrage over spying on Americans

NSA phone spying document declassified 51 minutes ago Presidency of Barack Obama WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is declassifying documents about its telephone spying program to try to tamp down congressional opposition to domestic surveillance. The documents will provide little solace, however, to Americans hoping to understand the legal analysis that underpinned the widespread […]

Denise Lind,the same military judge that denied LTC Terry Lakin his right to present any evidence of Obamafraud during his court martial, has convicted Bradley Manning in espionage, even though there is no nation identified as the beneficiary of this espionage and no benefits were given to Manning. It appears that Manning was overcharged and later acquitted of treason, but convicted of espionage

NOT A TRAITOR… Snowden Dad: FBI wanted me to go to Moscow, bring son back…

Sell out of the US Congress. Call every US Congress, demand to vote “no” on the mega amnesty. Stop sold out Democrats and sold our GOP elite like McCain, Paul Ryan and Boehner from passing the mega amnesty which will rob Americans of their jobs and benefits

MAG: Boehner’s Strategy To Slow-Walk Immigration Bill To Finish Line…  McCain: We can get rid of those extra border agents in conference committee… Top GOP donors tell party to legalize illegals…

Call House Majority leader Eric Cantor and demand his resignation or his abandonment of Amnesty bill which “will devastate American workers” according to Senator Sessions and everyone else with at least half a brain in his head.

I always suspected that people placed in the positions of power are there for one reason: be the puppets of the establishment at the expense of robbing 315 million Americans. This became even more obvious as the corrupt leaders on both sides try to push for the treasonous, anti American amnesty. This amnesty will dismantle […]

Taitz Report update 07.29.2013

29 days since Judge Lamberth started deliberating on Taitz v  Astrue 11-cv-402 USDC District of Columbia, on a motion to release the SS-5, Social Security application for the Connecticut SSN 042-68-4425, which was issued to an immigrant from Russia Harry J. Bounel, and which was stolen by Obama and used by him in his 2009 […]

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More tyranny from Holder Justice Department. DOJ sued a school board in CA for refusing a girl who thinks she is a boy to use boys bathroom and locker room. What will they do if one of the boys gets her pregnant, will they tell her to think that she is not pregnant?

Feds force school district to allow transgender girl to use boys’ bathrooms, locker rooms It’s all the rage these days for transgender students (or their parents) to sue or make a big fuss because their genitalia doesn’t match the bathrooms and locker rooms they prefer to use. The Daily Caller

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