Zullo, Arpaio, Carl Gallups, Richard Garruth from ORYR, new guy Jeffrey have been proven to be a part of the controlled opposition. Arpaio and Zullo and Jeffrey never filed the criminal complaint and they are trying to cover up the most explosive evidence, Obama’s use of a stolen Social Security number of Harrison J. Bounel certified by Obama’s signature in Obama’s tax returns and his Selective service registration. Only the most corrupt judges would deny this evidence and would not put Obama in prison. If judges cover this up, these judges need to be prosecuted as well

Paula Hoehn 95 approved Submitted on 2013/05/31 at 8:48 pm Dear Orly, I was astonished and dumbfounded when I heard Gallups and Zullo saying Obama committed no crime in using that SSN, (which neither one of them had the guts to quote the number). And they tried to deflect by saying Obama used lots of SSN’s. […]

I am asking my supporters to call USDC Monday morning at 8 am EST talk to the Chief Clerk and clerk for Judge Lamberth and demand my pleadings and exhibits docketed asap. If for any reason something happens to me, I want everything, all the evidence, in the public records. Sooner or later these people will have to be brought to justice and will be brought to justice and will be serving long prison terms at the very minimum. Call any and all newspapers, radio TV, forward to them all the evidence of Obama using the solen Social security number of Harrison J. Bounel. This is the strongest evidence with which he has to go to prison. We got him with his signature on his tax returns under Bounel’s Social Security number

steve 8 approved Submitted on 2013/05/31 at 3:54 pm Dr. Taitz – As you move forward with great courage, “Keep Your Guard Up”, and stay safe. Behind Obama’s “Mr. Nice Guy” persona is something very Sinister and Devious. As you approach the completion of God’s assignment to you, we need you to take all necessary precautions, […]

Reportedly some spokesman for Arpaio and Zullo confirmed that Obama is using Bounel’s Social Security number, but claimed that it is not a crime to use a stolen Social Security number.This is insane. Using a stolen SSN is a federal crime, it is identity theft. Is judge Lamberth sitting out of town, hunkered down and waiting if I will buy this nonsense thrown in by controlled opposition? No go, no deal, I am not buying this BS. The records have to be docketed, SS-5 revealed, Obama removed from office and sent to prison (with all of his accomplices)!!!

Freedom First 138 approved Submitted on 2013/05/31 at 1:54 pm With regard to H.J.Bounel’s SS#, Don Jeffrey , member of the CCP, just mentioned on Carl Gallups’ radio program that yes indeed Obama is using Bounel’s SS# but since he is using his own name a crime has not been committed…WHAT???…So…We all can begin using Bounel’s […]

More info on the DC court

I talked to one of the clerks, Ms. Gough, she called the chambers of judge Lamberth and talked to a clerk by name Ms. Jennings, who stated that Judge Lamberth has a standing order where he has to ok the pleadings to be filed, he is out of town, his deputy Reggie Johnson is out […]

more info on DC Court

I got info that Robert Elliott no longer works as a deputy for Judge Lamberth. Currently his deputy is Reggie Johnson. I had problems with Reggie Johnson before, as he did not docket the pleadings and documents or misrepresented to Judge Lamberth what transpired. His supervisor Yvette Fanders and chief clerk is Angela Cesar. the […]

Chief Judge Royce Lamberth and his clerks are blaming each other and for a week not docketing my motions and exhibits showing Obama’s use of a stolen CT SSN of Harrison J. Bounel. I need help from my supporters in calling the court and demanding to docket the motions and exhibits submitted by me by FEDEX on 05.24.2013 in case 11-cv-402 Taitz v Astrue, which shows Obama using a stolen Social Security number

  Home :: Judges Printer-friendly version Photo: Beverly RezneckChambers: (202) 354-3380 Courtroom Deputy: Robert Elliotte (202) 354-3192 Court Reporter: Theresa Sorensen (202) 354-3118 Royce C. Lamberth was appointed United States District Judge for the District of Columbia on November 16, 1987. He became Chief Judge on May 1, 2008. Judge Lamberth, a native of San Antonio, Texas, […]

Exhibits sent to Inspector Generals and Congress

Help needed! U.S. District Court is obstructing justice and being de facto complicit in the cover up of Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social Security number of Harrison J. Bounel. Motions and exhibits that were received by the court 7 days ago are not being docketed. Clerk’s claim that Chief Justice Royce C. Lamberth keeps the documents on his desk and not giving the clerks o’k to docket them. Either the clerks are lying or Chief Judge Royce Lamberth is engaged in abuse of power and complicit in the the cover up of forgery, fraud, usurpation of the U.S. Presidency and treason

I am asking my supporters to call the court and demand that the motions and exhibits submitted a week ago be docketed immediately. This is evidence showing that the U.s. Presidency is being usurped by a criminal using a stolen Social Security number.  This needs to be docketed immediately and ruled upon immediately.

No more excuses! Sheriff Arpaio’s opponents failed to get 350,000 signatures for recall. Arpaio will be the sheriff for the next 6 years. He has no more excuses. He has to file a criminal complaint against Obama based on the fact that he and CCPdirector Mike Zullo confirmed that Obama’s birth certificate is a 100% forgery. He has 3 days left. If he does not do it, donors will write to their credit card companies and will demand a refund of donations solicited under false pretenses.

For the past several months Arpaio was sending letters to donors asking for money to fight a recall. People were saying that Arpaio cannot file a criminal complaint against Obama, as he is facing a recall. Today it was announced on FOX  that Arpaio’s opponents failed to collect needed 350,000 signatures for recall. So, there […]

FOIA request sent to the Inspector General of the USPS in regards to a complaint of Obama’s use of a forged US Postal stamp in his SSS registration, which was submitted to the USPS a year ago with no response a of yet. Maybe we should demand to fire the whole office of the Inspector General of the USPS and stop wasting taxpayer money on salaries for this whole department. They are clearly not doing their jobs.

Law Offices of Orly Taitz 29839 Santa margarita, ste 100 Rancho santa Margarita, CA 92688 ph.949-683-5411 Fax 949-766-7603 orly.taitz@gmail.com   05.30.2013   OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL US POSTAL SERVICE 1735 N LYNN ST STE 10000 ARLINGTON VA 22209 Fax: 703-248-4626 e-mail: foia@uspsoig.gov   REQUEST FOR INFORMATION UNDER FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 5 U.S.552   Attn Chief FOIA […]

Can someone help with fixing RSS feed, media magnet and help get rid of a flood of annoying ads that are squatting on my computers?

Jake 6 approved Submitted on 2013/05/30 at 3:15 pm You do need a highly skilled person to monitor your webserver and IT setup. I would be concerned that a programmer would be bought and spy against you so be careful. Many people are working against you and they often work for marketing corporations that are linked […]

4 days left for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and CCP director Mike Zullo to file a criminal complaint against Obama as a result of their 2 years criminal investigation and their finding that Obama used a 100% forged birth certificate to run for the U.S. President. If the criminal complaint is not filed with the District Attorney, Attorney General and possibly U.S. attorney as well, donors will start demanding a refund of all of the donations solicited by Sheriff Arpaio and investigator Zullo for this criminal investigation

More interference with my phone lines and my documents submitted to Chief Judge Royce Lamberth of the US District Court for the District of Columbia

I had interference with my office phone, I was hearing echo, it was like another line would pick up. Even when I talked to the special agent from the IRS assigned to my complaint, she asked me whether the call is being recorded. I called an engineer, he stated that there was something wrong with […]

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REPORT: IRS audited FIVE pro-Israel groups critical of WH policy… POLL: Special Prosecutor Favored 76%-17%…

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