Jihadist Boston bombers received over 100,000 in state benefits


Benghazi report

truly 21 approved Submitted on 2013/04/29 at 6:30 pm more revealing: https://goodlatte.house.gov/system/uploads/229/original/Libya-Progress-Report.pdf   Please, look at the link great pics of real Americans boycotting all of our corrupt, bought and paid for Obama ass kissing media gathered for the WH media and Hollywood lackeys dinner. 0View Po

Does anyone know who is this man cursing me for asking sheriffs to do their job and file criminal complaints against Obama and his accomplices for fraud and use of forged IDs?

Andrew Vrba, PmG 6 approved avrba@centurytel.net Awaiting spam checkSubmitted on 2013/04/29 at 11:12 am Go to hell, Orly(There is a special place reserved for your kind of scum) America’s sheriffs are a bit busy keeping their townsfolk safe. They don’t need to be fighting your battles for you. Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash | Check SFS | Check HoneyPot | Report to SFS Link to […]

Disgusted chief of the immigration union officers slams the gang of 8 corrupt senators seeking to destroy the sovereignty of this nation and robbing Americans of their jobs and benefits

Video: Disgusted ICE head finally faces down Gang of 8   April 23, 2013 by Janeen Capizola 20 Comments The head of the union representing immigration agents and staff slammed the Obama administration and the Senate’s Gang of Eight for including illegal immigrants, but excluding law enforcement from providing input on the new immigration reform legislation.President of the National Immigration and […]

Please, look at the link great pics of real Americans boycotting all of our corrupt, bought and paid for Obama ass kissing media gathered for the WH media and Hollywood lackeys dinner.

RacerJim 366 approved Submitted on 2013/04/29 at 7:02 am From 4PM – 8PM on April 27, 2013 the Washington DC Chapter of Free Republic (freerepublic.com) performed its’ 15th Annual “FReep” of the WHCD. Scenes Outside The Nerd Prom (aka The White House Correspondents Dinner) The 7th picture is me, and I’m in the background of the […]

Something is very wrong with the story about “Misha”

I read the story about alleged handler of Tsarnaevs by name Misha. See at link.  http://news.yahoo.com/boston-bombings-misha-red-herring-070000283.html The problem with the story is that it does not make sense. A reporter from “The week” claimed to have found the right Misha, a real success story, a 39 year old Ukranian-Armenian immigrant living with his parents in […]

Link to contact info for police chiefs and sheriffs in the U.S. Contact them, let them know that if they do not launch criminal investigation and do not file a criminal complaint with the DA and AG, they will be complicit and tried for treason, for aiding and abetting elections fraud, forgery, Social Security fraud, Selective Service fraud, immigration and passport records fraud

JEAN MACALLISTER 40 approved Submitted on 2013/04/27 at 7:09 am http://usacops.com/ This site has names and contact numbers for sheriffs, police, etc. throughout the United States. Let us all get cracking on contacting them all!   Please, write to Stan Levko, District Attorney of St. Joseph county, IN and every Sheriff and District Attorney in the […]

Please, contact Sheriff Joyce in ME, he is willing to consider the evidence. Better yet, schedule an appointment and bring all of the E-Verify, SSNVS reports, Affidavits of Stephan Jeffrey Coffman, Sheriff Arpaio and so on. Demand that he file a criminal complaint with the DA and AG against Obama and his accomplices for elections fraud in his county in ME. We need these criminal complaints from sheriffs in every county in the U.S.

Thompson – Sheriff Joyce Inbox x Ken Thompson 7:04 AM (4 minutes ago) to me, orlytaitz, Cindy, Bill, Tina Good morning Orly,   I talked to my local County Sheriff, Kevin Joyce, this morning.   He expressed a willingness to look at the evidence.  I am not sure how far he will  go with it.   I encouraged him to take […]

The absolete man from a supporter David Lonier

The Obsolete Man The answer to Orwell’s 1984 is Jefferson’s 1776   Is there any chance of restoring  our free self governing Republic or will we allow ourselves and our nation to become Obsolete?   The price of doing nothing to restore and protect our liberty is OBSOLESENCE!   The FEMA camps are waiting…For the unaware, Google […]

More taunting: Right before my case goes in front of the 4th District Court of Appeal in CA on the denial of release of Obama’s college transcripts, Steven Spielberg does a video: “who is Obama, we don’t really know, we never got his transcripts…” See video from the correspondents’ WH dinner below

Daily Paul, Free Republic and Tea Party Nation are posting articles of support and solidarity with my fight against the lawlessness and tyranny of the current regime and against the rigged elections

Keyword: bounel – Free Republic www.freerepublic.com/tag/bounel/ 19 hours ago – BirtherReport.com ^ | January 19, 2013 | Unattributed/Orly Taitz. As reported here … Dr. Orly Taitz found the 1940 New York Census at Ancestry.com. The image … Comment: Orly Taitz Esq has done it for 5+ years now – Daily Paul s4.dailypaul.com/comment/3058293 23 hours ago – Do lawyers HAVE […]

NAZI party in Germany was a single sided blade, corrupt and on the take leadership of both the DNC and GOP is a double edged sword

  Thomas 198 approved Submitted on 2013/04/29 at 4:59 am The Nazis Party of 1930s Germany was a Single Sided Blade, compared to The Democrat & Republican Parties of America, a Double Edged Sword. With No 3rd Party to turn to, we are at thier Mercy, Petition in Your State to have an Ammendment Added to […]

A letter sent to Jim Demint and Heritage foundation

Danny Prado 10:55 PM (6 hours ago) Dear Jim Demint: There are many ways to find the solution to the problems created by Obama. But the ONE and  only FAST and EFFECTIVE WAY, is to demand the RESIGNATION OF OBAMA, for the simple reason, OBAMA has never established his “eligibility”,  for his father was born in Kenya.  Once Obama is “REMOVED”, America will be FAST to come back to […]

NPR’s Betsy Liley Openly Admited Obama Birther Cover Up

Senior Director of Institutional Giving for NPR Betsy Liley said it is still a question of whether or not Barack Obama was born in the United States. She clearly is heard talking about a coverup, keeping the birther issue out of the news because it was “political” and even indicating that there was monkey business […]

what is happening September 2013

I was wondering: why did Obama ask Robert Mueller to stay for 2 more years, till Sept. 2013, why not until 2016? also, after the election when all other members of his cabinet started to leave, he asked Holder to stay for another year, which would be around Sept 2013. what is planned for Sept […]

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