looting of America and Americans more explanation and clarification

Paul Marko 0 approved Submitted on 2013/03/30 at 2:52 pm Jimmy Carter is the father of the mortgage crisis with his 1978 Community Reinvestment Act forcing banks to issue mortgages into previously “red lined” neighborhoods.     Bill Clinton then revised the CRA in 1995 stating the lax requirements were still too burdensome and created “Ninja […]

42.6 billion dollars of government waste

Article | Study: Obama gov’t wastes $42.6 billion in reckless spending Marv Dumon 2:07 am (1 day ago) to bcc: me  by Marv Dumon | Examiner.com A March 29 study conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) shows that the federal government forks over $42.6 billion dollars in reckless spending at a time when […]

Unredacted TYT interview. Please, forward the information. We need one Sheriff or AG or Congressmen with integrity to move with it

Squatter Obama cancels MedEvac flights for veterans, while he and Biden and their families go on endless vacations. Corrupt judges, corrupt members of Congress and corrupt bureaucrats continue committing treason by covering up Obama’s forged IDs and his stolen Social Security number. Call Arpaio, tell him to stop giving interviews and to finally file a criminal complaint with the DA and AG. The nation can’t wait any longer. It is time to act, not to talk!

The Obama outrage you must hear about x David LaRocque 7:09 pm (1 day ago) to David Terminally-ill vet stranded in Germany while Obama flies in style Pentagon suspends MedEvac service due to sequester budget cuts         We all know Barack Obama is a narcissist. He is a petty wannabe tyrant who cares […]

More on the ruling New World Order mafia: reports showing relatives of the President of Cyprus transferred 21million Euro from the failing bank 3 days before the crash

More on the ruling New World Order mafia: reports showing relatives of the President of Cyprus transferred 21million Euro from the failing bank 3 days before the crash.  Report in the link discloses the details of the transfer. When thousands of citizens of Cyprus lost half of their savings, a company owed by the relatives of […]

New CNN bosses are bringing in new mouth pieces for the regime to revive the network, however no one expects any changes, as long as the network reports the same Obama regime propaganda garbage


My experience with Judge Roy Moore in AL and Judge James Bell in MS

Today WND came out with an article  about a case in AL, which is in front of the Supreme court of the state for half a year or so. I hope that the Supreme Court of AL will do the right thing, however they had the case for a half a year now. Roy Moore was […]

New Line of attack: start recall of officials who refuse to take action and are complicit in the cover up of Obama’s forged IDs and a stolen SSN

A number of years ago we had a successful recall of the Democratic Party Governor Grey Davis and his replacement with a Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The left was successful in a recall of a state senator in AZ. The left came very close to recalling the governor of WI. Citizens of New Jersey came close […]

cond day Obama is being booed by crowds


All the banks were engaged in the same Derivatives and Bogus mortgages Ponzi schemes. Why is our corrupt Congress singling out J.P. Morgan? Are they following marching orders to kill the competitor? Who is giving the orders? Is it another large bank, like Goldman-Sacks or Federal Reserve bank?

RSS  Subscribe: RSS feed Political Vel Craft Veil Of Politics J.P. Morgan’s Jamie Dimon Staring Down The Barrel Of A Smoking Gun: Evidence Proves Massive Mortgage Fraud Against Americans! Posted on March 1, 2013 0 Jamie Dimon Mask At Bailout Protest About Using Taxpayer’s Money. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has tried his best to […]

legalpronews.findlaw.com, one of the biggest legal research engines picked up this article

WTO-GATT, Derivatives market and EU, IMF and ECB mafia cost … legalpronews.findlaw.com/article/02Oc7i91Hc5aK?q…UnionShare Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1’d this publicly. Undo 56 minutes ago – … Counsel · Law Students · JusticeMail · Newsletters · FindLaw  · Legal Professional News · European Union; Story. Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire 43 minutes ago …

Within 2 days nearly 60,000 people watched this video, disclosing the fact that Obama is using stolen Social Security numbers. Anybody else would be in prison for this, but our corrupt judges, corrupt members of Congress and law enforcement are still covering this up. Make sure to be with your friends and signs in front of the Federal Buildings, WH and Congress, demand immediate criminal charges against usurper Obama now. We are like NAZI Germany in the 1930s. If you don’t fight, we will be akin NAZI Germamy of 1940s

Squatter in Chief is scrubbing all reports, showing his family is enjoying endless vacations, while he closed the WH to the trips of American school children, who unlike Criminal -in-Chief Obama are using valid IDs and did not steal a Social Security number from someone else. Our corrupt members of Congress, US Attorneys, AGs, Sheriffs and Judges continue committing treason and continue being criminally complicit in the cover up

A local news affiliate in Idaho reported that the First Daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, are on a Spring Break ski trip in Sun Valley, Idaho. The story quickly spread across the Internet when picked up by the highly trafficked Drudge Report website. But hours later, the story disappeared from the KMVT website without an […]

WTO-GATT, Derivatives market and EU, IMF and ECB mafia cost hard working law abiding citizens 60% of their life savings. This can happen in the U.S. at any time. How much will it cost you?

Bank of Cyprus’s Customers May Lose as Much as 60% on Deposits Q

Media Matters wants you to call networks and demand they talk about the global warming, which was already debunked. Please, respond to media matters and others networks and demand they talk about Obama’s use of forged IDs and a stolen Social Security number 042-68-4425, which failed both SSNVS and E-Verify

Tell The Network News To Cover Climate Change Inbox x Media Matters for America <action@mediamatters.org> Mar 29 (2 days ago) to me Images are not displayed. Display images below – Always display images from action@mediamatters.org Friend — Twelve. That’s the combined number of segments that ABC, CBS and NBC’s nightly news programs devoted to climate […]

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