10 times more people read this site than a couple of sites of Obama operatives attacking me, so I no longer bother looking at those sites

There are a couple of websites of Obama operatives who spent the last 4 years attacking me. I looked at the traffic, percentage of population visiting my site and a couple of Orly bashing sites. I saw that for every Obama zombie visiting those sites, there are 10 people reading my site, 10 times more […]

Very important! I am looking for Obama’s traffic tickets: from MA, HI, IL, CA

Help me ID the IP 67.23. 166.142

U.S. citizens are rising against the Obama regime. I believe in the near future they will start affectuating citizen’s arrests of all the corrupt governmental officials who are committing High Treason. Pictures courtesy “Before its news”

Denver Little Rock, Arkansas Dallas West Chester, Ohio Ventura, California Sacramento, California San Diego, California Westminster, California Pacifica, California Ventura, California Dallas Dayton, Ohio Red Lion, Pennsylvania Somewhere cold

‘Obama fatigue’ sets in…

‘Obama fatigue’ sets in…

Now we know the answer! Insider reveals…

Everybody was at a loss trying to figure, what the ………..Michelle Obama was doing at the Oscars. now my insiders provided an answer. Obamas were there seeking a recount. Not the recount you might think, even though they were rooting for their big donors Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg. No. They were demanding a recount of […]

Eureka! We’ve got a promising lead!

Yesterday Michelle Obama crashed the Oscar awards and gave a speech about “digging deep”. For 4 years now we’ve been digging deep and searching for Obama’s original birth certificate, Selective service registration card and Social Security application, as the copies produced for the public were deemed to be forgeries and the original was never provided.  Now we […]

Julie 2 approved Submitted on 2013/02/25 at 5:08 am Disgusting , I’m sitting here watching Fox , and they’ve showed this bimbo, wanna be queen over and over making the announcement. Is there not one day we can be free of her or her wanna be king on our tv ? Mother always says in […]