I was booked to record another interview on Wednesday. The recording will be at a studio in Los Angeles

Obama has a hard time finding places to cut waste, here is one.

Meet the MILLION DOLLAR government employee…

More evidence of high treason in the U.S. Government. Keep in mind, penalty for treason is life in prison or death penalty

From: Joan Swirsky Subject: Whistleblower: ‘The information is STAGGERING!” What we didn’t know for 4 years! To: “Joan Swirsky” Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013, 10:49 AM From: Charlite Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 11:10 AM THINK about the implications of this!………..then distribute to everyone you know. The lame stream media are NOT going anywhere near […]

Urgent! Your help is needed! I have an appointment with one of these GOP Congressmen on the Judiciary committe on March 5th at 11:30. I need appointments with the other 22 GOP congressmen on the Judiciary committee on the same day or a day before or after. Please, keep calling their offices until you secure an appointment. Remind them that we have 40,000 signatures on our petition and all the supporting evidence of the most egregious National security breach in the history of this nation

Obama, Holder Called Out for Not Enforcing Existing Gun Laws   Friday, 22 Feb 2013 07:06 PM By Cyrus Afzali  of 23 Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee Friday sent letters to President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder demanding existing gun laws be enforced before additional limitations are passed. The committee, which has […]

Obama’s campaign paid over 5 million to Perkins Coie to keep his IDs sealed, I wonder if it included a pay to Siddharth Velamoor and some clerks and court reporters?

Mary Johnson 5 approved Submitted on 2013/02/22 at 7:54 am Obama Campaign Eligibility Disbursements To Perkins-Coie Now Over $5,011,230 http://theobamafile.com/_associates/RobertBauer.htm#DisbursementsPerkinsCoie Obama Campaign Eligibility Disbursements To Perkins-Coie Now Over $5,011,230 http://theobamafile.com/_associates/RobertBauer.htm#DisbursementsPerkinsCoie   A crew from one of the networks arrived in LA, they will be shooting 1 hour interview today, do not know when will it […]

“La Rasa” guy Anthonio Villarigosa, mayor of Los Angeles, is making a mockery of immigration laws and undermining the U.S. economy, as well as the economy of CA.

Lawless Los Angeles Imploding (Videos) #VB22 October 7, 20124 Comments Los Angeles, CA It was a long time in coming but Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has delivered the final nail in the coffin to the” Rule Of Law ” in Los Angeles. By instructing his political appointee Police Chief Charlie Beck to defy the Feds and […]

we have to stop this takeover

Richard 0 approved Submitted on 2013/02/23 at 9:44 am Dr. Taitz, If we are able to save our freedom and the republic, it will be due to people like you. I’ve seen organizations like Oathkeepers, AmericaAgain!, and III%Patriots, all of whom give me hope. But I’ve also read of Obama’s FEMA Youth Corps, the first […]

my foundation Defend our Freedoms” is active and in good standing

Business Entity Detail   Data is updated to the California Business Search on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Results reflect work processed through Friday, February 22, 2013. Please refer to Processing Times for the received dates of filings currently being processed. The data provided is not a complete or certified record of an entity. Entity Name: […]

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It is my understanding that on Dec 21, 2012 the U.S. Congress renewed the Federal Reserve contract for another 100 years, however I do not have the actual statement and actual agreement. Does anyone have it?

This 2010 article from Bloomberg news is still very relevant today


Another interview

WI governor Scott Walker, another obedient New World Order puppet

Another Republican supports America’s suicide               Inbox   x                 Tea Party Nation 10:05 AM (6 minutes ago)   to me               What is it about Republicans? They want to commit political suicide. The only problem […]

make sure to join 223 “Day of Resistances” rallies 11am-1pm across America today. See the address at link. I will try to join Westminster, CA rally. Bring posters “Obama uses forged IDs and a stolen SSN”. “Obama failed E-Verify”

Day of resistance rallies   Day of Resistance Rallies by

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