From a Colonel of the the US Air Force to the Judicial committee demanding immediate investigation of Obama’s forged and stolen IDs

Richard Brewer 5:16 PM (2 minutes ago) to Kathryn.Rexrode Ms. Rexrode Please pass this message to Chairman Goodlatte: Sir, I am a 26 year military veteran (retired) and not prone to rush judgments. I have looked at in detail the documentation  that Attorney Orly Taitz has accumulated regarding President Obama’s eligibility to serve in that […]

Request for Hearing on Mr. Obama (Revised) Inbox x nbmurray 4:25 PM (31 minutes ago) to KathrynRexrode, me Dear Honorable Kathryn Rexrode: On the premise that you are the contact person on the US House Judiciary Committee for US  citizens, as such, I am writing to ask that your committee and the US House take […]

DEMAND FOR IMMEDIATE HEARING ON THE ISSUE OF BARACK OBAMA.S USE OF FORGED ID’S AND AN UNAUTHORIZED SS# THAT FAILS E-VERIFY! Inbox x Neil Turner <NBTurner@roadrunner.com> 3:58 PM (56 minutes ago) to KathrynRexrode Kathryn Rexrode, House Judiciary Committee Staff Member;   1841 – 1841 (32 days):   9th ‘Resident’ of the W.H.: William H. HARRISON 2009 […]

Correction in the e-mail for Kathryn Rexrode Judiciary Committee there is a period after the first name and before the last name. It is Kathryn.Rexrode@mail.house.gov

Editor of Molokai-News George Peobody forwarded Congress Judiciary Committee Investigate Treason and Fraud and Obstruction of Justice Inbox x EditorMolokai Advertiser-News George Peabody 4:34 PM (13 minutes ago) to Kathryn.Rexrode Please REPLY to confirm receipt of this message. Dear Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives c/o Committee staff member KathrynRexrode. Please initiate immediate […]

US Supreme Court Case #12A606 Inbox x Archbishop Gregori 3:21 PM (10 minutes ago) to me Dear Ms. Taitz; I read the article concerning the February 15th case you had pending before the US Supreme Court, and I must say, I am sickened but not surprised, with the way things have been going in the […]

Extremely important! E-mail the Judiciary committee at KathrynRexrode@mail.house.gov and call at 202-225-3951

Press release Law Offics of Orly Taitz Every law abiding U.S. citizen is urged to e-mail and call the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives c/o staff member c/o Committee staff member KathrynRexrode.  Kathryn.Rexrode@mail.house.gov   202-225-3951 and demanded immediate hearing on the issue of Barack Obama’s use of forged IDs and a CT […]

DC circuit did not post the notice of default yet. Please, contact the clerks’ office, ask to docket the notice ASAP

  Case Search Calendar Opinions Orders/Judgments Briefs XML TXT Logout Help   Court of Appeals Docket #: 11-5304 Docketed: 10/31/2011 Termed: 05/25/2012 Nature of Suit: 2895 Freedom of Information Act of 1974 Orly Taitz v. Michael Astrue Appeal From: United States District Court for the District of Columbia Fee Status: Fee Paid Case Type Information: […]

No answer from the 5th circuit court of Appeals on my motion to expedite the Default Judgment against the commissioner of Social Security in RICO (Racketeering) case against Obama and his accomplices in his use of forged and stolen IDs. Please, contact the 5th circuit court of Appels, ask to expedite the emergency motion sitting there for over a month

Case Search Calendar Opinions Orders/Judgments Briefs XML TXT Logout Help     Court of Appeals Docket #: 13-60024 Docketed: 01/10/2013 In re: Orly Taitz Appeal From: Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson Fee Status: fee paid Case Type Information: 1) Original Proceedings 2) NP Mandamus 3)   Originating Court Information: District: 0538-3 : 3:12-CV-280 Originating Judge: […]

WOW!!! over 34,000 signatures on my petition to Congress to immediately investigate Obama’s use of forged and stolen IDs

steve 2 approved Submitted on 2013/02/19 at 11:15 am God bless you, Orly. This is truly a David vs. Goliath battle for the truth. Not a lot of hope here….Our government has been taken over by hostile forces with a dedication to the destruction of America, and we are powerless to do anything about it??? […]

Sarah Palin beats Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton on the list of the most popular women on the Internet

http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/50-popular-women-web-google-search-results/story?id=10573331 Interesting research comes from abcnews.go.com On the list of the most popular women on the Internet Sarah Palin is ranked 18, higher than Michelle Obama, who is ranked 21st and Hillary Clinton, who is ranked 32. considering that that our mostly far left regime propaganda media has been denigrating and vilifying all conservatives and […]

jesse 0 approved Submitted on 2013/02/19 at 9:46 am your name deserves to be recorded in the greatest light as one voice that stood up against the high crimes and treason being committed against our great republic. may your efforts be successful before it is too late for freedom and justice to once again be […]

We are proceeding with the demand for the hearing in the Judiciary committee: 5 justices never received the applications, none received the supplemental brief, no signatures anywhere

Press release Law offices of Orly Taitz Attorney Orly Taitz continues with the demand for the Judiciary Committee to investigate the fact that 5 out 9 Justices of the Supreme Court never saw the casesupposedly heard in conference by the Supreme Court and all 9 never saw the supplemental brief filed with SCOTUS, as 5 original […]

02.19.2013 order from the Supreme Court of the United States does not state whether the case was granted or denied, no answer yet, no treason yet by the justices of the Supreme Court. See the order at link below

SCOTUS 02.19.2013 order does not state yet whether the case was granted or denied, no decision yet

Screenshot of the docket at 10:27 am, no decision posted

SCOTUS 02.19.2013

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