Supplemental brief for the Supreme Court of the United States

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES CASE #A-12606 NOONAN ET AL V BOWEN SUPPLEMENTAL BRIEF OF NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE __________________________________________________________ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ 29839 Santa Margarita ste 100 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 Ph.49-683-5411 fax 949-766-7603 Orly.Taitz@gmail.com                   Case at hand is scheduled to […]

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Good luck. You are the only remaining torch bearer that I know of. Roy Moore in Alabama may be a friend. Joe Arpaio certainly is. Best of luck. I’ll be eagerly waiting to hear the results of the conference on 2/15. Within five years, I expect to hold a dollar coin in my hand with […]

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Phyllis Wing 1:30 PM (4 minutes ago)       to me    Hi Orly, Below is a copy of an email letter Dan sent out this morning… We all believe in what you are doing! And we thank you. I will be sending to you a donation myself. Phyllis   To all of you […]

Please, sign up to go to these Obama idiots meetings and provide them with the true info about Obama’s use of forged IDs and a stolen SSN

Obama idiots meetings

I did Chuck Chrismayer show on Friday, available on podcast. More shows are planned in DC, PA, NY, NJ area. I am not giving out the names of the shows in advance as I do not want ObamaNazi regime to lean on the radio networks

Ron Paul’s/ Libertarian Daily Paul, TeaParty.org and Alex Jones Infowars report on my latest cases against the Squatter in Chief. Please, join us in front of SCOTUS on Tuesday Feb 12, 11 am. spread the word, as official ObamaNazi media does not report a word about Obama’s use of forged IDs and a stolen CT SSN, make it go viral or we’ll be like NAZI Germany

  Sacramento protest for Obama eligibility | Peace . Gold . Liberty 23 hours ago This is from the Orly Taitz website. Like this article? Get DP delivered to your inbox daily. Subscribe here: E-mail address: » Login or register to post comments; www.dailypaul.com/273833/sacramento-protest-for-obama… – Cached California Judge Reinstates Obama Eligibility Lawsuit: Obama … 9 […]

Regina Snyder commented on a link that you’re tagged in. Regina wrote: “Keep on fighting Orly! This country needs more people like you who will fight for America and American people. Those that don’t know what communism and socialism is are the liberals who think its a wonderful thing. We know what communism is we […]

from Robert Quinn

to me         The donation link finally worked and keep up the attack. You are about the only hope we have left to save our Republic.

Wall Street Journal seconds my call: Dr. Ben Carson for U.S. President. It is really time to remove from office the usurper with forged and stolen IDs Obama (or what’s his name) and for Congress to announce a new election within a few months with Biden as a President pro tem and it is time for us to stand behind Dr. Ben Carson for President. It is time to end this coup d’etat

WSJ: Ben Carson for President!