One of the 3 largest legal search engines, legalnews.findlaw.com reports on my 4th district court case being reinstated. A number of main stream media, such as LA Times, reported on it initially being dismissed, but are not reporting on it being reinstated

Press release: 4th district court of Appeal reinstated the … 4 hours ago Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire 8 minutes ago Press release: 4th district court of Appeal reinstated the appeal by Attorney and Senatorial candidate Orly Taitz against … legalnews.findlaw.com/article/0fA6ao507db0N?q… – Cached

REPLY filed by Defendant DEFEND OUR FREEDOMS FOUNDATIONS, INC. to Order to Show Cause, [591] Response to order to show cause by Orly Taitz, showing that she provided truthful information during 01.14.2013 hearing and request for leave of court to file a Rule 11 motion against plaintiffs and their attorneys for fraud and falsification of records from CA state court

Activity in Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG-AJW Lisa Liberi et al v. Orly Taitz et al Reply (non-motion)               Inbox   x                 cacd_ecfmail@cacd.uscourts.gov 5:07 PM (2 minutes ago)   to ecfnef         This is an automatic e-mail message generated by the […]

Press release: 4th district court of Appeal reinstated the appeal by Attorney and Senatorial candidate Orly Taitz against Senator Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama

4th Appellate District Division 3 Change courtSupremeDistrict 1District 2District 3District 4 Div 1District 4 Div 2District 4 Div 3District 5District 6 Court data last updated: 02/04/2013 04:05 PM Case Summary Docket Briefs Scheduled Actions Disposition Parties and Attorneys Trial Court   Docket (Register of Actions) Taitz v. Obama et al. Case Number G047746 02/04/2013 Default […]

The tide is turning: Judges are starting to rise against ObamaNazi Judges, who harass and intimidate with bogus sanctions attorneys who provide the courts with evidence of forgery in fraud in Obama’s IDs. Please, see below information on sanctions brought against patriots by judges in Nazi Germany, you will see the pattern

I am submitting today a response to Judge Guilford and submitting an actual Notice of Ruling from a case in Judge Marginis regarding rule 1987.2 sanction there (currently being appealed in the Court of Appeal), as I was defamed in a minute order by Judge Guilford  as attorney Berg manipulated the court and hidden from the judge the actual Notice of […]

Wendy 21 approved Submitted on 2013/02/04 at 6:18 am Perhaps you should try to get in touch with Governor Huckabee as well. This is one of his latest quotes…. “If we want to keep our nation’s secrets a ‘secret’, then we should store them where President Obama keeps his college transcripts and birth certificate”. ~ […]

Identity theft Linkedin

Identity theft Linkedin I have 1 Linkedin account, please, see on the PDF herein, a top picture, it shows mwe in a blue dress with over 500 contacts. 2 people are committing identity theft and created  Linked in accounts under my name (bottom 2 in the attached screen shot). Please, help me by reporting this […]

What can sheriffs do? Sheriffs can arrest treasonous and criminally complicit District Attorney, Attorney General of the state and U.S. Attorney, judges and a foreign combatant usurping the U.S. Presidency

I was asked, what can sheriff do? A County Sheriff, who uncovered serious crimes , has a duty to file a criminal complaint with the District Attorney and possibly the Attorney General and the Federal U.S. Attorney. If a County Sheriff sees that the District Attorney and the Attorney General are complicit and they are […]

I did not post here the photoshop of Obama shooting me, as I do not want Obama claiming that I infringe on his copyright

Lead plaintiff in Noonan v Bowen has created a web sie americanresistanceparty.blogspot.com.  He posted there and sent me a  photo shop of Obama using a rifle at Camp David where he made it look like Obama is shooting me. I am not posting it here, as I do not want Obama claiming that I infringe on his […]

Neil Turner 7 approved YouTube.com/IroquoisChief   Submitted on 2013/02/03 at 8:41 pm If I were to present a forged check to fraudulently obtain some benefits – and the Sheriff was fully aware of this crime, wouldn’t he be expected to arrest the ‘presenter’ and ‘benefiter’ of the forgery rather than run around gesticulating wildly that […]

What is the most important for me, is not the credit from Arpaio, but immediate filing of criminal charges against Obama and all of his accomplices by Arpaio. He did a lot of empty talking and collecting money, but never filed a criminal complaint, as he was supposed to as a sheriff. tell Arapio and Zullo: file a criminal complaint against Obama immediately or refund all the donations that people gave you believing you will file the criminal complaint before the 2012 election

Florence Stone 337 approved Submitted on 2013/02/03 at 11:02 pm I am totally disgusted with both Arpaio and Zullo as whenever they do mention Orly in an interview, it is with negativity. BUT, there is a video of Orly at the Tea Party meeting in Mariposa Co, WAY BACK, when she is seen handing over […]

Obama’s brown shirts are hacking and vandalising the e-mail accounts of dissidents. Please, send info to any and all sheriffs. There are still some decent sheriffs inthis country

Yoel 78 approved Submitted on 2013/02/04 at 12:26 am My email account has been hacked/cracked and I’ve been locked out of it for over a week. I see I’m not alone! My email account has been hacked/cracked and I’ve been locked out of it for over a week. I see I’m not alone!   Obots […]

Do you know these people?

IP of one of the obots was traced to these people. there is a possibility of mistake, but previously a person who did the tracing was correct. Does anyone know who they are? Susan J Bowen» Max Bowen» 4501 Plantation Bend St Dickinson, TX