WOW! Over 23,000 signatures on my petition for Congress to immediately investigate Obama’s use of forged IDs and a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425.

Help me set up meetings with the US Congressmen, particularly ones who are on the Judiciary committee for Feb 12-15 We have to keep the pressure until the hearing starts. We have all the evidence, we just need the critical mass for the judges and Congress to act

Kathy F 12 approved Submitted on 2013/02/02 at 12:45 pm My IP tracker called IP address tracer, shows this IP in North Carolina IP Address city: Apex IP postcode: 27502 IP latitude: 35.7114 IP longitude: -78.8862 ISP: Road Runner Organization: Road Runner Host: cpe-173-095-128-033.nc.res.rr.com The street is Kelly Road , not very far from Western […]

The Liberty Beacon publishes an article about my case in front of the Supreme Court of the United States


The parasites live a better life than people, whose blood they suck! It has to end, tell congress: replace welfare with workfare.

One of the most important issues that is a must for the GOP or any decent American, is to end the welfare system and replace it with workfare. The Congress has to stop incurring debt. We have 23 million people who are either unemployed or under employed, 12 million unemployed. The whole federal government employs 2.6 […]

Arpaio Is Now Crying The Blues.               Inbox   x                 Edward Osiecki 3:04 PM (17 hours ago)   to me         Hi Orly,   Today, I got an e-mail from Arpaio saying he is being recalled and He […]

Please, help me trace the IP and report to police and the FBI this person, who is threatening my children (keep i mind, it can actually be a man posting under a name of a woman)

Caroline 0 approved ck17563525@aol.com Submitted on 2013/02/02 at 8:04 am THIS IS A HORRIBLE BREACH OF PRIVACY! WHAT A BITCH YOU ARE. You think your kids are off limits when you go after other people you don’t even know, posting their intimate details online when you’ve got nothing but a stupid conspiracy theory. You’re […]

People that work for a living are being overwhelmed by people who vote for a living

Report of tampering with my website preventing people from signing my petition to /congress to immediately investigate Obama’s forged IDs and his use of a stolen CT SSN

Orly, I noticed that the link to the petition disappeared and was replaced with the link to “used as a voting tool”. I exited out of the website and the original link was restored, then it happened again. After going to the take action link, the corrupted link to the video takes over again. I […]

The word is spreading. Within 2 days 60,000 embed views of the Notice of Default of Defendant Obama in Grinols et al v Electoral college, Obama, Biden, U.S. Congress

Screenshot Obama default 60,000 embed views

Another top ranked official, director of Secret Service Mark Sullivan, announced that he is leaving

Let’s count, how many top officials are leaving: 1. Commissioner of Social Security Michael Astrue  2. Secretary of Tresury Timothy Geitner 3. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 4. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates resigned earlier 5. Director of CIA General Petraeus 6. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis 7. Secretary of transportation Ray Solis 8. now Director of Secret […]

Please, check was Michelle Obama a trustee of Harry J. Bounel’s estate, was she a legal guardian?

Obama refused to release the list of his legal clients. Can some of my supporters check the lists of clients of both Michelle and Barack Obama? Please, look in state courts in Connecticut, New-York, Connecticut,  Illinois, Florida, as well as county and city recorders offices. I am looking for any and  all recordings of trusts, guardianships, property […]