Looks like British think I rock

John Black 3:48 PM (6 minutes ago) to me . . . she is patient and long suffering, is demanding in her venues, she is full of righteousness, she desires truth, she stands tall and wavers not, she loves honesty, she is clothed with integrity, lady justice  WILL BE VINDICATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep fighting Orly. I pray […]

Citizens of the state of MD immediately responded with demands for names of experts, who allegedly authenticated Obama’s IDs. Senator Mikulski is at a loss. Her aids threw the name of the former gov of HI, who of course is not an expert in document analysis and who stated that she personally did not see any documents. Mikulski is committing treason by aiding and abetting in the cover up of forgery and fraud in Obama’s IDs

Tracy 2:20 PM (1 minute ago) to me THAT IS AWESOME! I hadn’t even seen this yet and started calling  Mikulski’s office today. I explained that I got a response from the Senator  saying the birth certificate had been authenticated and just wanted the names of  the experts. Of course no one could give me […]

I just want to commend you on a great job.  I try to keep up with your case through the Internet and am so very excited.  You are an awesome attorney and lady.  I know many people praying for you and your team of experts. You are very brave to do what you have done […]

Pkease, help me ID this person threatening me

SickofTaitz 0 approved gobacktorussia@aol.com Submitted on 2013/01/29 at 7:11 am If it ends with you being fatally shot, I say go for it. If it ends with you being fatally shot, I say go for it. gobacktorussia@aol.com SickofTaitz 0 Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | History | Spam | Trash | […]

Press release: Department of Justice has hidden from the U.S. Congress evidence of forgery in Obama’s IDs. Subpoena issed on Senator Mikulski seekin a copy of the alleged “expert authentication” of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, which she claims to possess, but which was not seen by any human being

Press Release Law Offices of Orly Taitz a subpoena was served on Senator Barbara Mikilski in Grinols et al v Electoral College et al Subpoena contains the following addendum: Addendum to Subpoena Senator Mikulski is a defendant in Grinols et al v Electoral College et al 12-cv-02997 On 01.03.2013 a Temporary Restraining order (TRO) hearing […]

Wow!!! Over 20,000 signatures on my petition for Congress to start immediate investigation of Obama for his use of forged IDs. Call Bob Goodlatt and Lamar Smith from Judicial Committee, don’t take no for an answer. 20,000 citizens signing a petition deserve a meeting with a congressman on the issue!

Sen. Sessions: Immigration Reform Won’t Pass As Long As Admin Defies Existing Law…

Government is claiming that current amnesty id only for 11 million, but most estimates show that the government is as always lying and the numbers are between 30-42 million illegals, which is a magnet for more illegals and further joblessness and misery for the U.S. citizens. Call the Congress, say no to amnesty!

2007 bill collapsed after voters flooded Congress with angry phone calls… COMING: AMNESTY FOR 11 MILLION  

even better news. Bob Goodlatte, who was one of the sponsors of the legislature for ID verification of the Presidential candidates recently replaced Lamar Smith as the Chair of the Judicial committee. He was one of the Congressmen on conservative Republican phone conferences, were I was a member as well. They provided updates to the activists of the latest developments Judicial committee approved articles of impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Obama has to be the fourth ASAP

History The committee was created on June 6, 1813 for the purpose of considering legislation related to the judicial system. This committee approved articles of impeachment against three Presidents: Andrew Johnson (1868), Richard Nixon (1974), and Bill Clinton (1998). [edit] Members, 112th Congress Majority Minority Lamar S. Smith, Texas, Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin Howard Coble, […]

For logistical reasons we might need to join our protest with the protest against Obama’s regime’s disarmament of the citizenry, which is scheduled for February 8, I am checking the logistics now, see more info below. I am wondering if we can bring sling shots, which signifies David and Goliath battle, I hope that sling shots are not banned in DC. With Obama, Holder, Feinstein troika nothing will surprise me

Million Man ARMED march on State Capitols planned………..   Maria 3:23 PM (14 hours ago)   to me   http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2013/01/million-man-armed-march-for-the-2nd-amendment-on-state-capitals-planned-for-february-2487422.html Million Man Armed March For The 2nd Amendment On State Capitals Planned For February Saturday, January 26, 2013 3:04 (Before It’s News) A story onSmash Pipe confirms an email we recently received; a peaceful, armed, […]

Twitter is collaborting with the regime of the usurper Obama and retaliating by suspending accounts of civil right leadeers and activists, who are retwitting my petition to Congress to investigate Obama for his use of forged IDs

Florence Stone 3:53 AM (1 hour ago)   to me             I set up a new account, new everything with a yahoo addy. Almost immediately suspended. Then I set up a new account, new everything with a gmail addy. Same thing. They seem to object to my posting the link […]

The power hour with Joyce Riley

The Hidden Truth – The Power Hour 2 -Guest Orly Taitz JAN 28 2013 … ► 58:51► 58:51 www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDByb52YCgIShare Shared on Google+. View the post. 17 hours ago – Uploaded by TheHiddenUncovered WATCH THE LATEST VIDEO THAT CAME OUT TODAY HERE http://www.youtube.com/user …   More videos for orly taitz »

Great news, Lamar Smith, Chair of the powerful committee on the Judiciary, speaks up against Obama’s immigration reform. I need every one out of 20,000, who signed my petition to write to Lamar Smith, demand investigation of Obama and corrupt judges, corrupt U.S. Attorneys and corrupt top government officials who aided and abetted him. Obama can’t pass E-Verify, which is the top priority program for Lamar Smith!!!

  Here are the addresses for Lamar Smith. I need my supporters in TX to arrange a meeting for us with Lamar Smith. This is even more important than demonstrating during the State of the Union Address. Smith has an ability to start the investigation and impeachment not only on Obama, but also of corrupt federal […]

Caller to Mark Levin syndicated show: Obama couldn’t pass the e-verify! Levin hangs up. Levin sacrified his integrity and abandonned this most important issue, so he can keep making millions as the talk show host during the Obama usurpation. Keep calling him and and demanding prosecution of Obama for forged IDs. Call Levin and others to talk about something else and add it at the end of the call, so they will let you through!

I greatly appreciate this and many other letters and e-mails of support that I am getting. It helps me to withstand all of the vicious attacks on me, assassination of my character and economic attacks which are done to prevent me from winning this battle against the Squatter in Chief and his accomplices

I gladly give you my stone.    8:53 PM (4 hours ago)   to me   Ms. Taitz Thank you for doing what is right. So many are against what you are doing. You must be related to America’s founders. They risked their lives and fortunes to create this nation. You are helping to ensure […]