Is abdication of Queen Beatrix a signal of a loosening grip on power of the Bilderberg group?

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced today her abdication in favor of her eldest son. Beatrix was a prominent figure and a driving force behind the Bilderberg group. Bilderber has a dubious distinction of  being g a click of European royalties, bankers, chairmen of large corporations, a couple of top  CIA officers and heads of state […]

orly taitz | The Conservative Monster – Conservative News theconservativemonster.com/?tag=orly–taitzShare Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1’d this publicly. Undo 12 hours ago – Pastor Manning, Orly Taitz and I were the first boots on the ground in the Birther movement. We protested Fox News back in Nov. 2009 to stop the news blackout […]

Please, ask Justice Sotomayor why the issue of Obama’s forged IDs was not heard on the merits yet and let her know that the nation needs this heard on the merits in open court. Enough sweeping under the rug the biggest crime ever committed against this nation!

Justice Sotomayor in the Bay area tonight 7pm Jan 28th – Event sold out though.. BO PE 1:47 PM (1 minute ago) to me Justice Sotomayor  at Fox Theatre, 2215 Broadway St., Redwood City/  Promoting her book My Beloved World. Event Sold Out.

amazing!!! within days we have over 19,000 signatures on my petition to Congress to immediatley investigate Obama’s use of forged IDs and a stolen CT SSN

Amazing work of Sherman Skolnik and the Citizen’s committee to clean up the courts. I still do not know if the death of Andrew Breitbart and Sherman Skolnik is connected. you have to read this interview, you will understand, why we can’t find one honest judge, why we no longer have any honest main stream media

Amazing work of Sherman Skolnik and the Citizen’s committee to clean up the courts

Interesting, trace the political affiliation of the shooters. If you want to curb violence, you need to ban Democrats from owning guns :-)

You have to see this!!!               Inbox   x                   John Grady 8:46 AM (14 minutes ago)       to bcc: me     Images are not displayed. Display images below – Always display images from dr.johngrady@gmail.com       […]

90% of the articles about my cases were either delinked or scrubbed from the internet within days. I need help in posting on you -tube the witness testimony of the IN and GA trials against Obama

Just a few days ago, if you were to Google under the name”Orly Taitz”, you would find 2 million articles about my legal actions against Obama. Today you find only about 200,000. 90% of the articles were eiter de-linked or scrubbed. This shows that the regime is frantic, they are hectically scrubbing anything and everything to […]

Flashback! A year ago Judge Malihi denied a motion to quash my subpoenas by Obama and Obama was under a court order to appear and provide all of his IDs. He showed contempt to the court order and got only a slap on the wrist. Let’s hope that Judge England will do more than a slap on the wrist, if Obama does not provide his IDs pursuant to similar subpoena in Grinols case

Ga. judge orders president to appear at hearing – CBS Atlanta 46 ►► www.cbsatlanta.com/…/ga-judge-orders-preside…Share Shared on Google+. View the post. 19 hours ago A judge has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court in Atlanta for a hearing on a complaint that …   More videos for orly taitz »

Schumer wants an apology from Beyonce for lip singing. Schumer should apologize for participating in this scam, coronation of a foreign citizen with all forged IDs. schumer schould clean up his own act or be prosecuted


Please, contact the “Oath Keepers”, see if they will join the protest, if they will go on a bus trip to DC to protest on Feb 12

Dear Dr. Taitz, It occurred to me that the orginization “Oath keepers” might be an excellent source of committed patriots ready to move and go to DC for protest. I belive it would be worth contacting them. I have included the website below. God Speed to you! Mark P.S. I also just sent an email […]

I need to know, what was the cause of death of Sherman Skolnick. A number of sources who want to be anonymous confirmed that MI-6 sealed all of Obama’s Kenyan and British records

Russia Holds Obama For Suspicion Of Being a British Spy Back In 2005! Investigator In Chicago Fingers Obama For Being A British Spy As Far Back As 2004! When I heard this the other night it hit me like a ton of bricks! I remember the plane with the US Senator being held at the […]

NRA list of Obama regime operatives pushing for deprivation of rights of Americans to defend themselves against the tyranny of Obama regime. Make it go viral, everyone needs to know who they are


Press release. Barack Obama, one of the defendants in Grinols v electoral college et all was subpoenaed to provide his IDs

Press release Law Offices of Orly Taitz Attorney Orly Taitz representing plaintiffs: Presidential Electors from different parties and minor Presidential Candidates in Grinols et al V Electoral College, Barack Obama, Joe Biden in his capacity as the President of the Senate, US Congress, Governor of Ca and Secretary of State of California announced that a […]

I need your help and ideas, how we can bring people and signs to the Supreme Court to demonstrate against treason and complicity in ObamaForgeryGate. February 12, during the State of the Union address is a good day to travel to DC and protest before the Capitol and the Supreme Court against the Squatter in Chief with forged IDs Obama!!!

We are doing great with signing of the petitions, over 18,000 signed my petition to Congress within days. There are 36 million total visits to this web site and it shows the highest reader traffic than ever before, which is even more significant as one on the larger web sites, World Net Daily, and its’ editors Joe Farah […]

Breaking! Over 18,000 signatures on my petition for the US Congress to start immediate investigation of Obama’s forged IDs