Evidence of a clerk of the 4th CA district court of Appeals, Denise Massey, obstructing justice and refusing to file with the court a letter from the Appellant in ObamaForgeryGate case

Taitz v Obama letter to the 4th district court of appeals

Response from treasury to a subpoena for computer immigration records of Obama, Soetoro, Soebarkah

Response from treasury regarding Obama’s immigration records

affidavit by Charles Coombs Obama’s forged BC

Affidavit of Charles Coombs regarding Obama’s forged ID

Your case before SCOTUS Inbox x Denise Simon 3:59 PM (5 minutes ago) to me Hi there Dr. Taitz,I  was on the call last night on the interview with Greg Howard.  I see that  Kamala Harris is representing Deborah Bowen.  Kamala Harris has a nefarious  history and some nasty connections, as her brother in law […]

I followed up with a call to the US attorney Olsen at 916-554-2700 to see if the US attorney’s office will represent Obama on the issue of fraud committed by him as a private individual before th election, if we the tax payers will have to pay attorneys fees for this representation

the same CT SSN and address is linked to both Obama and Harry J Bounel

Scott 71 approved Submitted on 2013/01/18 at 2:15 pm http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/is-barack-obama-harry-j-bounel-and-why-would-he-have-the-same-ss-as-this-man/question-2104565/ According to this article obama & Harrison J Bounel have the same CT SSN. Early data base searches showed both with the Same CT SSN and later searches of the same data bases have the Harrison J Bounel name scrubbed/deleted from the records. I’m sure […]

MARSHMAN 17 approved Submitted on 2013/01/18 at 1:21 pm The 1940 census for Harry Bounel shows Daly Ave. (Zoom in to see it). It shows 915 at the top but the page in the census before daly ave shows elsmere place which also shows 915. The street in the census AFTER daly ave shows crotona […]

in 1910 census Harry Bounel lived with Jim and Louisa Robinson

Was Louisa Robinson the older sister of Rose Ella Robinson? In orthodox Jewish tradition when a woman dies and children are left motherless, the widower would first consider her younger sister as a second wife, as being the aunt of the motherless children, she would give them more love and care than any other woman. […]

I need help in locating these Jewish families from Russia, specifically Sam, Sarah and Sidney Cohen, who lived next door to Harry Bounel in Bronx, NY. I need the exact address. Can someone visit them and get info on Harry Bounel.

MARSHMAN 14 approved Submitted on 2013/01/18 at 11:26 am In the 1940 census below Harry Bounel it shows a sam cohen (probably next door neighbor)on daly ave. Sam was a fruit dealer and harry was a fruit store helper. In the 1940 census below Harry Bounel it shows a sam cohen (probably next door neighbor)on […]

sent to the assistant U.S. Attorney Ed Olsen

Orly Taitz <orly.taitz@gmail.com> 11:25 AM (3 minutes ago)   to Edward         Dear Mr. Olsen, Per order of Judge England please, advise me how much more time will you need to comply with subpoenas. Additionally, as you now understand that Mr, Obama was sued as an individual, as a candidate running for […]

a link to the Conservative report radio show I did yesterday


Judge England gives Obama and others more time to comply with my subpoenas. I am checking how much time their attorney Olsen will need

Activity in Case 2:12-cv-02997-MCE-DAD Grinols et al v. Electoral College et al               Inbox   x                 caed_cmecf_helpdesk@caed.uscourts.gov 9:15 AM (46 minutes ago)   to CourtMail         This is an automatic e-mail message generated by the CM/ECF system. Please […]

Harry Bounel, born in 1890, resided in NY. We have his name used in connection to Obama’s address in Chicago . I need your help

Records show the name of Harry Bounel used in association with Obama’s address in Chicago. According to Lexis Nexis there are multiple SSNs connected to Obama. I need records from Ellis Island and immigration. According to 1940 census Harry Bounel was born in Russia in 1890. This is the date of birth on some of Lexis […]

Criminal enterprise in action. State of HI refuses to allow examination of Obama’s original birth certificate in light of the copy being found to be a forgery. Corrupt Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine, who is married to a personal attorney for Obama’s family attempts to attack me with demand for sanctions. Luckily the judge had some conscience and denied her demands to sanction me. Obama’s original birth certificate is still sealed and believed to be non-existant. RICO co-conspirators are yet to be prosecuted and sent to prison. Please, rise and help me send to prison all of this HI and DC mafia

Virginia W. 6 approved Submitted on 2013/01/18 at 6:53 am Listened to you on Conservative Report Radio last night. Unimaginable revelations. I know you’ve been working tirelessly for over 4 years, but have you tried reaching out to Sen. Rubio or the newly elected Congressman Trey Radel? Trey has not been poisoned yet and is […]

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