Police finds a boy by his social Security number, but not one judge or governmental official is doing anything about a man usurping the U.S. Presidency with a stolen Social Security number.


Here are the names of GA electors, demand answers from them. Were they told that Obama Dep of Justice represents them? did they really oppose the TRO?

URGENT DEMAND FOR VERIFICATION Grinols order, summons, TRO, complaint Presidential Electors Who Have Qualified For the November 6, 2012 General Election Last Updated: Friday, January 11, 2013 Presidential Electors – Republicans Teresa J. Chappell  2741 Tell Place Way, Sw Atlanta, GA 30331-5920 Party: Republican    Age: 56 Occupation: Deputy Director Date Qualified: Friday, May 25, […]

Go to tea party event in surprise Az on January 15 and demand that Arpaio and Zullo file immediately their criminal complaint against Obama, registrar Onaka, Commissioner of CCA Astrue and Director of Selective service Romo

I was asked time and again, if I can work with Arpaio My answer: sure, call Joe Arpaio and tell him  to stop talking and fund raising and put his money where his mouth is and finally file a criminal complaint against Obama and everyone complicit with him for fraud and use of forged IDs, […]

Need help, stonewalling in GA

Office of the Sec of State of GA claims that they do not have names and contact info of the Presidential electors. they told people to call GA GOP. GA GOP claims that they do not have names and contact info either, looks like the regime has a hold of officials in GA and there […]

Please, check if MS electors knew that Obama Justice department is representing them in a case against Obama, whether they indeed wanted to oppose the TRO


Ron Paul’s Daily Paul and others are reporting on SCOTUS case

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts schedules a … 45 minutes ago Press release! Law offices of Orly Taitz. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States John Roberts scheduled a case by attorney Orly Taitz dealing with … www.dailypaul.com/269498 – Cached News Doors: Breaking news! Chief Justice of the Supreme […]

Examiner and others are reporting on the SCOTUS case

Orly Taitz | Examiner.com 14 hours ago Read the latest Orly Taitz news and view Orly Taitz pictures from our team of local insiders. www.examiner.com/topic/orly–taitz – Cached More results from examiner.com » Orly Taitz Celebrates As Birther Case Is Referred To High … 17 hours ago Birther queen Orly Taitz is celebrating a routine U.S. […]

WesternJournalism.com reporting


E-mail addesses of state reps in Iowa to contact on ObamaForgeryGate

Iowa State House & Senate members Inbox x Lawrence Sellin 11/29/11 ako.abdul-samad@legis.state.ia.us, dwayne.alons@legis.state.ia.us, richard.anderson@legis.state.ia.us, richard.arnold@legis.state.ia.us, Chip.Baltimore@legis.state.ia.us, clel.baudler@legis.state.ia.us, deborah.berry@legis.state.ia.us, Mark.Brandenburg@legis.state.ia.us, Josh.Byrnes@legis.state.ia.us, royd.chambers@legis.state.ia.us, dennis.cohoon@legis.state.ia.us, peter.cownie@legis.state.ia.us, betty.deboef@legis.state.ia.us, dave.deyoe@legis.state.ia.us, cecil.dolecheck@legis.state.ia.us, jack.drake@legis.state.ia.us, greg.forristall@legis.state.ia.us, Joel.Fry@legis.state.ia.us, RuthAnn.Gaines@legis.state.ia.us, Julian.Garrett@legis.state.ia.us, mary.gaskill@legis.state.ia.us, pat.grassley@legis.state.ia.us, chris.hagenow@legis.state.ia.us, Bob.Hager@legis.state.ia.us, Chris.Hall@legis.state.ia.us, curt.hanson@legis.state.ia.us, MaryAnn.Hanusa@legis.state.ia.us, dave.heaton@legis.state.ia.us, lisa.heddens@legis.state.ia.us, Lee.Hein@legis.state.ia.us, erik.helland@legis.state.ia.us, lance.horbach@legis.state.ia.us, bruce.hunter@legis.state.ia.us, dan.huseman@legis.state.ia.us, charles.isenhart@legis.state.ia.us, Stewart.Iverson@legis.state.ia.us, david.jacoby@legis.state.ia.us, Ron.Jorgensen@legis.state.ia.us, Anesa.Kajtazovic@legis.state.ia.us, jeff.kaufmann@legis.state.ia.us, jerry.kearns@legis.state.ia.us, Dan.Kelley@legis.state.ia.us, Jarad.Klein@legis.state.ia.us, kevin.koester@legis.state.ia.us, […]

Additional proof of service of the defendants. Please, contact Mr. Celock at Huf post, he needs to make a correction, this case was not dismissed, only one motion was denied

  Please, contact the media. Grinols case was not dismissed by Judge England, only one motion was denied. As a matter of fact Judge England stated that the fact that a motion for extraordinary relief, such as staying certification vote by the Congress is not granted does not mean that ultimately the case will not […]