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Sic Semper Tyrannis 3 approved Submitted on 2013/01/05 at 7:12 pm At this juncture, I have no doubt in my mind after repeated attempts to get responses from several US Congressmen that the communications between the American People and their Representatives is being screened and possibly even intercepted by the CIA/FBI goonsquads who are running […]

I still need to find the phone number for the father of Tyrone Woods, marine that was killed in benghazi, the number that was given to me,was a wrong number

this is from the pro-Obama site

johnJanuary 5, 2013 at 4:15 pm  john(Quote)# I actually met Orly Taitz when she’s was in GA with Judge Land.  I got a nice pic of me standing next her.  I still  have the pic.  I really admire Orly’s tenacity and courage.  I wish there were more like her.   I think Orly needs to work […]

A very important conversation with one of the leaders of Obama defense on the Internet- He is now willing to state that the computer image posted by Obama on line cannot be used as a verification of anything

I just got of the phone with Kevin Davidson, who runs a blog “Dr. Conspiracy”. Mr. Davidson was a leader of the Obama technical defense on the internet for 4 years. We had a civil conversation, we agreed to disagree on a number of technical issues. Mr. Davidson allowed me to write on my blog about our […]

In a perfect world, wouldn’t the judge (England) be indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud?  Possibly one day he will be in a court room, staring at someone to pass judgement for his grotesque conduct and disregard for justice while on the bench. One can only hope! Colleen Williams

Suggestion to send a letter from the descendant of Judge Seitz to the members of Congress

Theresa Padgett 11:30 AM (47 minutes ago) to me Orly, we need to get everyone to send a copy of that letter to their Congressman and let them be the one that takes a stand! Maybe we will get one Congressman to have a conscience.

A heartfelt letter from a descendant of Judge Collins J. Seitz, the only judge in the nation who had the courage to rule in favor of African -American children and parents in Belton v Gephart, a case which later was joined with 4 other cases in SCOTUS under Brown v Board of education. It is an honor to receive such a letter. Thank you for your support!

Chunk 8 approved Submitted on 2013/01/05 at 2:25 am Orly, I’m a direct, blood relative to the one and only judge who ruled in favor of Thurgood Marshall’s long fight for integration. This Chancellor’s ruling, at the state level, helped propel all the other losing cases, in other states, to the Supreme Court where the […]

Court reporter: I found the judges actions to be unbelievable. There is something terribly wrong when our judiciary system will not stand up and take note of this kind of blatant corruption.

Vernon Steinkamp <77punky77@comcast.net> 8:13 PM (7 hours ago) to me Hi Mrs. Taitz I live in Sacramento and was at the hearing Thursday.  I am proud of you and your efforts.  I found the judges actions to be unbelievable.  There is something terribly wrong when our judiciary system will not stand up and take note […]