Call USA Today 703-854-4600 and e-mail newstips@usatoday.com

I called the USA Today at the number above and the secretary answering the phone told me that they will not be interested in publishing a story about forgery in Obama’s IDs. I asked her to transfer me to an employee, who is not criminally complicit in elections fraud.  They are still looking…

La Cosa Nostra rules or Chicago pay to play politics overpowering HI and Dc

OCONs HI Obama, Kerry, Gore Yesterday a close friend of Obama’s family Gov. Abercrombie appointed Brian Schatz, former chair of the Dem party of HI to take over the seat of the former Senator from Hi, recently departed Senator Inouye. This was done against the wishes of the late Senator, who expressly sought a different […]

Federal and state defendants filed an opposition to TRO

Grinols Opposition to TRO Grinols opposition to TRO by Governor

Subpoena on Alvin Onaka

Grinols subpoena on alvin Onaka filed

Yoel 75 approved  at 12:44 am “0″ has to deal with the “financial cliff” my foot! Your action is what suddenly interrupted the fraud’s holiday and caused him to run back to D.C. in a panic. The usurper knows full well he’s about to go down in history fully exposed as the most disgraceful liar […]