Why is Newtown sheriff lying about lack of connection between Adam Lanza and the school where he was a student for years? where was Adam Lanza in the days leading to the shooting? Smashed computers and electronics in the house is an evidence that someone tried to cover up evidence.

Share on TumblrMore evidence of something very wrong and inconsistent with the Sandy Hook story, as it was told to us. 1. Today Greta von Susteren asked the Newtown sheriff, whether there was any connection between Lanza and the school, or whether he went to a random school and it could happen anywhere. Sheriff lied [...]

Share on Tumblr Justice Inbox x Dave> 10:22 PM (5 minutes ago) to me Nail that  fraudulent bastard to the cross that he spits on.

Share on Tumblr Arizona Electors Question Barack Obama Birth Certificate 9 hours ago The comments of the Arizona Republicans comes a week after birther queen Orly Taitz filed a lawsuit in federal court in Arizona against Vice President Joe … www.americarecordnews.com/2012/12/17/arizona-electors… – Cached Why Obama Should Not Be Allowed to Take the Oath of Office [...]

More evidence of corruption in our system of justice

Share on Tumblrhttp://news.yahoo.com/hollywood-hacker-sentenced-10-years-prison-211959427.html When a starlet and Obama donor Scarlett Johanssen found that her e-mail box was hacked, he complained and Obama appointee U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Ca acted right away, the hacker was captured and today he got 10 years in prison. On the other hand I complained of hacking into [...]

Comment left for the editor of MSNBC Newsvine Kelly Lincoln

Share on Tumblr Tom Cooke 38 approved Submitted on 2012/12/17 at 5:26 pm I left the following on her website.  How about everyone going there and give her a taste of reality. “I felt compelled to request, once more that she be more transparent and forthcoming than he,”  You felt?  When were you made God?  [...]

Great! AZ elector, who responded to my TRO e-mail has made a statement today regarding Obama’s forged IDs. He was joined by the AZ GOP president and another County Chair. I was given until December 21 by Federal Judge Kimberly Mueller who substituted for Presided Judge Morrison England to file my TRO papers. I will be filing them timely and will be using the statements of these 3 Presidential Electors during the Electoral college meeting

Share on Tumblr Arizona Electors Question Barack Obama Birth Certificate The Huffington Post |                                                 By John Celock Posted: 12/17/2012  5:56 pm EST Republican Party, Orly Taitz, Arizona Politics, Birthers, Jan Brewer, Off The Bus, Obama: Take 2, Electoral College, Governor Jan Brewer, Ken Bennett, Orly Taitz Birther, Arizona Birthers, Arizona Electoral College, Arizona Electoral [...]

My response to MSNBC/ Newsvine editor: I will release my INS/ Naturalization records, even though not required to do so, after Barack Obama signs a release for disclosure for inspection of his original birth certificate, original application to Selective service and original application to CT SSN 042-68-4425 that he is using in his tax returns and which was never assigned to him according to E-Verify and SSNVS. Deal, Mr Obama, MSNBC and Newsvine?

Share on Tumblr Excerpt from e-mail received today INS FOIA Authorization Inbox x Kelly Lincoln <flatpoint.high@yahoo.com> 2:47 PM (5 minutes ago) to me —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Dr. Taitz, Once more, I am writing asking you to provide authorization to the INS via the attached FOIA request for proof of you immigration/naturalization. – [...]

A letter from Gov. Nikki Hailey

Share on TumblrI received a letter from SC governor Nikki Hailey asking for donation to newly appointed Senator Tim Scott and for Conservative Intel. I am not sure what the donation is for, as we do not have an election going. However, I will be writing to her and to the Conservative intel that I will be [...]

more on incoming senator Tim Scott from SC, contact him, demand that he bring to the floor of the Senate Obama’s use of forged IDs and CT stolen SSN 042-68-4425. I need SC supporters to contact him!

Share on Tumblr Tim Scott             Current District: 1 – South Carolina             Next Election: 2012             Party: Republican   Tim graduated from Charleston Southern University in 1988, B.S. in Political Science, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Award and Alumnus of the Year award by CSU. During his freshman term representing South Carolina’s First [...]

Zimbio covers my latest legal action against the electoral college, Biden, Congress and Obama, seeking enjunction of his confirmation by the electoral college, congress and administrations of the oath of office by Roberts

Share on TumblrHuffington Post: Orly Taitz Sues To Stop Electoral College Vot (TLR … www.zimbio.com/Orly+Taitz/…/Huffington+Post+Orly+Taitz+Sues+S… 21 hours ago – Orly Taitz, part of the birther movement, has filed a lawsuit to block the Electoral College vote. (AP Photo/John Hanna) Birther queen Orly Taitz has teamed up …

Highly ranked BeforeItsNews: “Donors demand answers from Sheriff Arpaio”

Share on Tumblrhttp://beforeitsnews.com/obama-birthplace-controversy/2012/10/donors-demand-answers-from-sheriff-arpaio-2447028.html

Shooting Doesn’t Deter Huge Turnout At Gun Show; More Crowded Than In Past…

Share on TumblrShooting Doesn’t Deter Huge Turnout At Gun Show; More Crowded Than In Past…

Alan Caruba of Canada free Press writes an editorial covering my legal actions challenging Obama’s presidency due to his use of forged IDs and a stolen CT SSN

Share on TumblrMark the end of the efficacy of law in America Why Obama Should Not Be Allowed to Take the Oath of Office Again – Alan Caruba (Bio and Archives)  Monday, December 17, 2012 (1) Comments | Print friendly | Subscribe | Email Us 4 If anyone had read any of the many books that have [...]

I need your help in tracing the IP and identity of the person publishing “Proof Positive” news letter

Share on Tumblr“Proof Positive” news letter is being circulated. I believe it was created to fool the public. Please, help ID the IP of the person sending this news letter. Where to the donations go,  when they are sent to  “Proof Positive”?

GOP Congreemen have to vote non-confidence in idiot John Boehner. He is simply aiding and abetting Obama in destroying this country

Share on Tumblrhttp://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/boehner-offers-to-take-debt-limit-off-the-table/2012/12/16/8b369b7e-47c6-11e2-b6f0-e851e741d196_story.html

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