A plea from Presidential elector Mr. Grinols

Greetings: Here are the basics of the situation. Grinols PS: Nothing is ever sure of success. A hearing in other courts has been denied close to 200 times in the US. California courts have gone so far as to say it is a responsibility of the Electoral College The Electoral college was designed for a time […]

I got a phone call from one of the Presidential electors, who is supposed to vote tomorrow, hw said that he will read the complaint to other electors tomorrow

E-mails to notify electors

ace_grifynn@hotmail.com Alec.Stephens@soundtransit.org angie.rogers@sos.la.gov codymitchell417@gmail.com cwhitmire@elections.sc.gov david.stokes@showmeinstitute.org eastwashcoll_55@msn.com election@sos.ks.gov elections.sboe@ncsbe.gov elections@iec.in.gov elections@sos.idaho.gov elections@sos.la.gov elections@sos.mo.gov elections@sos.state.tx.us electionsemail@sos.arkansas.gov georgias4@q.com gfearing@tricitylaw.com gkirk21@gmail.com gossettdw@frontier.com hef014@hotmail.com hjcbrooks5@msn.com info@aletheiaca.com info@elections.ok.gov info@rischpisca.com itsironic@yahoo.con julie.sinclair@sos.alabama.gov kathleenklaw57@aol.com kdw54321@earthlink.net Lw@mail.gmail.com merrill@realtor.org MGerstner@Hillyard.com publicaffairs@malaleuca quileutemom@gmail.com Reebie02@hotmail.com RRosebrock1@aol.com sdsos@state.sd.us sos.elect@nebraska.gov sos@nd.gov soselections@mt.gov sosinfo@sos.idaho.gov stan@stancox.com stanley.cox@house.mo.gov stephensa@soundtransit.org TbHawkes@mac.com tennessee.elections@tn.gov teresa.luna@adm.Idaho.gov tpaul1240@comcast.net viaggiare526@yahoo.com

A letter from “Proof Positive” is a hoax to waste more of your money

There is a letter going around from someone under a name “Proof Positive”. In this letter they are asking for more money for Arpaio to show him that the nation is behind him and wants him to file a criminal complaint against Obama. This is a trick for dumb people. Arpaio already collected 7 million dollars […]

this was close to my house

More than 50 shots fired at mall in Southern CA…

I need tech help to fight tampering with this site. I tried to spam this obot repeatedly, but the SPAM button does not seem to work on her, someone resirects this scum from SPAM, on the other hand comments from the supporters repeatedly get deleted, probably by the same people. I need help catching the hackers tampering with this site

Diane V. 0 approved DVW1412781235@Yahoo.com

I got info that one of the people threatening me “slow death” is now in Ankara, Turkey. I hope the authorities there give him a rendition of “Midnight Express” for everything he is doing

Judge for yourselves. Questions from a reader posed to Joseph Farah, editor of WND and the answer received. Demand an explanation from Joseph Farah, editor of WND

WHERE’S WND REPORTING ON CA ELECTORAL COLLEGE LAWSUIT? Inbox x michael jackson Dear Mr. Farah, I would like to know why WND continues to ignore the lawsuit … 4:36 PM (18 hours ago) Dear Mr. Farah, I would like to know why WND continues to ignore the lawsuit … michael jackson 4:36 PM (18 hours […]

Why networks are not reporting on 2 prone out and handcuffed suspects at the firehouse and in the woods, captured after the Sandy Hook massacre?

Does anyone have this info? I need your help to find an answer to these questions.

I am baffled by the fact that we do not have any info on the shooter or shooters in Newtown, CT We had immediately info on Loephner in AZ, on Holmes, but we still know nothing about Adam Lanza. Can you help me find this info? 1. We know that Loephner and Holmes underwent psychiatric […]

everything is probably scrubbed by now, but I need volunteers to check records of Fairfield state hospital for records of an elderly person, born in 1890, dead between March 1977 and sometime 1980, Social Security number 042-68-4425. (it can be a man or a woman)

I searched at Yale library, but did not find records, maybe I did not search well enough, the library is huge and has restricted areas

please, call these electors, asked them to sign the stipulation

Tom 0 approved Submitted on 2012/12/15 at 8:28 pm Wyoming Republican Electors Ron Micheli, 307-782-3897 po box 314 Fort Bridger Wyoming 82933-0314 Susan F. Thomas Home (307) 265-1435 6199 Garden Creek Rd,Casper, WY 82601-6631 Margaret Parry Home (435) 627-9392 1011 Willamette Dr Rock Springs, WY 82901-6179

Breaking: Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud? YES! and this also follows the Batman Rising (Phoenix) plot perfectly! Inbox x Burk 6:39 AM (46 minutes ago) to me http://deadlinelive.info/2012/07/26/breaking-colorado-massacre-linked-to-historic-bank-fraud-yes-and-this-also-follows-the-batman-rising-phoenix-plot-perfectly/

an someone check if Adam Lanza was ever treated at Faifield State Hospital, which used to be called Newtown Psychiatric hospital?

this person claims responsibility for the death threats made against me. I do not know if he is indeed the same person, who he/she really is and where he/she is

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