Chunk 3 approved Submitted on 2012/12/15 at 4:11 pm Orly, Here are the names, addresses, phone numbers and email you wanted. I included the cell numbers of a couple of people, but I wouldn’t publicly post those cell numbers for your supporters to call. It might piss the electors off. 1st District: Grifynn Clay               […]

Tom 0 approved Submitted on 2012/12/15 at 4:37 pm I recommend to post here 1) Contact Secretary of State Website and obtain Republican Elector list 2) Obtain contact information for these electors to include phone numbers and e mail address if possible.(search web and web white pages) 9cross search donors to republican party)etc. 3) Post […]

Please, contact these electors, ask them to sign the stipulation to TRO listed on the top of the page, forward the complaint and exhibits to them

Tom 0 approved Submitted on 2012/12/15 at 5:57 pm Missouri 1stCongressional District David Stokes      University City, MO 63130 david.stokes@showmeinstitute.org The work of the institute is rooted in the American tradition of free markets and individual liberty ( ShowMeInstitute ) 2nd Congressional District John Judd      St. Louis, MO 63128 ·          314-416-4605 HOME ·          314-852-1700 CELL 3rdCongressional […]

please, help me ID the IP of this jerk threatening me and help me find one honest police officer of sheriff to file a criminal complaint with the DA on all of these death threats I am getting every day

It’s Ironi 0 approved itsironic@yahoo.con Submitted on 2012/12/15 at 6:23 pm You are going to die a slow painful death. And not by the hands of this government. If President Obama thought you were a threat, you would have been killed or sent to a death camp already. Unfortunatley, for you, they don’t exist. […]

names of electors for you to reach

Names of electors from Georgia, Louisiana, South Dakota, Idaho Inbox x Reebie02 <Reebie02@hotmail.com> 6:15 PM (49 minutes ago) to me     I’m not sure if this is of any help to you.  I asked for Certificate    of Ascertainment for a particular state and got these names.     However, I don’t have their contact number. or email […]

Why WND is reporting on one case with one regular voter and not reporting on any of my cases, particularly a case with Presidential Electors and Presidential candidates as plaintiffs suing electoral college? do they really want us to win this ballot? What is the incentive of a magazine supposedly devoted to this battle not to report on the cases with the strongest standing?

troubling letter depicting mistreatment of veterans

December  15, 2012   Dr.  Orly Taitz, Esquire   Dear  Dr. Taitz:   Youre an  American Patriot extraordinaire and I truly admire your tenacity to seek  and expose the Truth against our nation’s so-called leadership.   I’d  like to share some insight in our cause as there’s definitely a connection with  the malfeasance of the […]

Please, contact all of the electors on the list by Monday, forward to them my proposed stipulation for STAY, which has a link to the complaint and exhibits. Please, send to me your signed and notarized affidavits stating who did you serve and how: mail, certified mail, fax, e-mail. Also, we need to notify them through all 50 attorney Generals of the States. I really need help from volunteers

COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF STATE ELECTORS BELOW RED STATES (if you have corrections for this list leave them in the comments below): ALABAMA 800-274-8683 or 334-242-7210 julie.sinclair@sos.alabama.gov Electors: At-Large: Senate Majority Leader Jabo Waggoner Montgomery Attorney Will Sellers Congressional District 1 Terry Lathan Congressional District 2 Sue Neuwien Congressional District 3 Bob Fincher Congressional District 4 […]

Mark Holloway 0 approved Submitted on 2012/12/15 at 9:04 am It looks like every judge has an unlimited cache of weapons and reasons they can use to usurp justice or to destroy any attempt by birthers to enjoy our day in court and allow a jury to decide our fate instead of judeges who are […]

Now I am concerned, whether plaintiffs in Grinols will receive justice. Report below is worrisome, as it shows a case of conflict of interest that was swept under the rug. We’ll have to wait an see what happens in our case.


Cynthia Johnson 0 approved Submitted on 2012/12/15 at 12:05 am We love you Orly Taitz. May God protect and guide you every step of the way. You are awesome for undertaking this monumental task…Make sure that all your ducks are in a row. Godspeed and may many blessings be upon you…. We love you Orly […]

I need phone numbers and e-mail addreses of these electors ASAP

Mark 49 approved Submitted on 2012/12/15 at 1:16 am The Washington State electoral college members are listed as follows The 12 electors submitted by the state Democratic Party are: 1st District: Grifynn Clay of Snohomish; 2nd District: Dave Gossett of Mountlake Terrace; 3rd District: Kathleen Lawrence of Vancouver; 4th District: George Fearing of Kennewick; 5th […]