22 children were killed with a knife in China.

ALEX JONES:  ‘THE FIX IS IN, THEY’RE COMING FOR OUR GUNS’… 22 children slashed by knife-wielding adult at elementary school in China…

Hunk 10 approved Submitted on 2012/12/14 at 6:26 pm I live in Florida and i carry a gun for self protection. Sometime next week will mark a milestone. One million Florida citizens will be licensed to carry firearms for self defense. Our violent crime rate is way lower than many other States. I live in […]

Now suddenly Sec of State of Indiana started moving

Karl Swihart 2:46 PM (1 hour ago) to me Funny how I just received this now. Looks like someone trying to cover their rear ends when all hell breaks loose!! SOS.bmp 6554K

CPT Pamela Barnett, USA Retired 10 approved Submitted on 2012/12/14 at 4:13 pm Orly, I completely agree. It is outrageous that these public schools do not protect our children and teachers by no having at least a few teachers on a campus armed and trained to take down horrible threats like these.  Each school district […]

Important update!!! Eastern District of CA gave us 7 days to file a a Petition for a Temporary Restraining Order staying the certification of Obama’s election by the Electoral College. I will be preparing all the required documents in a rush order. This one week will be very important!

Press Release Law office of Dr. Orly Taitz Plaintiff in Grinols et al v Electoral College et al were given 1 week to submit all the documents for the TRO (Temporary restraining order )staying the certification of   the election. This one week will be extremely important and I need assistance of the public. Part of the documents […]

New movement: We will not be victims ever again!!! Each U.S. adult needs to bear arms to defend himself and others. We need volunteers to teach adults to use arms to defend themselves and others

Police was called one minute after the shooting started. By the time they showed up, 26 people were dead!!! We cannot rely on police to help us and save us. We need to defend ourselves. We need volunteers to teach adults: teachers, shop keepers, law abiding citizens to use guns to defend themselves and defend […]

Can people get in touch with Koch brothers, Adelson, Trump, any financial tycoon, who is hurt by Obama’s policies?

Bart J 1 approved Submitted on 2012/12/14 at 2:04 pm Nothing will change until we can convince a few conservative billionaires and millionaires to buy MSM television stations and change the personnel. Nothing will change until we can convince a few conservative billionaires and millionaires to buy MSM television stations and change the personnel. Boycott […]

What do you think? If everyone files for an extention in taxes, will it send a message to Obama handlers that this puppet in the WH is damaged goods? I do not know.

Frank 2 approved Submitted on 2012/12/14 at 12:22 pm You want to have the best Revolution ever? If everyone didn’t file come April 15. I mean everyone. Don’t send in your taxes. They won’t do anything. If 200,000,000 people don’t file, or even better, file for an extension, they would be lost. This would send […]

from an intelligence officer Captain Pamela Barnett

CPT Pamela Barnett, USA Retired 9 approved Submitted on 2012/12/14 at 12:38 pm I would like to believe that Judge England is a man of character – he appears to be an officer in the Army Reserve, I’m guessing JAG Corp.  Prayfully, his oath will be honored to defend the Constitution. Unfortunately, we saw treasonous […]

I talked to the Judicial assistant for Judge England. He is out of the country, but in touch with his staff. It will be related to him that the case at hand involves a stay of electoral vote.due to fraud and use of forged IDs

  Robert T. Matsui United States Courthouse 501 I Street Sacramento, CA 95814     Courtroom 7, 14th floor Biography Biography Judge Staff Courtroom Deputy Stephanie Deutsch sdeutsch@caed.uscourts.gov (916) 930-4207 Court Reporter For court reporter information and to order transcripts click here Judicial Assistant Adele Espana-Purpur aespana-purpur@caed.uscourts.gov 916-930-4205 Law Clerks Ekaterina Deaver Janine Fletcher Avalon […]

Noonan v Bowen was resubmitted today to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts

Noonan v Bowen application for STAY Supreme Court of the U.S. Roberts APPLICATION FOR STAY/PETITION FOR A WRIT OF MANDAMUS TO STAY CERTIFICATION OF THE RESULTS OF 2012 CALIFORNIA GENERAL ELECTION FOR THE U.S. PRESIDENT AND FOR THE U.S. SENATE __________________________________________________________________ SUBMITTED TO CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS __________________________________________________________________ DR ORLY TAITZ ESQ COUNSEL FOR THE […]

27 dead in CT will finally teach every American a lesson: we cannot rely on the government and police to protect us. If only one teacher were to exercise his 2nd amendment right to bear arms, all of these people would be alive, only the gunman would be dead!

I believe by now you understand, we have to exercise our right to bear arms and defend ourselves from criminals and terrorists. It takes time for the police to arrive. Police cannot protect you. If only one teacher were to carry a gun, were to exercise his right to bear arms, 18 children and 8 teachers […]

Dear Orly,  I have been reaching out to other bloggers who I know feel the same way as you and your supporters. Are you familiar with Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ? I’m sure you are. He is quite aware of what is going on as well.  I’ve sent several letters to them, and I would […]

Boycott of MSM media. I believe they should add FOX to the list, FOX is more of an illusion of opposition than real opposition

9:46 AM (40 minutes ago) to Pers-steve-FF Several local Tea Party chapters in the Metro Louisville, KY area  want to launch a boycott of NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS—asking our  membership not to watch these stations AND not to buy anything from their  advertisers when other choices exist. We MUST stop the bias / […]

Atty. Orly Taitz Files Lawsuit  to Enjoin Electoral College Vote … www.thepostemail.com/…/atty-orly–taitz-files-lawsuit-to-enjoin…Share Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1’d this publicly. Undo 13 hours ago – WILL OBAMA ELECTORS BE CASTING VOTES FOR A CANDIDATE WITH A FALSE IDENTITY? by Sharon Rondeau Atty. Orly Taitz has filed numerous ballot … Grinols case was assigned […]

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