LegalNewsFindlaw.com already published my latest draft of the patition for STAY going to Justice Anthony Kennedy. That was really fast!

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Comment from a supporter regarding the upcoming submission to Justice Kennedy. Honestly, with the level of lawlessness and corruption in courts, i don’t believe Kennedy will ever see the pleadings, probably some bought and paid for law level clerk with stamp “denied”within a day or two. That is why we need to confront judges in public and demand answers from them in public.

this is being worked on Inbox x Maxcy Ordway 6:54 PM (18 minutes ago) to me This will be in the history books forever and required in every law collage. Wish I could do more to help you

this is being worked on before final draft is sent to Anthony Kennedy in SCOTUS

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES __________________________________________________________________NOONAN, JUDD, MACLERAN, TAITZ V BOWEN __________________________________________________________________APPLICATION FOR STAY/PETITION FOR A WRIT OF MANDAMUS TO STAY CERTIFICATION OF THE RESULTS OF 2012 CALIFORNIA GENERAL ELECTION FOR THE U.S. PRESIDENT AND FOR THE U.S. SENATE __________________________________________________________________DR ORLY TAITZ ESQ COUNSEL FOR THE PETITIONERS 29839 SANTA MARGARITA STE 100 […]

Morsi forced to rescind his decrees, which gave him unrestricted powers. Obama still has unrestriced powers as U.S. puppet courts refuse to act and stop the usurpationof the U.S. Presidency


A Mi judge is suspended for sleeping with the plaintiff, letting her pick punishment for the defendant, while nothing was done so far to corrupt judges who are in bed with Obama and covering up his forged ID and letting him inflict damage on the plaintiffs and the whole country

December 09, 2012 Detroit Judge Allegedly Slept With Plaintiff, Let Her Help Choose  Defendant’s Sentence Fire it up12 Share AP By David M. Martosko A Wayne County, Michigan Circuit Court judge is on administrative leave  following a report that he impregnated a woman who was a plaintiff in a  child-support case before him, and allowed […]

Questions to the Supreme court of the U.S., which are required with the submission

Questions for the court 1. Can a foreign national be allowed to usurp the position of the U.S. President and Commander in Chief by virtue of fraud and by using forged IDs and a stolen Social Security number 2.  Do judges and bureaucrats commit high treason, when they cover up forgery and fraud in IDs […]

Since Arpaio did not file a criminal complaint against Obama and refused to comply with subpoena and testify at trial, demand that he refund the public 7 million that he collected!

Answer: people donated to Sheriff Joe Arpaio 7 million because he stated that he has evidence of Obama’s use of forged IDs and he MADE THEM BELIEVE THAT HE WILL FILE A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT BEFORE THE ELECTION . Arpaio did not come up with new evidence, he simply confirmed what I and others provided him. People believed […]

thank you Mr. Collins, Mr. Dietrich and Mr. Quinn

Did you experience the same problems?

Hello Orly: I tried checking out the email address of the subject who has been threatening you most recently.  What I have found out is that as soon as I attempt to research this my computer is shut down just like it is shut down when I attempt to contact the DOJ, Brian Sussman, and […]