Share on Tumblr Wayne 4:05 PM (0 minutes ago) to me Hello. My name is Wayne Buchanan and I’ve just read your information about the case in the 9th Circuit regarding alledged Obama forgeries. In as much as I would as a United States citizen like to get to the bottom of all of this, [...]

this case is going to the Supreme Court, Justice Kennedy

Share on Tumblr  Dr. Orly  Taitz ESQ   29839 Santa Margarita ste 100   Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688   Phone 949-683-5411 fax 949-766-7603   Orly.taitz@gmail.com   Counselor for the Plaintiffs       SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA     Edward C. Noonan, Thomas Gregory MacLeran,)Case #   Keith Judd in their  capacity as                               )Petition [...]

Share on TumblrDr.Orly Taitz,       WHILST SECRECY PREVAILS DEMOCRACY WITHERS AND FAILS.       Respectfully,John Cameron.Australia.

Share on TumblrDear Orly- You have our support in your efforts to bring the truth out about Obama. It would be an answer to fervent prayers to have him exposed and ousted. Kindest Regards & GOOD LUCK! Luann & Tony Giusiana Yorba Linda, Ca.

Half of the money scoundrels in DC spend, is borrowed from China with interest.

Share on TumblrGovt. borrowing 46 cents of every dollar it spends…

When you lead the opposition, today, just is it was in the times of Galileo Galeli, you are being attacked and ridiculed by people who are either dumb or corrupt or both. At the end the truth prevails. We have to prevail and we will prevail against the thug with the forged IDs in the WH and corrupt and treasonous bureoucrats, judges and members of the media

Share on Tumblr Just for relief of the spirit Inbox x Alexander Gofen 2:41 PM (8 minutes ago) to me, gregorykofman, kofmanmark Dear Orly, In this dark time when despair may easily overwhelm even the strongest of humans, here is a couple of stories from the not so remote past, which took place in the [...]

Press demands Obama’s private swearing ceremony on January 23 to be open to the public

Share on Tumblrhttp://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/press-fear-obama-private-swearing-in-84776.html?hp=t1_3

Citizens of Egypt march against Morsi

Share on Tumblrhttp://news.yahoo.com/protesters-against-egypt-president-march-palace-143337126.html

Share on TumblrDr. Taitz,   My prayers go out to you for a successful outcome to your lawsuit. Barack Obama is a corrupt imposter and has no business running this country (into the ground!). I have never been so fearful of my future since this man took office.  It’s like a terrible dream that keeps [...]

I need tech help, links to important documents and affidavits do not work on my web site, I suspect someone tampered with them on purpose

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for Jon Rollins and some people who are slow on intake. Biden was chosen by Obama, who had no right to pick a vice presidential candidate, which makes Biden as illegitimate as the person who have chosen him in the first place

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I got a call from a reporter for Gannett publishing, parent company of the USA Today. He interviewed me and mas alerted to my cases by a reporter from England, as US mainstream media is covering up the case and being criminally complicit

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3 out of 4 jobs created in the last 5 months, are the government pencil pushers who only destroy the economy with more and more regulations

Share on Tumblr73% of New Jobs Created in Last 5 Months Are in Government…

Share on Tumblr Robert 8:16 AM (5 minutes ago) to me Dear Dr. Taitz: Thank you for your kind reply.  At least CA Supreme Court turned it around quickly.  Congratulations on your freshened legal standing before the U.S. Supreme Court on this case! Robert

Share on Tumblr AMJ 12 approved Submitted on 2012/12/07 at 1:36 am This is why I’m not racist. Every black isn’t racist either. Obama has stirred up so much hate in this country. We where all getting along fine before O came along. O has erased everything MLK did. He’s put race relations back 75 [...]

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