blackyb 103 approved Submitted on 2012/12/03 at 7:42 pm Dr. Taitz, Esquire this is awsome sounding. You and a few will forever be my heros. Thank you. Imagine this: You, our American hero. God bless you and all who STAND. I pray to God in heaven that he will bless your ways (and mine) for […]

Huffington Post readers do not want to hear the truth

Scott 46 approved Submitted on 2012/12/03 at 8:58 pm Ask Huffington Post to post prominately on their site your court filings and all evidence against Obama’s eligibility. If they are not willing to post the facts, they certainly won’t allow you to speak the truth. My guess is that their interview would be like an […]

Alexander Gofen 5:51 PM (36 minutes ago) to hmriley Re: Some bowl movements in dirty guts of GOP in direction of … ineligibility Dear Colonel, I received an automated phone call from the “conservative caucus of RNC” where the issue of ineligibility was voiced first time ever. Their message was that the list of crimes […]

Does anyone have this recording from the RNC? I do not have it

Alexander Gofen 3:32 PM (1 hour ago) to me Re: Some bowl motion in dirty guts of GOP in direction of … ineligibility Dear Orly, I received an automated phone call from the “conservative caucus of RNC” where the issue of ineligibility was voiced first time ever. Their message was that the list of crimes […]

I was asked to give an interview for women’s policy research. I will be giving the interview next Monday

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Nice work Orly. I just made another contribution…. Now let’s see if Occidental actually produces the records. As you say, all you need is one honest Judge. And the beauty of it is that when you start winning these court cases, your RICO and defamation lawsuits will be slam-dunks. Also, if you actually get the […]

Occidental college attorneys will have to deliver to my office Obama’s records after all. See attached subpoena

A milestone! First Elector files a motion with Judge Wingate in US district Court in MS for a leave of court to join a legal action by Orly Taitz and others against Obama, Dem. Party, Pelosi, Onaka, Fuddy and others. Elector has a perfect standing according to admission by defendants themselves

MS GOP elector files a motion for leave of court to join the case by Orly Taitz et al

Motion for sanctions against Leah Lax filed in MS

Activity in Case 3:12-cv-00280-HTW-LRA Taitz et al v. Democrat Party of Mississippi et al Motion for Sanctions Inbox x cmecfhelpdesk@mssd.uscourts.gov 8:58 AM (8 minutes ago) to Courtmail This is an automatic e-mail message generated by the CM/ECF system.  Please DO NOT RESPOND to this e-mail because the mail box is unattended. ***NOTE TO PUBLIC ACCESS […]

I talked to Twanna, clerk for Judge Wingate, he received a complimentary chambers copy of my pleadings and exhibits, which were delivered by FedEx at 9:05 am

I called the docketting clerk in USDC in MS, Mr. Nathan Dean and alerted him that the documents for filing were received at 9 am and need to be docketted asap

my pleadings were received by the clerk of the court and by Judge Wingate in MS, should be docketted any moment. I sent 2 FedEx packages: one for the clerk and one for the judge. Last months I spent nearly $2,000 in FedEx printing fees, shipping fees and electronic use fees on different ObamaForgeryGate cases. Donations are greatly appreciated

Print Help Ship (P/U) date : Sat 12/01/2012 5:05 pm RAN US Delivered Signed for by: D.ORTON Actual delivery : Mon 12/03/2012 9:01 am US Request NotificationsHold at FedEx LocationObtain Proof of Delivery More actions StatusMultiple statuses – view details Travel History Date/Time Activity Location – 12/03/2012  –  Monday 9:01 am Delivered 8:10 am On […]

Contact your congressmen, demand a vote of non-confidence in Congressional leadership, demand Newt Gingrich as a spokesperson for GOP in Congress and the new Chair of the GOP!

The only person, who is making sense in politics today is Newt Gingrich. His position is that  Congress needs to use its inherent power of the purse and defund redundant programs and avoid tax increase on any single American. Congressmen have to vote non-confidence in their leadership and seek new leadership. Gingrich should be used as a spokesperson […]

Reminder! look for public appearances of judges, congressmen and bureaucrats. Confront a corrupt judge in public with a question: what incentive did you to commit treason against the Ubited States and cover up Obama’s use of all forged IDs and a stolen SSN. Shaming one corrupt jufge or bureaucrat might be the spark that is needed to ignite a spark which is needed for the nation to rise against the usurper and his treasonous accomplices

Hello Orly: You are welcome for any help I have given you along your honorable attempts to run for public office and numerous court actions to help get our country back.  God bless you and your family.  May the extensive corruption we are witnessing in this nation be like a virus that is self-limited and […]