Can someone e-mail me the new whistleblower bill signed by Obama today?

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We need thousands of protesters in DC, as we are seeing in Tahrir square, we would see the results fast enough

Comment on J.B. Williams’ indictment…Hasn’t been seen ? Inbox x M. Menke 3:49 PM (0 minutes ago) to me Over the past four years, I have read many very logical and very eloquent essays on our problem, particularly including Mr. William’s current work. The one thing that escapes me is the coordinated effort to achieve […]

The sign of moral degradation during Obama regime: Sandra Fluke, a lazy shameless moocher, who wants others to pay for a box of condoms for her, is the “Time” person of the year. Gone are the times of Susan B. Anthony, Thurgood Marshall, Thomas Edison and Nicolas Tesla. The main virtue: being a shameless moocher

TIME’s Person of the Year Shocker Inbox x Tea Party News Network 2:44 PM (6 minutes ago) to me You won’t believe who has been nominated for Time’s Person of the Year award                                                 Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. SANDRA FLUKE FOR TIME’S PERSON OF THE YEAR? See this […]

Just as in the former Soviet Union, US economy is becoming one huge parasite, which is killing the host. Enormous government and an army of moochers. People no longer have an incentive to work and without an incentive the economy will go down the drain and foreign nations will drop US dollar as the currency of choice, as it will be backed by nothing. After the private enterprise is destroyed, the ruling mafia will cut the benefits to moochers and we will officially become the biggest banana republic with equal poverty for all

Published on ZeroHedge (http://www.zerohedge.com) Home > When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America’s Welfare State When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America’s Welfare State By Tyler Durden Created 11/27/2012 – 12:15 [1] Submitted by Tyler Durden [1] on  11/27/2012 12:15 -0500 Congressional Budget Office [2] None [3] Reality [4] The Matrix [5] Exactly […]

Anger in regards to elections fraud, usurper with forged IDs in the WH, massive looting of the treasury and of the taxpayers, is boiling under the surface, Black Friday gun sales hit record high

Black Friday Gun Sales Hit Record High…

Unbelievable! Obama is depicted as crucified Christ

Gov’t Agrees to Lower Taxes — in China… Painting Depicts Obama as Crucified Christ…

Write to the media promoting Obama and advise them that they will be additional defendnts in a racketeering law suit if theu do not report to the public all the evidence of forgery in Obama’s BCs

Thomas 69 approved Submitted on 2012/11/27 at 5:25 am Mrs.Taitz… Yesterday I got the mail and thier was a brown Nilla Envelope for me from Minneapolis. I know No one in Min. So I opened it and there was a Time Magazine cover with a note. The Note said “BORN IN THE U.S.A.” and Barack […]

Does anyone know whether AG of Indiana Greg Zoeller is related to the pres of AP Zoeller?

request for info from AP

While I like Jeb Bush, as he is well spoken and intelligent, I also believe it is a big mistake to groom him for a presidential run, as people do not like dynasties and are suspicious of dynasties


J. B. Williams, writer for Canada Free Press and America Free Press, issued this scathing indictment of all 3 branches of our government and media, which is a de-facto fourth branch turned into the 5th column

The Radio Patriot ~ Because I have so many words… Is Congress complicit in Obama conspiracy? 09ThursdayJun 2011 Posted by radiopatriot in American Spirit ≈ 1 Comment Tags Congress, JB Williams, Obama . . . . . JB Williams makes the case. EVIDENCE BROADENS; Congress Implicated in NATURAL BORN CONSPIRACY? EVIDENCE BROADENS OBAMA NATURAL BORN […]

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