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Activity in Case 3:12-cv-00280-HTW-LRA Taitz et al v. Democrat Party of Mississippi et al Motion Hearing Inbox x cmecfhelpdesk@mssd.uscourts.gov 3:18 PM (23 minutes ago) to Courtmail This is an automatic e-mail message generated by the CM/ECF system.  Please DO NOT RESPOND to this e-mail because the mail box is unattended. ***NOTE TO PUBLIC ACCESS USERS*** […]

I got an e-mail from Dan Backer, Chief Legal counsel for Tea party, asking for money, I wrote back and told him to go to hell

MSNBC – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 11 hours ago The documentary features interviews with Dick Armey, the former House Majority Leader, Orly Taitz, a leading figure in the “birther” movement, … en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSNBC – Cached More results from en.wikipedia.org » Michael Savage: Obama may be foreign ‘usurper’ 14 hours ago Orly Taitz is right. The American […]

Ebony magazine reprints Huffington Post article, does not explain anything about the essence of the case, just mention “superhuman effort by Attorney Orly Taitz”

Google Alert – orly taitz Inbox x Google Alerts googlealerts-noreply@google.com 9:37 AM (44 minutes ago) to me News 1 new result for orly taitz 01 Judge Blocks Birthers EBONY.com … to disqualify President Barack Obama from the state’s ballot, while birther queen Orly Taitz claims a “superhuman effort” in the birther movement.

Larry from RI 18 approved Submitted on 2012/11/19 at 4:53 am Orly: Your son is right you are a classy lady, with a lotta spunk and true grit. Get your rest and don’t put out the lights yet on your righteous fight for bringing Potus Obama to justice. All those who thought that Romney would […]

Brian 0 approved Submitted on 2012/11/19 at 12:38 am Dear Orly. Do you realise you are not only fighting Obama, but also worlds richest families. they are the ones that are responsible for putting him up as a candidate for Presidency in the first place. AND THEY ARE THE ONES WITH THE AGENDA FOR AN […]

Darren Hankins has been making death threats against me time and again. I need someone in Concord, CA to go to the Sheriff’s department and show them all the death threats made by this man. I reported it al here to local police and FBI, they did not do a thing so far

Itchik 86 approved Submitted on 2012/11/19 at 12:41 am Darren Hankins 2077 Serria Rd., Apt 77 Concord, CA 94518 darrenhankins@hotmail.com 925-349-*511 Darren Hankins 2077 Serria Rd., Apt 77 Concord, CA 94518 darrenhankins@hotmail.com 925-349-*511 this might be Darren Hankins from Concord CA, who harassed me. I can’t state 100%, but the name and city match 4 […]