Order from Judge Wingate

Share on Tumblr Activity in Case 3:12-cv-00280-HTW-LRA Taitz et al v. Democrat Party of Mississippi et al Motion Hearing Inbox x cmecfhelpdesk@mssd.uscourts.gov 3:18 PM (23 minutes ago) to Courtmail This is an automatic e-mail message generated by the CM/ECF system.  Please DO NOT RESPOND to this e-mail because the mail box is unattended. ***NOTE TO [...]

I got an e-mail from Dan Backer, Chief Legal counsel for Tea party, asking for money, I wrote back and told him to go to hell

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Share on Tumblr MSNBC – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 11 hours ago The documentary features interviews with Dick Armey, the former House Majority Leader, Orly Taitz, a leading figure in the “birther” movement, … en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSNBC – Cached More results from en.wikipedia.org » Michael Savage: Obama may be foreign ‘usurper’ 14 hours ago Orly Taitz is [...]

Ebony magazine reprints Huffington Post article, does not explain anything about the essence of the case, just mention “superhuman effort by Attorney Orly Taitz”

Share on Tumblr Google Alert – orly taitz Inbox x Google Alerts googlealerts-noreply@google.com 9:37 AM (44 minutes ago) to me News 1 new result for orly taitz 01 Judge Blocks Birthers EBONY.com … to disqualify President Barack Obama from the state’s ballot, while birther queen Orly Taitz claims a “superhuman effort” in the birther movement.

Share on Tumblr Larry from RI 18 approved Submitted on 2012/11/19 at 4:53 am Orly: Your son is right you are a classy lady, with a lotta spunk and true grit. Get your rest and don’t put out the lights yet on your righteous fight for bringing Potus Obama to justice. All those who thought [...]

Share on Tumblr Brian 0 approved Submitted on 2012/11/19 at 12:38 am Dear Orly. Do you realise you are not only fighting Obama, but also worlds richest families. they are the ones that are responsible for putting him up as a candidate for Presidency in the first place. AND THEY ARE THE ONES WITH THE [...]

Darren Hankins has been making death threats against me time and again. I need someone in Concord, CA to go to the Sheriff’s department and show them all the death threats made by this man. I reported it al here to local police and FBI, they did not do a thing so far

Share on Tumblr Itchik 86 approved Submitted on 2012/11/19 at 12:41 am Darren Hankins 2077 Serria Rd., Apt 77 Concord, CA 94518 darrenhankins@hotmail.com 925-349-*511 Darren Hankins 2077 Serria Rd., Apt 77 Concord, CA 94518 darrenhankins@hotmail.com 925-349-*511 this might be Darren Hankins from Concord CA, who harassed me. I can’t state 100%, but the name and [...]