Eric 3 approved Submitted on 2012/11/01 at 9:36 pm Orly, I’m sorry you spent so much time, effort, and money to fight this hopeless battle. There is no hope for this country right now. The entire government is corrupt beyond measure. The citizens of this country choose to live a fantasy in which everything will […]

From attorney Greg Black: But the truth: birth certificate White House sent out April ’11 is admitted, Paul Irey allowed to testify the birth certificate is forged. That was the state of the evidence at close of trial, no contrary evidence. Greg

Mr. Kesler                    all orders of Atty Gen adopted, trial vacated, all evidence stricken, complaint dismissed…                           Basic ruling of Judge:   no proper appeal of Elections Commission decision in February.   Elections Commission decision in February is final, unappealed.                           But the truth:     birth certificate White House sent out April ’11 is admitted, Paul Irey […]

not nazi germany! Inbox x John Bails 12:45 AM (4 minutes ago) to me God knows you did what you could.  God’s will is coming… don’t get down on yourself there are millions of people who you spoke for and you ran into a wall of LIES and SHIT in the courts. There are almost […]

leo derosia 54 approved l ubmitted on 2012/11/01 at 11:31 pm I knew nothing would happen. At least orly did her part, now we have to do ours and vote out uslurper. Ty woods was a real hero, lets get the evil sOb out of office who let him get murdered. You put up a […]

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Dear Orly, You are one of America’s most valiant and bravest citizens in waging a legal battle to expose the corrupt, communist, con-arts  Obama. I’m sad to read on your website today of the corrupt decisions by California Judge Charles Marginis, and Indiana Judge Sherry K. Reid. I have donated before to your defense fund, […]

Harry 101 approved Submitted on 2012/11/01 at 5:30 pm Orly you are fighting a massively CORRUPT system- I never believed I would say this but our GOVERNMENT is CORRUPT to the bone- and so are these (appointed judges) on every dollar bill it says “IN GOD WE TRUST” and we (or our laws)cannot stop these […]

Donald Trump, I have an answer for you, admission against interest from the general counsel of the Occidental college: ‘courts don’t like to rule on things that don’t exist”.

Today Trump stated that it is a sad day for America, total lack of transparency. Here is what happened today at the hearing. My understanding is that Obama’s Occidental application and registration records were destroyed in the same modus operandi, as his mother’s passport records prior to 1965 were destroyed, as his alleged application for […]

4 star general just talked to an assistant of the Chief clerk William Suter regarding manipulation of docket in Taitz v adtrue, they are supposed to correct the docket so I can file a petition for Writ of Certiorari

Revelations about senator Bob Menendez

DAILY CALLER: Women claim Sen. Bob Menendez [D-NJ] paid for sex in  Dominican Republic… VIDEO…

Activity in Case 3:12-cv-03251-P Taitz v. Sebelius et al Response/Objection Inbox x ecf_txnd@txnd.uscourts.gov 8:06 AM (15 minutes ago) to Courtmail This is an automatic e-mail message generated by the CM/ECF system.  Please DO NOT RESPOND to this e-mail because the mail box is unattended. ***NOTE TO PUBLIC ACCESS USERS*** Judicial Conference of the United States […]

Verified complaint of a RICO (racketeering) law suit against Attorney Gen Eric Holder, #2 in Justice Department Tony West, his sister in law AG of CA Camela Harris, former White House counsel Robert Bauer, his wife Anita Dunn, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, Chairman of Counsel on Foreign relations (CFR), former Chairman and General counselor of Citigroup and former Secretary of Treasury Robert Rubin, Tim Geithner, B of Am Morgan-Stanley, Citibank, 43 trillion in Ponzi schemes and racketeering behind placing this criminal with forged IDs in the white House

Abeel v Bank of America, Eric Holder, Tony West, Valerie Jarett et al Dydzak v Dunn RICO (Racketeering Complaint) 12-06-08 Courts and Judges as racketeering enterprises … – Scribdwww.scribd.com/doc/96504009/12-06-08-Courts-and-Judges-as-racketeering-enterprises-under-RICO-the-Racketeer-Influenced-and-Corrupt-Organizations-Act-key-element-in-the-currenwww.scribd.com/doc/96504009/12-06-08-Courts-and-Judges-as-racketeering-enterprises-under-RICO-the-Racketeer-Influenced-and-Corrupt-Organizations-Act-key-element-in-the-curren                 Jun 9, 2012 … [1] Lomas v Bank of America in the Superior Court of California, County of … See   case of Dydzak v Dunn […]

Here is an affidavit from Henry Wayland Blake and attached letter from Attorney Scott J. Tepper to Loretta Fuddy, which according to Henry Wayland Blake contains an additional layer of computer manipulation of the record

MS Affidavit of Henry Blake MS letter from Tepper to Fuddy MS Democratic party motion for JOP pp 1-8 MS Democratic party motion to supplement counsel MS Letter by Henry Wayland Blake PhD Please, review the images, let me know what you find I got this e-mail from a supporter Margie, she is saying the […]

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