there is more sensorship and cover up in CA and Atlanta GA during Obama regime, than there was in Tbilisi GA during Stalin regime

Every time I have a case in front of Judge Carter in CA, OC Register publishes an article, stating how Judge Carter is going to other countries to help them set up a rule of law and independent Judiciary. Yesterday they ran an article (attached below) about Judge David O.Carter going to Tbilisi, capital of the […]

I left the PDF of March 25, 2010 assembly of Kenya at home, can someone e-mail me the PDf, I need to submit some pleadings

Yahoo news posts a poll: Chris Mathews voted by far the dumbest for making a birther attack and calling a legitimate inquiry into Obama’s forged IDs birther narrowness

Brain tumors and birthers: Dumbest political quotes of the week Karl Rove on violence, Huckabee on brain tumors, and Chris Matthews on birthers: The dumbest political quotes of the week By Taylor Bigler | The Daily Caller – 2 hrs 19 mins ago Share1 Email Print More From Occupy RNC ends in tears, frustration If […]

Man stole doctor’s ID, saw 500 patients, Obama stole SSN ID, incurred 5 trillion dollars of debt

Man stole doctor’s ID, saw 500 patients…

Bart 21 approved Submitted on 2012/08/31 at 4:36 am Eventually, all political roads lead to obama. this is the road that has fences with wooden posts. Upon one of these posts that you come across, is a turtle with big ears, with his feet hanging to its side. “That’s a post turtle” “You know he […]

After Supreme Court of indiana granted CA attorney Taitz a temporary license, judge Reid signed pro hac vice as well. Second Amended complaint and motion to enjoin Obama from being on the ballot will be submitted today

Indiana pro hac vice signed by judge Reid

Extrmely important ObamaForgeryGate and associated RICO (Racketeering ) case bgainst Obama, Pelosi, “Obama for America” and others brought by Attorney Taitz to be heard by Ronald Reagan appointee in MS

Press release U.S. District Judge Henry Wingate, Ronald Reagan appointee, to rule in a case brought by CA attorney Orly Taitz. This case started in January 2012. Each state has different election laws and statutes. MS is different from many other states, in that it requires a challenge against a candidate to be filed with […]

Arpaio meets with 60 members of the media and Western states delegates at RNC

Recently “Post & E-mail” reported that Sheriff Arpaio met with 60 members of the media and some delegates at RNC. Arpaio is stating that he and his investigators identified  the computer where Obama’s forged birth certificate resided 20 minutes before it was uploaded on the WhiteHouse.gov. He verified that parts of the document came from different documents and […]

Wow! I got a birthday present from Obama supporters, called from unlisted number and cursed like there is no tomorrow. What class!

Docketted in Northern District of TX, Judge Solis

Civil Criminal Query Reports Utilities Search Logout Motions 3:12-cv-03251-P Taitz v. Sebelius et al If you need to know whether you must send the presiding judge a paper copy of a document that you have docketed in this case, click here: Judges’ Copy Requirements. Unless exempted, attorneys who are not admitted to practice in the […]

I am touched by the suggestion, but creators of Obama America 2016 do not work for me

2016: Obama’s America – Page 8 12 hours ago So this guy from India makes a movie that smears the President and people gobble it up like Thanksgiving dinner. I wonder if he was working for the Orly Taitz gang? www.politicalforum.com/current-events/262333-2016-obamas… – Cached

With massive corruption in the federal government and judiciary TX might be the first state to secede from the union

I was in TX April 15 2009 at Alamo when Gov. Perry gave his famous speech “how to cook a frog”. TX is angry as hell. They are just about done with flagrant corruption and lawlessness of the federal government and federal judiciary. The judge who spoke of revolts in TX if Obama is reelected, […]

More big U.S. firms moving abroad One company that’s relocating to the U.K. could save $100 million a year in taxes.

  Rasmussen Reports update@rasmussenreports.com via rasmussenreports.ccsend.com   8:43 AM (22 minutes ago) 48% Trust Romney More on Economy; 44% Trust Obama More

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