Mark: The US constitution is dead as far as our elected body of government is concerned. It belongs entirely to the ones who pay the candidates to win elections.

Mark 7 approved Submitted on 2012/06/17 at 6:31 pm If you want to find the problem why we can’t get government cleaned up, go look at the billionaires and millionaires who contributed or started these superpacs and funneled millions of dollars to get the ones they wanted into office. They buy any election they want. […]

a number of individuals report Symantec’s own site is infected. LOL!

Phil 0 approved Submitted on 2012/06/17 at 6:53 pm No, the poster is correct. It is a Windows executable, that is hosted on the Symantec site. It is activated by a PHP script – on the Symantec site – to download the trojan to the users computer. The Symantec site is infected- not the users […]


BEST ARGUMENT OBAMA’S INTELLECTUALS COULD COME UP WITH If this is their best, we are in great shape!

Another disastrous result of Obama’s myopic foreign policies

Brotherhood claims victory in Egypt president vote  

A supporter in Italy needs your help in research of Mario Monti’s involvement with Moody’s. Please, assist him

Dear Orly,   American people and Europeans deserve everything they are going to get from the corrupt establishment run by Goldman Sachs. You have been battling against the current American fake President for years and now I am afraid we are able to see how really powerful these people are. They control everybody. In Italy, […]

from a supporter Mr. Leoneti

F.A. Leonetti 18 approved Submitted on 2012/06/17 at 2:15 pm Dr Orly: Frankly, I have been a very avid supporter of Dr. Ron Paul both on the campaign trail and financially for many years. He is a most remarkable person. Now there is an element in our society and government that does not permit the […]

Read the complaint of Ron Paul delegates. I believe similar elections fraud techniques were used to suppress my candidacy and promote obedient party puppets, who agreed to be a part of the deal not to question usurper Obama


Just as Pask and New Democracy (official establishment left and right) are working together in looting 11 million Greeks, official left and right in the U.S. are working together in looting 311 million Americans

Greece pro-bailout parties could form govt Associated Press – 1 hr 14 mins ago An EU and a Greek flag fly in front … A woman arranges ballot papers … ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Official projections in Greece’s election show the conservative New Democracy party as coming in first and could gather enough support to form a pro-bailout coalition […]

Write to Caroline Kennedy, let her know that she soiled her father’s memory by asking people to sign a card to criminal Obama, usurping the US presidency with forged documents

Caroline Kennedy showed her unbelievable ignorance or stupidity or disrespect to her father by asking people to sign cards to criminal Obama, usurping the US presidency, while using forged identification papers. Please forward to her these docs and demand that she immediately withdraw her support for Obama and demand his immediate removal from office and prosecution […]

My response to MercuryTimes.com

Mr. Spickard, this is Orly Taitz please note that 1790 law war repealed. Please, do not defraud or mislead readers with half truths. according to Minor v Happerset one has to be born in the country to US citizen parents in order to be natural born. Obama’s father was never a US citizen, which makes […]

from a supporter Ken: Obama’s amnesty is supporting foreign invasion, the only thing worse is to arm them with weapons. (wait, Holder is arming them with assault weapons)

ken 68 approved Submitted on 2012/06/17 at 12:44 am It’s supporting a foreign invasion..The only thing worse would be to arm them with weapons  Anti American usurper Obama destroys millions of American jobs by giving unlawful amnesty to illegal aliens. Corrupt judges, corrupt governemental officials are still aiding and abetting him.