Update: latest vote count 146,621 votes for Dr. Orly Taitz in CA primary for the US senate

Orly Taitz (Party Preference: Rep) 146,621

from Captain La Roque: the same judge David O’Carter, who defrauded me and my clients in Obama litigation, was assigned to Ron Paul case

I am not publicly endorsing or supporting Ron Paul, nor do I belong to a political party. I am simply acknowledging the truth of the dire situation in which our country finds itself, and of the positions expressed by the candidates themselves in respect to the underlying causes of our problems deriving from the massive […]

GOP convention delegates allege: elections fraud, rigged machines, racketeering

GOP delegates sue to be free from Romney   Don’t count your delegates before they’re hatched, Mr. Romney. The Republican Party is being sued by over 120 GOP delegates who say campaigns have been conducted “like organized crime syndicates.” Charges include “threats of violence,” certification of “unlawful slates of delegates,” forced “affidavits of loyalty to […]

latest count: nearly 145,000 votes

Orly Taitz (Party Preference: Rep) 144,946

does anyone know, who is it?

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Subject: Re: Donation Status   Thanks for getting back with me so soon. I know you have been very busy and that is why I waited until today. I never trust sending money over the internet so was worried as I know you are always such a sweetheart in thanking people and have had the […]

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Taitz Persists With Demand for Obama Stolen Social Security Number Data Posted by By GeorgeM at 15 June, at 02 : 53 AM Print    Orly is continuing to pressure the Social Security Administration to release info on the most famous SSN in history: 042-68-4425, allegedly (and almost certainly) used by Obama on his draft […]

I need your help in comparing the documents

Disciplinry Board v Berg 02.10.2012 Transcript p 1-236 Disciplinary trial Berg Berg filed report Disciplinary board I had a bad experience, when a court reporter in PA, Dona Ander, removed 14 pages of transcript. Luckily, federal courts have mandatory audio recording. Under pressure of being exposed and prosecuted, she forwarded a correct transcript. Now during Berg’s […]

  thank you for your hard work for America Candace Wicks  7:00 AM (1 hour ago) Dr. Taitz, A quick comment my concern is the internment camps.  After hearing on Glenn Beck program a few years ago. The head of Acorn said on tape, something to the effect the plan is on time and the […]