Diana West: MikeSpence…a form of a primitive taboo hysteria”

Conservative Republicans of California: Questioning Obama’s Eligibility Is Like Being in the KKK Jun 5 Written by: Diana West Tuesday, June 05, 2012 5:02 AM     Today’s Washington Times reports on the unusually crowded US Senate primary in California in which 24 candidates, including 78-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein, are vying for the top two […]

bdwilcox 0 approved Submitted on 2012/06/06 at 9:57 pm Orly, To understand the word games they are playing, please go here: butterdezillion.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/hi-non-verification-1.pdf If that URL won’t link you to the PDF directly, paste the URL into Google and click on the first link titled “HI Non Verification – WordPress.com — Get a Free Blog Here” […]

1/3 of the ballots have not been counted yet

Why detailed information regarding unprocessed ballots disappeaed from the web site of the Secretary of State?

Robb 6 approved Submitted on 2012/06/06 at 9:29 pm Seems to me that in 2010 the SOS website had a page indicating the number of unprocessed ballots, I believe, per county. This year, the SOS website has a four paragraph statement. The last paragraph says to contact the county elections office.  Demand of information letter […]

Update: in Orange County, third most populated county in the state, I am running 6.14% (out of 24 candidates), double of the reported state average

from a former board member of the American Israel Public affairs committee and Karen Kayemet L’Israel

Dear Orly, Although more publicity in the campaign must have been needed, 113,563 people in California put their votes behind you, including Esther and myself. We are proud to remain with you! Someday historians will likely prove that you were right. Regards, Miles and Esther thank you miles and Ester, there are still one and […]

 Subject: USAF         TOOK NANCY’S JET AWAY Date: 6/1/12         1:59:19 PM  USAF TOOK NANCY         ‘S JET AWAY (verified by         Snopes)  The real reason         that Nancy Pelosi is considering retiring is that they took her Jet         away. As a result of a         Judicial Watch filing under the Freedom of Information Act, the USAF         released documents detailing House […]

from the President of Coalition for Immigration reform-Barbara Coe

  RE: what do we do next? Barbara Coe 10:37 PM (0 minutes ago) Orly…..     I am sick at heart at the election results and that a “bought & paid for” GOP  TRAITOR-ENDORSED candidate will face Feinstein (and of course, will LOSE).    Re “what do we do next”?  YOU continue your dedicated effort […]


My paralegal, Ms. Yun, called parties named in subpoenas. We do not have information yet, whether they will apear or not. We were told that the office of Sheriff Joe Arpaio will call back, Secretary of State of AZ Bennett is out of state. We followed the subpoena to Miriam Goderich of Dystal-Acton publishing with a phone […]

Coldda 3 approved Submitted on 2012/06/06 at 7:13 pm WND deserves no further support. They pledge to get to the truth but when the FEAR being second in line, they would rather up-end the lifeboat. Poor judgement on their part. I will no longer by Corsi books or check in with WND. Their news can […]

Demand of information letter sent to the Secretary of State of Ca Debra Bowen

Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ 29839 Santa Margarita, ste 100 Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688 ph. 949-683-5411 fax 949-766-7603 06.06.2012 Secretary of State Debra Bowen via certified mail Request for information regarding unaccounted ballots, ranging between 1 million to 1.4 million  and voters denied right to vote Dear Ms. Bowen, The state of CA is  home […]

Sandra K 2 approved Submitted on 2012/06/06 at 6:23 pm Blessed Orly, never give up! We are counting on you always!! It is obvious your victory was stolen from you by evildoers and Republicans. What a unholy alliance. Its disgusting. You gave voice to the voiceless. Sense to the senseless. Courage to the courageless. And […]

what a joke, in response to my request for sanctions against DNC attorneys for submitting forgeries, they got a letter from HI, saying that there is a doc on file, but no one can see it

  Activity in Case 3:12-cv-00​280-HTW-LR​A Taitz et al v. Democrat Party of Mississipp​i et al Motion for Miscellane​ous Relief ecfhelpdesk@mssd.uscourts.gov 2:39 PM (4 hours ago) to Courtmail This is an automatic e-mail message generated by the CM/ECF system. Please DO NOT RESPOND to this e-mail because the mail box is unattended. ***NOTE TO PUBLIC ACCESS […]

Please, vote for Larry Fenton for state senate in HI

  Aloha Dr. Taitz,    I’m sorry you didn’t win in your primary contest.  I understand the circumstances and you have my condolences.  Which election did you run in before to get your 500,000 votes you mentioned?  I hope you will continue your crusade to oust the imposter Obama and have more time to do […]

Why did they stop counting, when there is still million uncounted ballots?

There are 40 million people in CA. 17 million are registered to vote. Last time, in 2010, when I ran for Secretary of State, I got 537,000 votes out of 2 million Republicans and out of over 5 million total. This time the registrar reported a 10% drop in mail in votes, which means that […]

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