FOX Philadelphia and FOX Dallas are reporting on my race

Noted ‘birther’ among frontrunners to challenge Democratic senator in California   MyFox Philadelphia‎ – 1 hour ago

FOX NEWS: Noted “birther” among frontrunners to challenge Democratic senator in CA

Noted ‘birther’ among frontrunners to challenge Democratic senator in California   FOX 4 News‎ – 1 hour ago

Sharon Hughes, editor and host of “the Center for changing Worldviews” is voting for Dr. Orly Taitz for the US senate

I am sorry Orly that you are offended. Because there are way more races and candidates than we can cover on the show, our policy is that the candidates that contact us are the ones we interview. This is in no way an endorsement, actually as a non-profit I can’t endorse. I’m sure you are […]

from HI, from the editor of Molokai advertiser

  Re: Today’s poll: Dr Taitz is in top 2, but Emken is only 2% behind in third place EditorMolokai Advertiser-News George Peabody 11:43 PM (39 minutes ago) ORLY is number ONE !   Forget the polls.   george peabody

more attacks from corrupt establishment big wigs

as I stated previously, corrupt GOP establishment big wigs, who made  a deal not to talk about Obama’s birth certificate and SSN are making rounds and interviews, which are posted in all the papers, where they are making defamatory statements about me and scaring Republican voters into not voting for me. The worst offenders are Allan Hoffenblum […]

An obot dilemma and a responce from Orly

sfjeffJune 4, 2012 at 3:01 pm sfjeff(Quote)# Should I vote for Orly just to hope she gets second place? Or would my fingers melt, my eyes go blind and would I go impotent from the act of castnig my vote for her? responce from Orly: This Democrat has a real dilemma. I would say that option […]

from Ron Paul Fresno

You’re very welcome Dr. Orly Taitz!  Best to you in your race tomorrow and thanks for your follow here. In Liberty, Ron Paul Fresno                Direct message sent by Ron Paul Fresno (@RonPaulFresno) to you (@DrOrlyTaitzEsq) on Jun 04,  7:55 PM.

  Fw: Orly signs saw two places in Oceanside P. B.

Orly,   My wife and I voted for you on our absentee ballots. We wish you all the luck in the world.   You have proven your detractors wrong about Obama’s BC. Your courageous fight is commendable. I pray that you are the Republican candidate so that you gain access to a statewide stage to […]

great, Leah Lax is a write in Democrat, candidate

Bill Hubartt 0 approved Submitted on 2012/06/04 at 6:19 pm Heard your radio add today (June 4) on the Michael Savage Show, and have spent the last hour reading your words, and what others say about you. Oh only if Feinstein could be unseated! You have my vote tomorrow. I also – only on a […]

We expect 10% less turnout, more efect for my supporters, who are more motivated than others

Mail ballots indicate low-turnout election June 1st, 2012, 1:22 pm by Martin Wisckol, Politics reporter Neal Kelley with mail ballots in 2008. Mail ballots arriving at the Orange County elections office indicate a low-turnout for Tuesday’s primary, with voting on pace to see less than 30 percent of registered voters casting ballots in the county. […]

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great, senator Pat Toomey is now following me on twitter

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that’s who Obama surporters posted as peope the do not like

They are listing Orly and Pauley, as Orly taitz and Deborah Pauley( Deb Pauley is running for the county supervisor) and of course supervisor Diane Harkey. If Obama zombies hate these 3 women, is a good sign that these 3 women are doing something right

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