Hillary Clinton: Shame on you Barack Obama

In latest Romney ad, Hillary Clinton attacks Obama

does anyone have any more info on this? I did see judge Carter transformation and fear in his eyes at the last hearing, same fear in Malihi’s eyes. I hope to find one judge with a backbone, there has to be one in a country of 313 million people

  Judge Roll RIP Kate Watson 3:04 AM (1 hour ago) Judge Roll threat to Obama?, Federal judge murdered, US District Court Arizona, Ruling against Obama government Posted on January 10, 2011 | 131 Comments Judge Roll threat to Obama?, Federal judge murdered, US District Court Arizona, Ruling against Obama government “Why has Obama, for […]

I never looked into this. Did someone read the coroner’s report and forensic analysis?

Joe Submitted on 2012/06/29 at 8:11 pm Federal Judge John M Roll was shot dead 72 hours after issuing his ruling against obamos executive order. Judge Roll had his US Marshals pulled from his protection detail before he was called to the parking lot. Where were his body guards? obama then doubled down including similar […]

Yet again, I need the declarations from DNC for Gore in 2000 and for Kerry for 2004

Declaration of candidate Obama FL Yet again people, please focus!!! For the millions time, it does not do me any good to stare on Obama’s DNC certification for your state without having similar certification from prior elections, such as Gore’s nomination from 2000 and Kerry’s DNC nomination certificate for 2004. I have to compare those […]

  Two messages Alexander Gofen 8:06 PM (45 minutes ago) 1) Lord Monckton’s letter 2) Creepy Kreep’s solicitation         Dear Orly,         Just for your information here are two messages.         1) Lord Monckton (the Peer of the Chamber of Lords) did receive and (surprise) reply to my letter where I commented on his official […]

there is a change of plans! I will be filling in CA my legal challenge to stay Obama mega tax. After garbage pulled by Roberts, I’ll take Kennedy any time of the day!

what an honor!

Clearly it’s time for #Romney to suggest that Orly Taitz would be the …   inagist.com/all/218512459399565312/?utm_source=inagist… You +1’d this publicly. Undo 21 hours ago – Clearly it’s time for #Romney to suggest that Orly Taitz would be the first person he’d nominate to the Supreme Court by TheDailyEdge 218512459399565312.

Farrar v Obama Application for stay of certification of votes (draft) to be filed in the supreme court of the united states

Farrar v Obama Application for Stay of Certification of Votes Draft Posted by Yulia Yun Paralegal to Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ

Update: Judge Lewis in FL denies a motion by attorney Larry Klayman to file a second amended complaint

National archives are refusing to provide any documents on nominations

My assistant called national archives. (NARA) They claim that DNC is not a federal agency and they do not have to have documents from DNC. This sounds like total garbage, as DNC files certifications showing that the candidate is eligible for theUS presidency. NARA told us to contact DNC. We requested the certificates from the DNC […]

Letter sent to DNC

Letter sent to DNC

DNC cert for Al Gore with words eligible according to the Constitution. See if your state has such cert for Obama for 2008 and get a copy of certs for Gore and Kerry for your state

DNC certification for Al Gore. I do not have a stamp from a state, do not know to what state it was sent. HI demands such wording and HI got correct wording for all the candidates. I need to see different states. DNC cert sent to AZ People, I am asking you for something very […]

Very important, I still need copies of the certificate of candidate that DNC sen to states on behalf of Kerry in 2004 and on behalf of Obama in 2008

I am getting all kind of garbage from people and from the offices of SOS, but not what was requested. Please, write to national archives and to the offices of SOS of every state, I need copies of Certificate of a candidate for Kerry and for Obama, which were sent by DNC in 2004 and in […]

Interesting comment with donation. Do you know, what executive order did judge Rolls veto?i

Total amount: $25.00 USD Currency: U.S. Dollars Confirmation number: 54A91488M0029063U Purpose: defend our freedoms foundation Contributor: Joe Vandenberg Message: Judge John Roberts remembers what happen to the last federal judge the vetoed obamas executive order shot dead John M Roll


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