You can block e-mail addresses of people, who send you unwanted e-mails

Recently a couple of bloggers were sending mass e-mails attacking me.  After Carl Swenssen issued a public apology, asking me to accept his apology for attacking me, he is at it again. A couple of bloggers, such as Dean Haskins, Sam Sewell, Bob Nelson(ORYR) and Arlen Williams are spewing insane accusations. Let’s look at the […]

sent to Vincent Russo, legal counsel for SOS of GA kemp

Orly Taitz to Vincent show details 10:49 AM (1 minute ago) Dear Mr. Russo, I do not have any difficulty opening the attachment, I do have some difficulty comprehending the magnitude of public corruption and treason against the United States of America and its’ Constitution exhibited by this office. Please, let me know, whether Secretary […]

It is not just Perkins Coie mafia. Obama-Tony West-Morrison Forrester-Kamalla Harris-Ford foundation connection

Kamala Harris/Obama TO: 1 More1 recipient CC: recipientsYou More BCC: recipientsYou Hide Details FROM: Message flagged Friday, February 10, 2012 9:46 AM http://theulstermanreport.com/2012/02/10/barack-obamas-25-billion-dollar-campaign-laundering-fund-insider-related/ Kamala Harris has a sister Maya who is a VP at Ford Foundation. Maya is married to Mr West who is asst DOH who could become DOJ if Holder resigns. Now, didn’t […]

The message Kemp sent to the other states:”You threaten to expose the usurper, you can name your price”

Stephen T Submitted on 2012/02/10 at 9:31am The message Kemp sent to the rest of the states is…if you threaten to expose the usurper you can name your price. Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash will 49 other states grant me hearings and subpoena power in order to squeeze multi-billion dollar projects out of desperate Obama? […]

Media is waking up. Journalist Diana West: it doesn’t feel, like Obama won this time


Call every congressman, demand throwing John Boehner out of the position of the Speaker of the House. His actions constitute treason


Help me find these hackers and put them in prison

Archive Spam Delete     Move to Labels More 20 of 47,978 The hackers wanted to destroy my site because of my Judge Malihi articles InboxX Reply |Brian Hill to me, dr_taitz show details 12:48 AM (6 hours ago) Hey Orly Taitz, Right after I wrote two articles talking about the invalidity of the Malihi […]

Is that it?

http://www.wnd.com/2011/11/362625/ For nearly four years I filed legal actions around the nations, saying Obama never presented to anyone any valid documents, that we need to see the originals: original birth certificate, original application for the Social Security number and so on. For four years thousands of citizens were sending to Joe Arpaio and everybody else […]