Here is an interview I gave to Polish periodical “Nowy Dziennik”


tampering with my e-mail accounts

somebody tampered with my G-mail, preventing me from sending mass e-mails from G-mail. I tried the same e-mails in yahoo and got this message: Your message was not sent Suspicious activity was detected on your account. To protect your account and those of our users, your message was not sent. Please follow the guidelines outlined […]

Need help! Al of my mass e-mail programs are messed up by someone, I am unable to spread the word

There is something preventing me from sending mass e-mails on 4 different programs

I will be on Kathy Wapner show 930 Am, 107.7 FM Upstate NY, WBEN.com, Sat 12.30 EST

Thank God. Two rulings in my favor in Taitz v Dunn

Taitz v Dunn Appeal Motions by Dunn denied

from a supporter Bart Piscitello

Bart Piscitello Submitted on 2012/01/31 at 8:44am Dr.Taitz, You have done a fabulous and amazing piece of legal and historical work in getting this to the court. Mahili appears to be a fair judge and is giving you a fair hearing. Hopefully, this will blossom into a snowball; Unfortunatelyy, it is still a long uphill […]

I am now giving presentations with the speakers bureau

I will be giving presentations with the speakers bureau, next meeting will be CCIR on February 22, Women’s club of GG

from a supporter Danielle

inspiratio​n and gratitude InboxX  Reply show details 7:54 AM (2 minutes ago) Dear Dr Taizt, I have lost faith in the judicial system. Because of you, my family have hope again. I worked as Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology. Last week end, I worked overtime to pay my bills. I told my family that $$$ will […]

I get hundreds of such e-mails

 Dr. Taitz, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that your doing. I will pray that God will bless you Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Financially.      Ric Renfro

Judge Malihi gave me a leave of court to petition the Superior court for Letters Rogatory to the Circuit Court of HI seeking local subpoena for Obama’s original birth certificate in lieu of the alleged copy attached to 01.25.2012 letter from Jablonski

Farrar v Obama Emergency Request for Leave of Court to petition Superior Court for Letter Rogatory X InboxX Orly TaitzDear Ms. Beal, please forward to Honorable judge Malihi this emergency reques… 7:58 AM (23 hours ago) Orly TaitzLoading…7:58 AM (23 hours ago) Reply |Orly Taitz to Kim, michael.jablon. show details 7:58 AM (23 hours ago) […]

All of my exhibits are in the record, I sent an e-mail to the court reporter, stating that I will pay again for the amended transcript. I want to make sure all errors are corrected. I want to make sure the record is 100% correct, as it is a historic trial

from Kim Beal redacted to Peggy Warren redacted Orly Taitz , “michael.jablonski@ redacted dateTue, Jan 31, 2012 at 6:28 AM subjectRE: Trial exhibits moved into evidence mailed-by osah.ga.gov 6:28 AM (32 minutes ago) We cannot alter the transcript now that it has been produced. Judge Malihi has agreed to put the exhibits in the record. […]

Exhibits moved into evidence

Farrar v Obama Exhibits moved into Evidence

Video of my case in GA: Opening statement, testimony of 7 witnesses, my testimony as a witness and a closing statement

  Here are all the exhibits in the evidence in the case file of the office of the Administrative Hearings, as confirmed to me and Mr. Jablonski, Barack Obama’s attorney.  Case files X InboxX  Reply |Kim Beal to me, michael.jablon. show details 2:16 PM (8 hours ago) Attached is the file with the exhibits from the […]

Transcript in Farrar et al v Obama

Farrar transcript there are a couple of errors in the transcript, those will be corrected. For example, 1. instead of letters Rogatory,  it says Letter interrogatory 2. there is no separation. There are times, where I am telling the operator of the computer and projector to move the exhibits up and down and stop. There […]

I am now giving an interview to Russian language radio show Leonid Komarovski NY and Boston

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