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On topic: I have a strange feeling she’ll win, or at least get all the Birthers to support her. And that’s terrifying. …what would she do? What possible reason does she want for public office? It’s not like she can question Obama’s birth certificate more thoroughly or anything.

If you don’t hear back from me, assume I did not get a message

A number of people related to me, that they left messages for me, but those messages were not received by me. So, if it is important and you are leaving a message for me and don’t hear back, assume, that I did not get your message


I finally got the packet from the FEC. I got it at my house. At my office the locks in the mail boxes were broken 3 times. I had to pay 3 times to the post office $50 for the new locks and keys. They advised me to contact the postmaster. My assistant called the […]

Does anyone know, who is making these death threats under “Anonymous’, posting on birtherreport

Sad ISSUE/Bad ISSUE X InboxX  Reply |Joseph Scovitch to me show details 5:58 PM (2 hours ago) OT:  Obama.birther.report.com is allowing people to post as [ANON], using words, “nigger”, “nigger Birthers”, “nigger lovers,” etc.         This is pure racism.  Disgusting.  The man also said he will KILL Alan Keyes, Arpaio, Herman Cain, and Orly.  Be […]

from a supporter Ms. Chugenberg

ch chugenberg@hotmail.com Submitted on 2011/11/01 at 6:47pm Orly, It might be because you are a woman. They do not know how to handle it or control you. They think they “know better how to handle it.” Yet they ride on your efforts. We all are watching it. You have to accept that you are […]

from “Before It’s news web magazine”

An open letter to Orly Taitz and OPINION on the new findings Tuesday, November 01, 2011 7:04 100% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents. Share 0 inShare0 To:            Dr. Orly Taitz, J.D., D.D.S.  Top Attorney, Practicing Doctor of Dental Surgery, Applied Constitutional Integrity From:        Al Thompson, R.E.A. C.E.I. – […]

PDF of the motion with the date changed by the court in HI to November 30, 10 am

Orly Taitz Petiton for Hearing 11-30-11[ Please, forward this to every elections board in NH and around the country and please come to the heaing in HI, if you can. Please, forward to patriots far and wide.

Tampering with my web site, important articles are not shown

Very important! PDF of the Court copy of the November 30 hearing in Taitz v Fuddy, Onaka

Orly Taitz Petiton for Hearing 11-30-11[1] You will not find any reports about this hearing, you will not find the pleadings  in our corrupt main stream media or even WND, or Birther Report/Obama Release your Records who claim to cover eligibility and ObamaFraudGate. This is the only web site, which provides you with the reports and actual pleadings of […]

More attacks from the left

Taitz v Astrue Court of Appeal case number assigned

11-5304 Orly Taitz v. Michael Astrue “Notice of Appeal (Courts)” X InboxX  Reply |ecfnoticing@cadc.uscourts.gov to me show details 6:45 AM (8 minutes ago) ***NOTE TO PUBLIC ACCESS USERS*** Judicial Conference of the United States policy permits attorneys of record and parties in a case (including pro se litigants) to receive one free electronic copy of […]

European bank index falls 7.21%, Jon Corzine MF Global investigated for missing funds

TOP HEADLINES » Markets | Economy | Companies Current DateTime: 06:27:25 01 Nov 2011 LinksList Documentid: 23452764 Expiration DateTime: 11/1/2011 6:30:24 AM CNBC Survey: Like the Fed, Market Is Divided On Policy(10) Greek Vote Boosts Risk of Disorderly Default : Fitch(1) Wheels Come Off Euro Plan in Just Five Days(24) European Banks Sink on Greek […]

Dow falls below 12K on reports of Greek referendum and possible default. Surprise, surprise!


thank you Mr. Osborne for your generous donation of $100, thank you Mr. Tesavis for your generous donation of $50

Please, file challenges with NH Sec of State and NH elections board.

I am asking all patriots around the country to file challenges in NH primary. Please, file election complaints and challenges. Please, attach the documents from my filings in DC in Taitz v Astrue, Taitz v Ruemmler and in HI in Taitz v Fuddy and Onaka. Those contain all evidence of elections frud by Obama and […]

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