today at 8pm I will be on KCEO 1000 San Diego and Orange county

Share on Tumblr Dear Fellow Tea Partiers,           DR. ORLY TAITZ ESQ. (she’s a lawyer and doctor BOTH!!) will be joining us again on LONG LIVE AMERICA to update us on her blatant and purposeful avoidance by the Hawaiian government, Obama’s fraudulent Connecticut Social Security number, and the illicit use thereof. As much as your mainstream media [...]

Boehner delays the vote on his bill, which means he doesn’t have the votes. Keep calling and demanding to vote no. This vote will only give a trillion dollar blank check to Obama with nothing in return, it’s business as usual

Share on Tumblr By Andy Sullivan and Richard Cowan | Reuters – 22 mins ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republicans in the House of Representatives on Thursday delayed a vote a short-term bill to raise the nation’s debt limit by $900 billion, Democratic sources said. An aide to House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Steny Hoyer, the Democrat’s [...]

call these congressmen, let them know, that they risk being thrown out of office by the Tea party, if they vote for either Boehner or Reid plan. Both plans are simply an insult to human intelligence

Share on Tumblr Debt ceiling vote: John Boehner down to the wire with vote count 748 Comments RSS Email Print Boehner told lawmakers Thursday that ‘today is the day.’ | Jay Westcott/POLITICO Close By JAKE SHERMAN & JOHN BRESNAHAN | 7/28/11 9:43 AM EDT Updated: 7/28/11 4:06 PM EDT Speaker John Boehner is down to [...]

Urgent, drop everything and burn the lines of your reps. Urge no on both Boehner and Reid plans, those are nothing but schemes and do not provide any debt reduction

Share on TumblrA message to all members of Tea Party Nation As we have reported on Tea Party Nation, Speaker Boehner’s new bill, which he wants to substitute for the already passed Cut, Cap and Balance, will cut almost nothing from the debt and will increase the debt ceiling.  We can stop this, but we must act now. [...]

How can a forged birth certificate stand?

Share on TumblrLooks Like The “Nosie” is Getting Louder – Thank You InboxX  Reply | show details 12:01 PM (1 hour ago) Orly/Lawrence, Don’t know if you have read this article, but it looks like our military patriots have had enough of Obama: http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/07/28/veterans-now-is-the-time-to-act-on-behalf-of-your-country/ Thank you both for the pressure on this issue, I am [...]

Mounting debt crisis continues. Yahoo places as story #3 review of Hillary’s pantsuits. Don’t they have something better to talk about???

Share on TumblrHouse GOP sets vote on revamped debt-limit bill Chris Christie taken to hospital after difficulty breathing Tim Gunn mocks Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits

from supporter Mark

Share on TumblrGod Help America X InboxX  Reply | Mark redactedto me show details 11:09 AM (8 minutes ago) Orly, THANK YOU !!!  Do not let up and keep pushing back until you get these criminals into court where they belong. I imagine you receive a thousand comments like this a day from people like [...]

Mr. Brennan, thank you for your generous donation of $100

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Draft of a new FOIA case being filed today in Washington DC

Share on TumblrDR. ORLY TAITZ, ESQ ATTORNEY PRO SE 29839 SANTA MARGARITA PARKWAY, STE 100 RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA CA 92688 TEL: (949) 683-5411; FAX (949) 766-7603  E-MAIL: ORLY.TAITZ@GMAIL.COM UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Dr. ORLY TAITZ, ESQ, PRO SE                        §                              Plaintiff,                                        § Freedom of information violation                                                                                        §             [...]